Would you ask the court to reconsider letting Feds Spy Illegally?

poet4justice 2012/09/02 18:26:59
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Warrantless Wiretap Victims Ask Court to Reconsider Letting Feds Spy Illegally
A federal appeals court is being asked to reconsider its earlier ruling that the government may spy on Americans┬┐ communications without warrants and without fear of being sued. The August 7 decision by a three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the first and only case that successfully challenged President George W. Bush's once-secret Terrorist Surveillance Program.

Read More: http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2012/08/warrantle...

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  • Paige 2012/09/04 03:34:17
    no, because
    I think that the Patriot Act that was inacted by The Bush Administration goes way to far .
  • closinyou 2012/09/03 02:16:15 (edited)
    I'm becoming more and more convinced, the courts decision is of very little influence when it comes to the Feds! Challenge them, fight them, convince them or just go with the flow... EITHER WAY THE FEDS WILL DO WHAT THE FEDS WANT TO DO!
  • murphywasanoptimist 2012/09/02 19:08:27
    yes, because
    This behavior (illegal wiretapping without any solid evidence that the person they are wiretapping is doing anything wrong) damages people emotionally/psychologically and ruins lives.
  • Bob DiN 2012/09/02 18:48:05
    no, because
    Bob DiN
    I don't trust the Feds with anything, anything. Big government can't even do what they are suppose to do, let alone all they do against the US Constitution. The USA givernment today is bloated , the best corrupt government money can buy and can't be trusted with anything.
  • bob h. Bob DiN 2012/09/02 21:17:46 (edited)
    bob h.
    This is exactly what killed E. Germany. So many people were getting paid to spy on other people, there was no body actually doing anything worth while.
  • Bob DiN bob h. 2012/09/03 00:41:20
    Bob DiN
    Sounds about right.

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