You think the left really wants to help the country? No.Just read the weekly update of the Daily Kos email; to give absolute power to Harry Reid. What say you?

Spy Master 2013/01/29 14:58:32
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since 1:10 pm eastern, more than 50,000 people have signed our petition to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, letting him know they will support him if he decides to pass the powerful "flipping the burden" filibuster reform with only Democratic votes.

I have already emailed the first 50,000 signatures to Harry Reid's office. Tomorrow morning, in the event that Mitch McConnell has not agreed to join in on even the most watered down of filibuster reforms, I would love to email Senator Reid another 50,000 supportive signatures as he weighs whether or not to move forward with bolder reform using only Democratic votes.

Please sign our petition to Senate Majority Leader Reid, letting him know that you support him if Mitch McConnell's inaction forces him to pass the powerful "flipping the burden" filibuster reform with only Democratic votes.

Keep fighting,
Chris Bowers
Campaign Director, Daily Kos
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  • Kaye 2013/02/03 17:01:25
    None of the above
    They are so stupid that they don't realize they are destroying themselves as well as everyone else
  • keeper 2013/02/01 00:54:28
    It figures
    Time to give reid a cup of hemlock!
  • ☆stillthe12c☆ 2013/01/31 22:24:16
    It figures
    We ought to go there and drag Reid out of the Senate and send him packing. and tell the President to get his act together or he is next.
  • TidBit 2013/01/30 14:53:57
    the Dems only want what is good for the country..them!
    Only if it's self serving
  • Ron in Oregon 2013/01/29 20:16:00
    the Dems only want what is good for the country..them!
    Ron in Oregon
    There already is a coup going on......wake up.
  • Cn2012 2013/01/29 18:50:15
    the Dems only want what is good for the country..them!
    People really doubt that? Rolling my eyes
  • Golden Panther 2013/01/29 17:15:56
    It figures
    Golden Panther
    Lets get real. The only thing the commies, Muslims, racists, and entitlement cheats want is for this country to become a part of a dystopian one world cesspool. They cling to their self centered greed and avarice, and pray real Americans will continue to support them in all matters. Word of caution to the good guys, beware of these nefarious jackals.
  • Wayne 2013/01/29 16:29:27
    It figures
    Reid is a total hypocrite and liar, When the republicans were the majority he claimed the filibuster was necessary to keep the balance of power,. The man is a POS period!
  • Red Branch 2013/01/29 16:15:44
    It figures
    Red Branch
    They want to help the US get to the place where it can be euthanized.

    This could prove interesting? 0bama with absolute power and Reid with absolute power.
  • Elaine Magliacane 2013/01/29 15:13:40
    It figures
    Elaine Magliacane
    News FLASH... the Democrats in the Senate ALREADY changed the rules and will continue to do NOTHING good for the country. Harry Reid HATES Obama and the USA... the old man is SENILE!
  • mal 2013/01/29 15:08:06 (edited)
    It figures
    dumb and dumber are these petition signers.
  • KilrQueen 2013/01/29 15:07:22
    It figures
    Yeah....let's crap on the US even more by putting Harry Reid of charge of anything!!
  • Todd Parsons 2013/01/29 15:05:26
    None of the above
    Todd Parsons
    Harry Reid is a whore
  • Space Invader 2013/01/29 15:03:45
    the Dems only want what is good for the country..them!
    Space Invader
    So the KOS strikes again....I wonder what else is out thee we don't know about
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2013/01/29 15:03:29
    It figures
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    One wonders at the base stupidity of these folks - will they want this when the opposition is in control??
  • gregory.brown.5030 2013/01/29 15:02:51
    It figures
  • Thane36425 2013/01/29 15:02:27
    It figures
    Democrats want only one thing: total and unlimited power. Once they get it, hell will follow.
  • Spy Master 2013/01/29 14:59:44
    the Dems only want what is good for the country..them!
    Spy Master
    They call me the SpyMaster..amazing what Libs will say when they think no one is listening

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