Would you rent out your car for money instead of paying for airport parking?

ABC News Money 2013/06/18 20:17:47
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  • GoDucks5 2013/06/19 06:00:17
    No, I think that would be too risky.
    I wouldn't want to take the risk and get spammed.
  • MW121 2013/06/19 01:58:02
    No, I think that would be too risky.
    Forget it.. I don't need anyone else driving my car.. I'll pay the $36/day to part at the airport and know when I get back my car is where I left it right outside in the parking garage where it takes me 5 min to get from my gate to my car and then head home. I don't need further delays or issues after returning from my business trips.
  • you_ me 2013/06/19 00:26:11
    No, I think that would be too risky.
    you_ me
    Should be posted un stupid posts section
  • Rebel [SHP] 2013/06/18 21:54:20
    No, I think that would be too risky.
    Rebel [SHP]
    Hell no. What if someone damages my car? Smokes in it? Bumps the uglies? My car is not for any other purpose than my own. I sure the hell wont pay for parking either. I wont go to an Airport that I don't have a relative nearby that will let me park the car.
  • The_Wisest_of_Fools 2013/06/18 20:31:54
    Yes, if it is guaranteed the car will be waiting for me after my trip.
    I think that would be feasible as long as it was insured and some sort of contract was written up similar to the ones they have at car rental places.
  • Billy M 2013/06/18 20:30:40
    No, I think that would be too risky.
    Billy M
    The insurance would kill you. Them CEO for auto insurance don't come cheap like in the 7 figures. They sleep with the politicians and the kickbacks are way up there.
  • Azazyel's Dragon 2013/06/18 20:27:04
    No, I think that would be too risky.
    Azazyel's Dragon
    You never know who would be driving your car...
    angry driver
  • Sister Jean 2013/06/18 20:26:00
    No, I think that would be too risky.
    Sister Jean
    no car

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