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Marcus and Christoph Carola wanted to attend Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love event, but they just didn’t have the money to make the trip from Orlando to Dallas.

The two brothers had a few options: they could accept it or, as Americans have traditionally done, they could find a way to make it happen with hard work and a determined entrepreneurial spirit. They chose the latter and started a business, hoping to earn the money on their own, never once asking for someone else to give it to them — not even their parents.

They are just kids, you know.

The business owners, Marcus, 10, and Christoph, 13, opened up a lemonade stand in their backyard earlier this month, which just so happened to connect to a golf course that was hosting the Bay Hill Invitational of the PGA Tour. Seeing the valuable opportunity, they sprang into action. And the best part — they did it all without a government-issued permit.

TheBlaze caught up with the young entrepreneurs on Friday as they were working the Restoring Love lemonade stand at the Sheraton Hotel in Arlington, Texas where they agreed to share their inspiring story. The boys’ father, Dominic Carola, nearly let his emotions get the better of him when he talked about just how proud he was of his sons “They are learning everything about self-reliance, and if they need to purchase something or they want to do something, they’ve got to try to figure out how to get that money — no one is just going to give it to us.”

Even more impressive, Marcus and Christoph have also founded their own company “Marcus Works,” which develops video game ideas. Though the business has yet to generate any revenue, Marcus says they aren’t discouraged because even when you fail there is a lesson to be learned. Dominic is the president of Premise Entertainment, a media-based production company specializing in story telling and character development for animation and live action productions, and though his business has seen tough times he wants his children to know that he did build his business, regardless of what President Barack Obama says — and they build their own too.

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“It was really hard to take,” Dominic said of Obama’s “you didn’t build that” remarks. “When you know what you’ve been through, the blood, sweat and tears, literally pouring your heart and soul into your business, it is just hard to hear that.”

He added that God is the only person who has a stake in his success, not the government and not the public roads, so he says the glory goes to Him.

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