Would you rent out your car for money instead of paying for airport parking?

ABC News Money 2013/06/18 20:17:47
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  • GoDucks5 2013/06/19 06:00:17
    No, I think that would be too risky.
    I wouldn't want to take the risk and get spammed.
  • MW121 2013/06/19 01:58:02
    No, I think that would be too risky.
    Forget it.. I don't need anyone else driving my car.. I'll pay the $36/day to part at the airport and know when I get back my car is where I left it right outside in the parking garage where it takes me 5 min to get from my gate to my car and then head home. I don't need further delays or issues after returning from my business trips.
  • you_ me 2013/06/19 00:26:11
    No, I think that would be too risky.
    you_ me
    Should be posted un stupid posts section
  • Cal 2013/06/18 21:54:20
    No, I think that would be too risky.
    Hell no. What if someone damages my car? Smokes in it? Bumps the uglies? My car is not for any other purpose than my own. I sure the hell wont pay for parking either. I wont go to an Airport that I don't have a relative nearby that will let me park the car.
  • The_Wisest_of_Fools 2013/06/18 20:31:54
    Yes, if it is guaranteed the car will be waiting for me after my trip.
    I think that would be feasible as long as it was insured and some sort of contract was written up similar to the ones they have at car rental places.
  • Billy M 2013/06/18 20:30:40
    No, I think that would be too risky.
    Billy M
    The insurance would kill you. Them CEO for auto insurance don't come cheap like in the 7 figures. They sleep with the politicians and the kickbacks are way up there.
  • Azazyel's Dragon 2013/06/18 20:27:04
    No, I think that would be too risky.
    Azazyel's Dragon
    You never know who would be driving your car...
    angry driver
  • Sister Jean 2013/06/18 20:26:00
    No, I think that would be too risky.
    Sister Jean
    no car

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