Would Romney be better or worse than Pres Obama?

Mopvyzo USA 2012/07/11 12:44:34
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Romney worse

Romney worse

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  • LOU CAPISCE 2012/07/13 14:50:07
  • derek.g... LOU 2012/07/14 01:39:43
    And while we're checking out Republican Profiles in Courage, let's not forget good ol' Donald Rumsfeld, the guy who sold weapons to Saddam Hussein back when he was killing his own people in the 1980s....

    donald rumsfeld guy sold weapons saddam hussein killing people 1980s

    Oh how soon they forget....
  • LOU derek.g... 2012/07/14 03:55:45
    yes they do.
  • LOU CAPISCE 2012/07/16 21:07:28
  • CAPISCE LOU 2012/07/16 21:42:16
    LMAO at least you admit it. obama sheep
  • LOU CAPISCE 2012/07/17 02:25:49
  • CAPISCE LOU 2012/07/17 02:30:25
    Bush has been out of office for 4 years and you Obama zombies still obsess. bush ate my homework
  • LOU CAPISCE 2012/07/17 02:33:32
    bush face f death bush face f death bush face f death
    Over six thousand American soldiers killed. It was a great eight years.
  • CAPISCE LOU 2012/07/17 03:16:35
    I would vote for him over obama in a heart beat and I'm not a Republican
  • derek.g... CAPISCE 2012/07/17 02:35:37
    Not obsession, just keeping track. How are we to evaluate a political party if not by their past performance? Bush was the last GOP President, and he was a disaster. Therefore, a lot of us normal, sane people aren't eager to put another Republican back into the White House.
  • derek.g... CAPISCE 2012/07/13 08:37:12
    Yeah, maybe a little. After all, Bush did preside over

    (a) the worst national security disaster in our history -- 9/11
    (b) the worst foreign policy disaster in our history -- Iraq
    (c) the biggest financial disaster since the Great Depression
    (d) the most rampant cronyism since Ulysses S. Grant

    You can understand why us normal folk -- the people you call "Liberals" -- might not want to see that disaster repeat itself.
  • LOU derek.g... 2012/07/13 14:51:31
  • freethi... derek.g... 2012/07/14 11:15:24
    Such BS you Spew!! The Hussein is the Worst EVER and all his Sheep are NOT NORMAL cuz they (you) are a bunch of gimme,gimme, LibTARDS!! lol...
  • derek.g... freethi... 2012/07/14 14:07:11
    Which part of what I said is BS? And can you answer without name-calling?
  • CAPISCE derek.g... 2012/07/17 02:31:26
  • Lady Wh... derek.g... 2012/07/12 13:06:29
    Lady Whitewolf
  • mind-pilot 2012/07/12 02:35:48
    I hate to say it, but Romney is not going to be able to go around and bankrupt other countries to prove he's a good businessman. Geeze....a drug cartel owner is a good businessman.But that don't make Romney able to pull off his one trick pony on other nations. That's what he does, doesn't he? Bankrupt weak countries and takes the profits from it to prove he's a good businessman?. Any guy who thinks corporations are people and money is a voice is out of touch with REALITY. Hell, this guy won't even show us his tax statements. Why? Because he's not worthy of the presidency of the United States. God has told us so. I'm not crazy about Obama either. Vote Ron Paul
  • hisomouth mind-pilot 2012/07/12 06:05:45
    And the community organizer has done a great job of giving money to the solar companies.
  • mind-pilot hisomouth 2012/07/12 14:58:52
    Politico said the loss was .5 of 1%. But the saving of 3 million jobs for the auto industry well makes up for Romneys choice to bankrupt Americas auto industry. And the killing of Bin Ladin makes up for Romneys fear to go and get the guy that murdered Americans on 9-11. What's your point?
    Romney is a superpack puppet. A real puppet. He can't talk and he can't think and his opinion is only good when it's given to him. What's your point? We need solar. And we don't need the rich. They have done nothing for the country since 2002 when Bush gave them all those tax breaks. Job Creators? Oh come now. The GAO and the CBO says "no new jobs were created with the 2002-2009 time frame". Are you duped? Or is it just the dope? As a republican I will not be forced to eat the superpacks choices. Did you see what they gave us for the republican presidential debates? Pathetic! Vote for Ron Paul.
  • freethi... mind-pilot 2012/07/14 11:18:31
    F'n Politico??? LMAO!!!

    Navy Seals Killed osama , Not Barack Osama!!! The F'n Terrorist to America!! Sheep, go back to your pen and make sure to drink more Koolaid!!! lol..
  • mind-pilot freethi... 2012/07/14 16:03:02
    Do you always miss the point? The point is: Romney wanted to bankrupt the American auto industry and lose 3 million more jobs. That didn't happen. Romney was afraid and said he wouldn't have had bin Ladin executed. Why do you want a superpack sock-puppet? An empty head? A flip-floppin' mormon? A man that all of my presidential candidates in the last debate: Gingrich,Perry, Cain, Bachman, Santourm and Paul all called a "LIAR". What's got into you Suzy Creamcheese? This is the conscience talkin' to ya baby. Get on point. You're pickin' the guy who's superpace is COMMUNIST RED CHINA! He is an American businessman who ripped off America and he wants to be a leader LMAO if you support that crap.
  • LOU hisomouth 2012/07/13 14:52:49
    It was republican business men who ripped off our goverment.
  • hisomouth LOU 2012/07/13 19:05:00
    Rolling on the floor laughing!
  • LOU hisomouth 2012/07/13 20:20:44
    I am with ya............LOL
  • Lady Wh... mind-pilot 2012/07/12 13:07:01
    Lady Whitewolf
    well said
  • Paint it Black 2012/07/12 02:19:23
    Undecided / Don't know
    Paint it Black
    I don't know, i just came here to read the comments :D
  • Cognito22 Paint i... 2012/07/12 04:25:54 (edited)
    I like your honesty.
    I'll try and make it as entertaining as possible.
    Do you like your Liberals fried or roasted?
  • hisomouth Cognito22 2012/07/12 06:06:51
    brains are already fried.
  • Cognito22 hisomouth 2012/07/12 06:10:54
  • sjalan 2012/07/12 01:55:24
    For the middle class and working poor, he is the worst thing that can happen to this country and for that matter the entire world.
  • CAPISCE sjalan 2012/07/12 04:28:51
    Really---Odumbo just taxed the middle class again with Odumbocare---wake up
  • Spizzzo... CAPISCE 2012/07/12 09:15:00
    Spizzzo BN-0
    Don't be silly. The "Obamacare" mandate "tax/penalty" is VERY small and voluntary, and would at most affect about 1% of the people. What are you so upset about?
  • CAPISCE Spizzzo... 2012/07/12 14:09:36
    He lied, plain and simple
  • Spizzzo... CAPISCE 2012/07/12 20:29:20
    Spizzzo BN-0
    How so? He was at most wrong--not lying. But, as I said it's a really tiny amount of money that a tiny number of people will pay--and it will be because they choose to pay it. It's not coercive, so I have a hard time thinking of it as limiting freedom.
  • Lee CAPISCE 2012/07/15 11:58:23
    Mighty M*tt is full of Sh*t

    Sk*p the Drama

    And Vote for Obama
  • LOU sjalan 2012/07/17 16:37:28
  • The One 2012/07/12 01:47:58
    The One
    A brain dead person can do better than Obama!!!
  • La Bef 2012/07/12 00:57:13
    La Bef
    No one is worse than the president clown in chief.
  • Souther... La Bef 2012/07/22 20:19:33
  • Hopscotch 2012/07/12 00:49:11
    Rumneystiltskin...is his name....he says he can spin straw into GOLD?
    Only for the RICH not the poor.

    "Romney, helping he economies of Switzerland and the Cayman Islands? What's that all about?"

    straw gold rich poor romney helping economies switzerland cayman islands

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