Would you change your vote depending on who the Vice Pres is?

Kitty we shall overcome! 2008/06/27 13:35:45
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We have McCain and Obama. We don't know who they will pick as their Vice. Will who they chose change your mind at this point on who you will vote for?
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  • E.G. 2008/06/28 02:01:33
    Here is what I think....
    I elect presidents, not vice presidents!

    Well, lol, that's not quite true, as I can't remember the last time I voted for someone who won... *grin*
  • Tracy 2008/06/27 22:46:37
    If Obama picks...
    When Obama picks Hillary I'll vote obama. w/out her I'm not voting!!!! simple!! picks obama picks hillary ill vote obama wout voting simple
  • comrade slucky 2008/06/27 19:24:45
    My mind is made up! I will vote for...
    comrade slucky
    obama, unless he were to do something totally stupid like pick condoleezza rice....
  • Deleted 2008/06/27 19:09:05
  • PickleS on a stickkkkkkk~ 2008/06/27 19:01:50
  • Kitty w... PickleS... 2008/06/27 19:04:18
    Kitty we shall overcome!
    As they should unless it's a vote for Obama... then they can stay dead!!
  • PickleS... Kitty w... 2008/06/27 20:54:12
  • SOnny 2008/06/27 18:23:06
    My mind is made up! I will vote for...
    The old guy!!
  • Docstrich 2008/06/27 17:54:02
    Here is what I think....
    No Oblahma, now or ever, but I can't vote McCain, either, so it's Nader once again- the winner over the two evils. This is only if Hillary does not get the nomination in August. Stinky B.O. is doing a fine job of self destructing and there is a long time until the convention in August. pumaparty.com
  • Kitty w... Docstrich 2008/06/27 18:00:52
    Kitty we shall overcome!
    I understand your problem. I Really do!! but the odds of not Obama or McCain being the winner are slim and none and slim is getting bigger all the time as they say. I respect your choice but I urge you to vote McCain to keep Obama from destroying our country.
  • Bill - Buffalo Soldier 2008/06/27 16:47:42
    My mind is made up! I will vote for...
    Bill - Buffalo Soldier
    I will vote McCain. I will not vote for any ticket Obama is on.
  • Flowerbomb 2008/06/27 15:41:54
    My mind is made up! I will vote for...
    McCain....unless Obama is his running mate ;)
  • Bill - ... Flowerbomb 2008/06/27 16:48:22
    Bill - Buffalo Soldier
    LMAO - my sentiments exactly. No Obama in any position
  • SOnny Flowerbomb 2008/06/27 18:23:40
    true enough!!
  • Kitty we shall overcome! 2008/06/27 13:49:11
    Here is what I think....
    Kitty we shall overcome!
    If McCain picks Connie Rice for some reason. I will have to spend election day drinking! Well, and the next 4 years if we last that long. I do not care who Obama picks I will never ever vote for him!! I don't think McCain will pick her so I feel pretty good that I will vote McCain 2008!!!
  • freewill~STS~freespirit 2008/06/27 13:37:50

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