WOW! I think the lack of reporting on Sheriff Arpio's finding that the President's birth certificate is fake confirms media bias!

MichaelJ 2012/03/01 21:14:37
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  • Sissy 2012/03/04 18:40:06
    Maybe its because everybody is sick and tired of hearing it and because Arpio has little or no credibility in his own right? You don't suppose because he wants to detract from his own criminal investigation that he's reaching out to something long settled by everyone but the birther's do you?
  • MichaelJ Sissy 2012/03/05 03:30:03
    Sissy, I don't know. They have accussed the Sheriff of several things but when the Sheriff has asked them to openly display any proof they have always declined.

    I suppose thats why most people like a guy like the Sheriff, he doesn't mind everything to be out in the open. Do you think it's possible that there is something in the President's past that he would be ashamed of? I don't know but when someone, especially a nationally elected official like a President can't have much expectation of privacy.

    We have never had a President that we know less about than President Obama. When you have acknowledged experts who know very well they are putting reputations on the line yet still willing to claim that a document has been altered there should be at least an investigation as to wether it was or not.
  • Sissy MichaelJ 2012/03/05 12:46:08
    The sheriff has been off and on for years investigated for racial profiling. A Latino "mysteriously" died some years ago while in one of his deputies custody. Then a "sting" operation had to be aborted when some prostitutes were arrested and some of his deputies "helped themselves" to their favors. Now he is currently in a boatload of trouble with another incident. Then we're supposed to believe this latest tripe? I don't think so.

    You know "little" about this President at your own behest. For those who have cared, we know as much about him. as every other man who has held this Office. Its just been unfortunate that the republicans have refused to do anything but hate, spew, and show contempt for him and his family. When all of your energies have been to make him fail, thus the whole country fail, we can't expect you to even try to give him a chance to clean up the mess the republicans largely made.
  • The Sane One 2012/03/01 22:01:29
  • Pete 2012/03/01 21:26:28
    What happen? I couldn't get the video to play from CNN. What is going on?............ Peace be with you
  • Sport_G... Pete 2012/03/01 21:58:47
    The birth certificate is considered to be a forgery and a poor one at that

  • Pete Sport_G... 2012/03/01 22:01:26
    Great news! Thank you for the Link:............ Peace be with you
  • Sport_G... Pete 2012/03/01 22:04:01
    Watch how fast Obama's cronies and the media bury this.....this will disappear quicker than a set of 22" rims at a Puff Daddy concert.
  • Pete Sport_G... 2012/03/01 22:20:08
    We all need to spread the news ourselves to every friends, neighbor even stranger. Everyone need to make a lot of effort to push this clown out. We also need to put some pressure on the media. Yes, you right they will try to rub it out and pretend they know nor heard anything from Sheriff Joe. But guess what? It not going to work this time. The overwhelm evidence prove beyond the reasonable doubt that he did presented a fake documents and his service selective card. We've got the bait now we need to hook him out..... Peace be with you
  • Cyber 2012/03/01 21:18:06
    For the main scream media it's bias, for Fox it's a severe lack of both spine and testicles....
  • MichaelJ Cyber 2012/03/01 21:21:47 (edited)
  • Cyber MichaelJ 2012/03/01 21:28:25
    The miserable truth is that most of this evidence regarding the certificate was out there the same day it was posted on the the White House website, even here on SH is a rather detailed breakdown, and people are so afraid of being labelled they pretend to be "reasonable" and ignore reality just to get along.
  • The Sane One 2012/03/01 21:15:56

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