Would you trust an atheist?

lil crazy 2011/12/10 21:34:00
Yes I trust them as much as anyone else, their religion or lack there of has nothing to do with trusting them.
No, how could I trust someone who doesn't believe in god.
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I am truly shocked that people are so distrustful of atheists based solely on their non belief.

A new study finds that atheists are among society’s most distrusted group, comparable even to rapists in certain circumstances.

Psychologists at the University of British Columbia and the
University of Oregon say that their study demonstrates that anti-atheist
prejudice stems from moral distrust, not dislike, of nonbelievers.

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  • Joe Finsternis 2011/12/11 01:56:01
    No, how could I trust someone who doesn't believe in god.
    Joe Finsternis

    Kidding, of course. I trust people based on their actions, not their beliefs.

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  • lil crazy Hobbitt... 2011/12/11 17:11:24
    lil crazy
    "I think morality is innate in human beings, a specific line that may be developed and grown. For example, from concern merely for oneself to concern for friends and family to concern for all humans and further still to a completely encompassing concern. What drives truely moral behavior? I put forth that for an action to be considered moral it must be done for its own sake without thought of personal gain or loss, punishment or payment. It is therefore not moral to be motivated by fear of hell. Although it would be more true to say that moral action motivated by concern for self is lower than that concerned for all.
  • Hobbitt... lil crazy 2011/12/11 17:18:32
    Hobbitt / Oldsquid
    True, but the influence of religion is the basis for this without it we are as the savages and cannibals...there must be a guiding principle and for 95% of the human population it is religion the other 5% weather they like it or not are influenced during their formative years just by living in western civilization.
  • lil crazy Hobbitt... 2011/12/11 18:18:22
    lil crazy
    I believe that religions derived from our morality, not that our morality derives from religion. It is kind of like the chicken and the egg question. But I believe that morality is the egg and religion is the chicken. because you start with the egg and can have the egg without it becoming a chicken, but you cannot have the chicken without the egg first.
  • Hobbitt... lil crazy 2011/12/11 18:21:47
    Hobbitt / Oldsquid
    we can agree to disagree, but the study finds that 94% of the people polled trusted atheists as much as they trusted convicted rapists.. so My argument remains valid.
  • lil crazy Hobbitt... 2011/12/11 19:27:38
    lil crazy
    we can agree to disagree, but the study doesn't make your argument valid it only shows that sadly the majority of people have more trust in a rapist than they do an atheist for whatever their reasons. And believe me that is truly sad.
  • Hobbitt... lil crazy 2011/12/11 19:37:57
    Hobbitt / Oldsquid
    I agree but that is the way it is...people do not trust those who think they are stupid and by and large atheists thing those of faith are being superstitious...
  • lil crazy Hobbitt... 2011/12/11 19:48:54
    lil crazy
    I have seen quite a few on these forums that have that attitude but i have also seen religious people say they are stupid for not believing and will be going to hell. I also know a few atheist that just don't believe because they need solid proof of something before they believe it, but they don't feel those who believe are stupid or are being superstitious.
  • Hobbitt... lil crazy 2011/12/11 20:06:50
    Hobbitt / Oldsquid
    The Actual Atheist or agnostic I have no issue with but those he feel they must attack people of faith for their belief i do take issue with... While they usually assume I am Christian (I am not I am Jewish) and the assume that anyone who is not a Christian has issues with Christians. I do not. I have been married for 34 years to a catholic, we have three sons 2 of which Chose to be Jewish and one Chose to be Catholic. We now have three grandsons and 2 granddaughters. so a union of those of different faith can work.. Those that are hostile to ANY faith scare the crap out of me as they are by and large Amoral.
  • theslic... Hobbitt... 2011/12/11 02:46:45
    What the heck makes you believe that Christianity is a "solid moral background"? Have you looked at Ralph Reed's relationship with Abramoff. Have you looked at Reed's protege going to prison for being a pedophile?

    Christianity does not mean a solid moral background. Your judgements are actually against what Jesus preached. You are judging all atheists. You are JUDGING. According to Jesus all sin is equal, that includes the type of Judging you are doing.
  • theslic... lil crazy 2011/12/11 02:42:33
    Again--------------absolutely. I am sick to death of so many Christians doing evil deeds believing they will, ultimately, be forgiven and make it to Heaven.
  • theslic... Hobbitt... 2011/12/11 02:41:44
    Nope ---- you are misinformed. You are describing Satanism. Even though atheists do not believe in an afterlife, that does not mean they do evil things. Again, what about the head of the Southern Baptist Convention? He very well knows that according to scripture church leaders are held to a higher standard. Yet, he re-victimized the victims.

    You might want to re-think this morals thing. Also, you might want to quit confusing Satanism with Atheism. There is a HUGE difference.
  • theslic... lil crazy 2011/12/11 02:38:40
  • theslic... Hobbitt... 2011/12/11 02:38:28
    So you believe all Christians have a moral background? Tell that to all the pedophile victims of baptist ministers that were castigated by the leader of the Southern Baptist Convention, while protecting the pedophiles, the victims of Catholic priests that were protected by the church hierarchy.

    Aren't both Baptist and Catholics considered Christians?

    What does morality have to do with religion?
  • Adrint Hobbitt... 2012/04/27 01:36:24
    Moral background? Religion has been the cause of so many deaths across the world.
  • ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2011/12/10 22:14:03
    Yes I trust them as much as anyone else, their religion or lack there of has ...
    Maybe I would trust them more because they are atheist.
  • theslic... ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2011/12/11 02:47:24
    These days, YES.
  • Razoreye001 2011/12/10 22:08:16
    I have another opinion (please leave comment)
    I would trust another atheist over all other people of all other ideals.
  • Rusty Shackleford 2011/12/10 21:51:44
    I have another opinion (please leave comment)
    Rusty Shackleford
    Knowing that someone is an atheist would make it more difficult for them to earn my trust.
  • theslic... Rusty S... 2011/12/11 02:49:12
    Knowing that someone is of the current Christian extremists that are shoving their beliefs down our throats, would make it a lot more difficult for them to earn my trust.

    That being said, I have some Christian friends that do not follow the church or the church leaders or the politicians that use their faith to manipulate them. These Christians I trust.
  • Rusty S... theslic... 2011/12/11 12:14:56
    Rusty Shackleford
    You seem to be under the impression that I care what you think.
  • NObama2012 2011/12/10 21:43:20
  • lil crazy NObama2012 2011/12/10 22:27:18
    lil crazy
    Morals were around before the bible.
  • NObama2012 lil crazy 2011/12/12 01:25:26
  • Running... NObama2012 2011/12/11 02:14:04
    Running with ✄
    We listen to our head and make our own judgment on what we believe is right and wrong
  • NObama2012 Running... 2011/12/12 01:25:58
  • Running... NObama2012 2011/12/12 09:48:29
    Running with ✄
    Humans can think for themselves and they know what is right and what is wrong
  • NObama2012 Running... 2011/12/13 03:38:15
  • Running... NObama2012 2011/12/13 06:18:24
  • NObama2012 Running... 2011/12/13 19:06:03
  • Running... NObama2012 2011/12/13 23:48:35
    Running with ✄
    Lol are you forgetting numerous passed kings and queens

    And you still haven't given ne any historical proof that the nazis were atheists
  • theslic... NObama2012 2011/12/11 02:51:10
    Again, take a look at Ralph Reed, formerly of the Christian Coalition. Look at his protege who went to prison for his pedophilia. Look at the leader of the Southern Baptist Convention and who he castigated pedophile victims of Baptist church leaders. Uh, where the heck do these guys get their morals?

    I think these Christians are the animals, but not all Christians.
  • NObama2012 theslic... 2011/12/12 01:26:18
  • theslic... NObama2012 2011/12/13 19:44:31
    Explain please.
  • NObama2012 theslic... 2011/12/13 19:57:39
  • theslickdumpling 2011/12/10 21:42:08
    Yes I trust them as much as anyone else, their religion or lack there of has ...
    I wish people would WAKE UP and quit drinking the Kool Aid. Athiests are NOT satanists, not evil doers.

    All of my life I was a Christian. Now I will no longer label myself. I do not believe in any religion. I do believe in God and I am deeply spiritual.

    What really gets me these days is all the people that tag themselves as Christians that do not understand or adhere to Jesus' true teachings, that do not pray for discernment as they are following the satanists right over the cliff. They do not understand how true satanists mock their Christianity by covering themselves in the mask of the church.

    Christians, WAKE UP! Scripture tells you that you must judge them by the fruit they bear.

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