Would Donald Trump Make a Good Vice President? (Trump Thinks So)

News 2012/05/25 13:00:00
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Donald Trump's presidential run didn't pan out too well, but he might still have a shot at the White House. The billionaire business magnate announced he would be a good candidate for vice president. The best, in fact, though he said it in a roundabout way, buried under a slew of other recommendations and Trumpisms.

Trump told Newsmax, "Chris Christie’s a great guy. He’s a friend of mine ... Rob Portman, who I don’t know, but I hear fantastic things about. Certainly he’s been very well vetted over the years. He’s a professional who’s been there a long time ... On a younger side, you could look at Sen. Rubio, who I think could help with Hispanics ... They have a lot of very good people.” He adds with a smile: “Probably the best choice of all would be Donald Trump." Hm... Would he?

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  • nancyisnow FU in P... 2012/05/30 09:18:55
    Deamocrats might like celebrities as celebrities, but they are realistic about how qualified they are for a political position.
  • FU in P... nancyisnow 2012/05/30 13:16:45
    FU in Portsmouth
    And the GOP is unrealistic about a celebrity's qualifications for a political position.... Can you share any examples? Trump doesn't count, because no one besides Trump thinks he's a realistic or qualified candidate. Which celebrities do the GOP "somewhat childishly" and unrealistically feel are qualified for a political position?
  • Lefty FU in P... 2012/05/31 11:51:28
    Remember Reagan, and "I'll be back"? Celebrities!
  • FU in P... Lefty 2012/05/31 17:19:15
    FU in Portsmouth
    Well, Reagan was Gov. of one of our largest states, so it wasn't as if we elected Matt Damon. So, to your point about Republicans favoring celebrities for higher office, you have one example, Arnold, to make your point. I dunno....
  • Lana Ri... FU in P... 2012/05/31 03:19:35
    Lana Riley-Brown
    Did you forget your idiot rich man that just got 52,000.00 just this week in one night ? STFU since you have no clue what you are talking about
  • FU in P... Lana Ri... 2012/05/31 17:26:58
    FU in Portsmouth
    My idiot rich man? 52,000.00 in one night? I don't know what you're talking about, but the evidence suggests that you don't, either. "STFU!?!" Mean and stupid is no way to go through life, Lana.....
  • hasher 2012/05/29 10:59:51
    asmuch as i like the donald, i dont think hes good vp material besides there are already plenty of good choices out there such as marco rubio, chris christie, allen west and others.
  • skip 2012/05/29 10:38:00
    just one more crazy repbulican
  • Jack's Pearl 2012/05/29 08:45:49
    Jack's Pearl
    He's a horrible choice. That could get him in! Ha ha!
  • Fariborz-Zak 2012/05/29 08:02:12
    yes if he is from ./.1
  • FlyGalsMom 2012/05/29 07:05:54
    SERIOUSLY??? let's just get Howard Stern while we are at it ROTFL
  • lkreu FlyGalsMom 2012/05/29 14:01:42
    I would take Howard over Trump any day!
  • TheTruth1313 2012/05/29 07:03:08
    Not in the least.
  • Ian 2012/05/29 06:20:16
    I wouldn't vote for him...
  • sjalan 2012/05/29 05:56:07
    He'd be to busy trying to fire everyone, But a good match with Mitt who as he said, I like to fire people.
  • daniel wayne 2012/05/29 04:58:08
    daniel wayne
    D.T. is only good at one thing; being donald trump. mitt better look over california republicans for a v p. i cant believe anyone would even consider voting for obama again but it looks like voters are not aware of just how bad a job he's done.
  • hasher daniel ... 2012/05/29 11:01:48
    theres plenty of good choices out there for mitt such as marco rubio, allen west, and chris christie and others.
  • nancyisnow daniel ... 2012/05/30 09:25:29
    I don't know what Obama has done to make republicans so angry. He's added about 4 million jobs, lowered taxes for the middle class, drills oil like a republican, and has the lowest percent of spending growth of the last 7 presidents, and killed Osama, too.
  • Rambo Smurf 2012/05/29 04:07:21
    Rambo Smurf
    I am starting to believe that the purpose of the Vice President is to say stupid things to redirect focus from the stupid things that the President says. This appears to be going on for several administrations, both Democratic and Republican.
  • Earthling 2012/05/29 03:56:01
    Give me a fkn break. The man is ego personified.
  • Joeseph 2012/05/29 03:22:43
    Donald Trump is much too strong of a personality to sit in second place 'subdued' under any Presidential Candidate that the GOP has to run. The imbalance would be too great for the Presidential runner.

    Run Trump for president! At any price, 'fire Obama'! Obama hasn't got a clue about our nations economy, and he will never come close to an economic solution. If Obama wins a second term in November, it is because the American voters (voters FOR Obama) are 'dumber' than he is, and that is deplorable!
  • nancyisnow Joeseph 2012/05/30 09:27:34
    I clicked "like" by accident, and can't get it off. I'll repeat this: I don't know what Obama has done to make republicans so angry. He's added about 4 million jobs, lowered taxes for the middle class, drills oil like a republican, and has the lowest percent of spending growth of the last 7 presidents, and killed Osama, too.
  • Kari 2012/05/29 03:18:32
    Ugh, no. He may make a decent punching bag, though.
  • Stan Weinstein 2012/05/29 03:03:41
    Stan Weinstein
    His big fat ego would not let him settle for VP. Anyways, who could possibly stand to look at his hair for four years straight - that's disgusting enough.
  • Cat 2012/05/29 03:02:28
    Rich and rude. He would not make me cry as I hate rude people. He could blow his Trump all he wants, and still makes him l Rich and Rude. So all Vote NO!!
  • Julia Butcher-Utsumi 2012/05/29 02:34:34
    Julia Butcher-Utsumi
    No he wouldn't. And why would Trump play second fiddle to anyone anyhow?
  • Todd_I 2012/05/29 02:27:53
    Replacing Biden with Trump would be a fantastic idea. Romney, no way.
  • raine 2012/05/29 01:52:36
    maybe since they don't do much. He would be a good president. Understands business for sure..
  • Al Thompson, R.E.A., C.E.I. 2012/05/29 01:16:02
    Al Thompson, R.E.A., C.E.I.
    The same people who voted "no" on Trump making a good VP probably voted for Obama or don't know how business works. The USA should be run using basic business principals to be successful. Trump would make a BETTER President than VP. His business experience, common business sense and capitalist intellect makes him vastly superior to the incompetent chap we have bankrupting the business of the USA now. Can t blame Bush any more
  • michael Al Thom... 2012/05/29 02:22:23
  • Natasha 2012/05/29 01:10:38
    Trumpt would not be a good VP he is part of the problem. He is nothing but a BIG FAT CAT. Furthermore, he will look out for all his FAT CAT friends, and forget the poor people in the USA.
  • Al Thom... Natasha 2012/05/29 01:17:41
    Al Thompson, R.E.A., C.E.I.
    Somewhat shallow in content, eh?
  • Shadow_Wolf 2012/05/29 00:53:12
    Like we need more publicity and paparazi in political affairs.
  • DOriginalDonald 2012/05/29 00:47:27
    Five words-The United States Football League.
  • GREENMAN 2012/05/29 00:38:32
    Trump is a showman. I don't think he could keep his ego under control.
  • no1togo4 2012/05/29 00:37:38
    Trump couldn't play 2nd string if you held a gun to his head.
  • rph3636 2012/05/29 00:35:11
    He would make a better president then the one running or that already is, he seems to have some degree of common sense.
  • Shadow_... rph3636 2012/05/29 00:57:00
    I rather have Obama than Trump. Celebrities and politics don't really mix too well. You sit there and blame Obama for everything , but if you didn't notice he's not really calling all the shots. Modern day presidents never really call the shots.
  • Al Thom... Shadow_... 2012/05/29 01:22:23
    Al Thompson, R.E.A., C.E.I.
    If you knew half of what you don't know about the fraud and grifter who is currently squatting in the White House, you'd be shocked (I would be happy to educate you on who Obama is and is not - backed-up by credible documentation). But then again, you would have to be objective, and based on your comment, I doubt you are ready for enlightenment of such grandeur.
  • Shadow_... Al Thom... 2012/05/29 19:55:08

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