Yesterday Barack Obama asked people getting married soon to send HIM a wedding gift. If you thought he had nerve to ask for that, well just a day later and he's already outdone himself, for now he's asking for your anniversary and BIRTHDAY gifts too!

tncdel 2012/06/23 20:45:06

No doubt tomorrow he will be asking for old folks' social security checks and hitting on Salvation Army for donations.
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  • none 2012/06/25 18:33:23
  • Bill 2012/06/25 14:34:54 (edited)
    I 've got a gift for him. One way Greyhound ticket to Chicago. They elected him first. If they have any brains they won't do that again!
  • Evan Bill 2012/06/25 19:47:46
    Now Bill, he can't go back to Chicago. Oprah is mad at him for one thing, and for another, he's got no place to live. His house has been put in foreclosure. Would you want him to live under a bridge???? The former POTUS??......uh.....well, come to think of it, guess he doesn't deserve anything better at that. In fact, the bridges of Chicago are too good for him.
  • Ashley 2012/06/25 13:10:16
    Let him buy his own
  • gracious43 2012/06/25 00:45:01 (edited)
    I did not believe this until I went into the Obama website and saw it for myself.

    Is this president on a mission to self-destruct or is he really that egotistical?
  • UGH...L... gracious43 2012/06/25 03:41:00
    UGH...LIBS ~ PWCM ~ JLA ~ BttB ~
    He really is that egotistical.

  • gracious43 UGH...L... 2012/06/25 03:50:26
    You know, I don't like to disrespect my president. I remember that God has ordered me to respect him, and even to pray for him. But Wow! Wow! That was all I could say when I saw this on Prez Obama's website. I called my brother and he was just as speechless.
  • UGH...L... gracious43 2012/06/25 04:02:46
    UGH...LIBS ~ PWCM ~ JLA ~ BttB ~
    It's perfectly all right to disrespect perfidious actions, though.
  • gracious43 UGH...L... 2012/06/25 04:56:10
    I agree.
  • Bill gracious43 2012/06/25 14:37:01
    God never ordered you to respect any politician
  • gracious43 Bill 2012/06/27 04:44:36
    It is very difficult to do, and I can't claim to be blameless on this. I'm trying very hard; and I'm trying to stay away from political polls because of this. I am angry about some of the policies of our government officials.

    1 Peter 2:16-18
    16 Act as free men, and do not use your freedom as a covering for evil, but use it as bondslaves of God. 17 Honor all people, love the brotherhood, fear God, honor the ]king.
  • jeane gracious43 2012/06/27 05:11:48
    Fortunately Obama isn't a King - yet!
  • gracious43 jeane 2012/06/27 05:20:56
    I think it applies. But asking young couples for their wedding presents is pretty much beyond the pale. I think I can respect him, but not his actions. I just need to be careful about too many political polls.

    Ugh is making me burst out laughing in her replies to me, darn it!
  • jeane gracious43 2012/06/27 05:28:44 (edited)
    I pray for our leaders to do what is right - I don't pray for them to just do whatever the heck they want. Also we are not "subjects" (yet). We also have government of the people, by the people and for the people here in this country.
  • gracious43 jeane 2012/06/27 05:29:48
    I agree with that.
  • Bill jeane 2012/06/27 05:21:12
    Thank You !!!..... We have to give him E for effort though:-)
  • Flamingolady 2012/06/24 16:19:45
    This fraud has no shame. He will want to shave off 10 cents of every dollar spent on gas next.
  • Flaming... Flaming... 2012/06/24 16:21:28
    I mean to go to his election fund.
  • Racefish 2012/06/24 15:39:15
  • princess 2012/06/24 10:53:47
  • D Hanes 2012/06/24 10:24:45
    D Hanes
    What a complete idiot this man is. Send him a gift.. he needs a gift alright.. a one way ticket out of the country.. If I tohought he'd use it, I would send him one to Kenya!
  • 9th of 9 2012/06/24 10:14:47
    9th of 9
    If you think he is sick in the head for asking (as I do) just imagine how F'd up you have to be to actually do it.

    I think some people really must try and look hard for the brain in their heads.
  • dvd 2012/06/24 10:01:49
  • fluer 2012/06/24 09:09:59
    Only thing I want to send him is an eviction notice!!!!!
  • mwg0735 2012/06/24 08:01:05
  • D Hanes mwg0735 2012/06/24 10:26:20
    D Hanes
    So what happened to all his Arab friends.. and Soros.. and all the rich guys he paid back with our money.. not giving so much this time.. Tough!!! Hey, wait.. has he asked Oprah yet.. she's got millions and she LOVES him...
  • tncdel D Hanes 2012/06/25 14:28:00
    Obama threw her under the bus after using her last time. She hasn't been coming out speaking on his behalf this time. Burnt bridges.
  • D Hanes tncdel 2012/06/27 21:15:08
    D Hanes
    Good for her...
  • Wyveryx 2012/06/24 06:29:10
    It is beyond arrogant to request people to donate to his campaign in lieu of a special event.
    While a birthday is in all reality nothing special, as we have many in our lifetimes, even suggesting that his campaign would be more important that someone's wedding day...well what I want to say isn't very decent, and the comment, "goes a lot further than a gravy bowl," are you kidding me??? Even if this fool gets elected once more, god forbid, his term wouldn't mean more to me than a gift that was bought with thought and consideration for my life.
    I do however, wish this type of behavior gets more of the limelight. The people of this country really need to see this and begin to understand just how far this guy and his campaign will go.
  • D Hanes Wyveryx 2012/06/24 10:26:46
    D Hanes
    Beyond arrogant is exactly what this a sshole is!
  • Prairie Wind 2012/06/24 05:24:54
    Prairie Wind
    i wonder if Barney Frank will extend a 'hand" and pat him on the rear, as compensation, resulting from Frank's "wedding" next month?

    Barney Frank hand pat on butt
  • marcuss....PHART 2012/06/24 05:20:41
    Soon he will send his ACORN MILITIA to confiscate the money in the homeless beggars cups for donations.

    homeless beggar
  • lark 2012/06/24 03:59:58
    He can go to HELL We have been in Hell for the last 3-1/2 years
  • wtw 2012/06/24 03:06:59
    That is pitiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
  • CAPISCE 2012/06/24 02:58:09
    Obama has no bottom to his behavior
  • CAPISCE CAPISCE 2012/06/24 02:59:10
  • jumpboots 187th PIR 2012/06/24 02:05:38
    jumpboots 187th PIR
  • Lord Emperor of Dune 2012/06/24 01:47:11 (edited)
    Lord Emperor of Dune
    What an idiot. The sooner we vote this A-Hole out of office, the better. He should be impeached for giving America to illegal Mexicans... Not sure why he hasn't been yet. I guess it's sneaking up on people
  • Jan Haskell 2012/06/24 01:45:22
    Jan Haskell
    Oh brother ...
    oh brother
  • Pedalpusher 2012/06/24 00:43:56
    Yeah I seen the article on the donations yesterday and couldn't believe he could be so bold! I thought they said last election that he was a super fund raiser, well it sure sounds like he's not raising much not if he has toask people to send in their gift money to him! This guy is unbelievable! Out of touch with everything but himself!

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