Would America be better Divided into 2 Countries, Red and Blue?

antiteaparty 2010/10/23 01:06:39
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The Division of America

Posted: September 23, 2010 by srv1499

I truly believe that America should be divided into 2
separate countries. Country A or Red and Country B or Blue. Before the
divide happens each person will get the choice of which section they
want to live in, but once they make their choice they can NEVER change
their decision.

The choices you have will be simple. Country Red will be
completely capital driven. Socialism will be non-existent. That means
there will be no taxes. So when a crime is committed you will have to
call a private police firm and pay them to solve the case. Then you will
have to pay for the court, prison and all else involved because we know
how much Republicans hate to be lenient on criminals. Then if your
house burns down, you call a private fire company to put out the fire
and if you don’t have the money, oh well… You will be completely self
dependent. Your education? Totally up to you and at your cost. Any road
work must be shared with all those living on your street. Remember you
hate socialism and all of those services are socialism 101…

When you lose your job or are disabled you are on your own.
No disability, no food stamps, no unemployment, no welfare, no housing,
no health Insurance, no help what so ever! You and your kids are fully
dependent on you.

If power or phone companies don’t want to supply electric or
phone to you because you live in an area that will cost them more then
they can make they don’t have to you simply do without.

No minimum wage, the market decides what you make. Unions
will be outlawed so you will be forced to work in conditions that suit
the employer and if you don’t like it find another job because if you
complain they have the right to fire you at will.

You must attend a church at least once a week and give 10% of
your earnings and pray to god. If you break any of Gods Laws you can be
stoned in the church parking lot during the weekly stoning.

There will be only 1 amendment in your Constitution, the 2nd… no need for the 4th
as you never spoke up when Bush Jr. did warrantless wiretaps anyway.
Besides you are always complaining about the press so the 1st is out and the 14th would only mean gays have rights too so forget that one!

There will be no over site laws for companies because you
hate Government Regulation! So when a company floods the Gulf with Oil,
or when Enron’s accounting is deceitful and the company goes under after
stealing all your money too bad! That’s just how Capitalism works!

But there is good news, at least when Insurance companies
want to deny you for pre-existing conditions you can say I love it,
that’s why I moved here! After all this is what true capitalism is and
this is what you really want… isn’t it?

In Blue America, we have Taxes because we have socialistic
programs. We educate our people so they will have a better future. We
protect the sick, the elderly and the poor. When you are out of work,
you and your children won’t starve or be on the street. Your working
conditions are safe and you will make a living wage or if your wage is
low you get help paying your bills.

In Blue America you won’t lose everything you’ve worked so
hard for because some Insurance company decides they don’t want to pay
your Medical bills any more after you get sick. In Blue America you have
rights! More than just the 2nd!

In Blue America we pool our resources together for betterment
of all but at the same time you have opportunities to be at the top
because you are educated and your resources are plentiful. In Blue
America you are welcome if you are Black, Muslim, Gay, White, Purple,
Mexican or anything but stupid and don’t believe that we all in this
together and we need to help each other instead of being for just
yourself until it is YOU that needs something!

Which side do you think will prosper and succeed? If you want
a model for red America look no further than any 3rd world country.
Somalia should be your first choice!

If you believe that Country Red is not what you want and you
are Republican, then you need to shut up because that is
EXACTLY what you are asking for, however, you may be too dumb to know

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  • antiteaparty 2010/10/23 01:51:12
    Yes Let those who think the rich are all for them go and form their own count...
    I say let them go, once the irony is when they realize it's not them that's making the $250k a year... they'll be back!

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  • Jon Bergen 2010/10/26 11:37:58 (edited)
    Yes Let those who think the rich are all for them go and form their own count...
    Jon Bergen

    Red State America would go broke within a few months without the wealth of Blue State America to bail out its economically and intellectually impoverished population.

    Blue State America would thrive and prosper as never before.

    I say bring on the pre-Civil War / post-George Bush the Younger split of America. He was a Divider, not a Uniter, and did pretty damn good at finishing the job Nixon, Reagan and his father, George the Elder, started. So why not? Let's make the division permanent!
  • Jon Bergen Jon Bergen 2010/10/26 13:02:18
    Jon Bergen
    It became necessary to edit the above due to the Dumbf*ckistan map with which I'd closed that post.

    Here, however, is a recent map of charitable giving in America:

    edit dumbfckistan map closed post map charitable america

    And this is a map of 'human development,' a yardstick measuring the combined variables of health, education and income:

    map human development yardstick measuring combined variables health education income

    The wealthier, healthier, better-educated and more generous population tends to be found in Blue America. While lucky Red America is generally home to those folk less endowed with those attributes.

    I know which culture in which I'd prefer to live and participate. That selection would, ironically, be what some people refer to as 'a no-brainer.' Ironic, because only those with brains have been consistently making that choice.
  • GANGA~Patriotic Revolution ... 2010/10/23 19:07:56
    Yes Let those who think the rich are all for them go and form their own count...
    GANGA~Patriotic Revolution BL-100+
  • MOM - LOL@Silly.St.Sarah.of... 2010/10/23 16:57:30
    Yes Let those who think the rich are all for them go and form their own count...
    MOM - LOL@Silly.St.Sarah.of.Wasilly
    Let them go, I am so tired of their incessant whining. We will be far better off with out these hicks hooked on entitlements whining about nothing.... let's see how well they survive on $3 per hour and no medical care. No unions to protect their jobs and no public schools for their children to attend, school will not be necessary cause child labor will be back in fashion. Except for the rich kids, mommy and daddy will be able to send them to the best private schools!
  • Texas Johnny 2010/10/23 03:46:59
    Yes Let those who think the rich are all for them go and form their own count...
    Texas Johnny
    You assume too much. The vast majority of conservatives are just working Joes and Janes. The government is too big to do what we wish it should do constitutionally. Everywhere socialism has been tried... IT HAS FAILED and left people miserable and poorer for the experience. Even Europe is getting the hint and cutting their cradle to grave entitlements before they slide down into the dung heap.
    Unfortunately, you do not get it and create the hyperbolic reality in this article that in real life could never exist. This article looks like the rantings of a poor soul who seems to blame others for his problems instead of doing something about it. Expecting the government to come to the rescue like many who have been seduced into the entitlement mentality since birth. May God Bless You and help you find a more peaceful and kinder path or would you be offended by that remark?
  • antitea... Texas J... 2010/10/23 04:04:49
    The US ranks 13th in the World in standard of Living. the 12 Countries that are above it have a high degree of Socialism... so would you like to try it again... with facts? BTW, The US has fallen from 6th since Bush came to power and their social programs have fallen during that time.. just thought you'd like facts...

    # Norway
    # Australia]
    # Iceland
    # Canada
    # Ireland
    # Netherlands
    # Sweden
    # France
    # Switzerland
    # Japan
    # Luxembourg
    # Finland
    # United States
  • MOM - L... antitea... 2010/10/23 16:01:42 (edited)
    MOM - LOL@Silly.St.Sarah.of.Wasilly
    It's amazing and scary, how little time it took to drop five places....I know my standard of living has changed for the worse dramatically.... wages are frozen, cost of living through the roof. It is a shame what the Republicans have done to America.
  • Texas J... antitea... 2010/10/24 03:22:39 (edited)
    Texas Johnny
    The main reason why? These countries were protected by us for the last 60 years. We spent our money defending them through our alliance in NATO. Since these are also small countries with small populations. The money they did not use to defend themselves was used to create their huge cradle to grave welfare states. Norway actually drills for oil and natural gas off its shores to also pay for its huge entitlement programs. Our federal government goes out of its way to prevent the exploitation of our own resources that creates jobs and improves standards of living by the ripple effect new jobs in one industry generate. Oh and Norway has only 2-3million people While America is 300 million!! and Luxembourg has a population of 500,000. That's roughly the same population as El Paso ,Texas. You can't do what they do with the population we have and not go into massive debt.
    If you take out the 12 million illegals living here driving down wages and living off the efforts of others , you might see a change too. How about their immigration policies? I am sure they have no anchor baby law like we do. An I am sure its a little harder to cross their borders without the proper papers.
  • Dark Knight 2010/10/23 02:35:19
    Yes Let those who think the rich are all for them go and form their own count...
    Dark Knight
    You sound like a really hateful, self-serving person - especially on your profile page where you, obviously, lie about condemning hatred. What a waste of any talents that you may have - I'm really sorry for your failures in life; but, don't take them out on strangers. That's really weak!
  • williamshaman 2010/10/23 02:09:13
  • antiteaparty 2010/10/23 01:51:12
    Yes Let those who think the rich are all for them go and form their own count...
    I say let them go, once the irony is when they realize it's not them that's making the $250k a year... they'll be back!
  • Jorden 2010/10/23 01:47:04
    Yes Let those who think the rich are all for them go and form their own count...
    This isn't to say I don't agree with you, but I have a few problems with this:

    You're obviously biased, and you really aren't trying to put up a real argument at all. You're basically just sticking your tongue out and saying, "HAHAHA! LEFT IS BETTER THAN RIGHT! NAH NAH! *pfffft!*". This is downright childish, no questions asked.

    Secondly, you didn't mention any of the negatives of living in a purely Socialistic society such as the lack of motivation to take hard jobs when easy ones pay just as well, or the fact that the entire concept is purely idealistic and doesn't work when put into practice.
  • antitea... Jorden 2010/10/23 01:54:00
    I never said it's a pure socialistic society... It's just not a purely capitalistic society...
  • Jorden antitea... 2010/10/23 02:02:05
    Then you're not holding the Left to the same standard you're holding the Right to, since you clearly expressed them as living in a purely capitalistic society.
  • antitea... Jorden 2010/10/23 02:27:56
    No, you are missing the point of the post. republicans want to stop unions. They want to end socialistic programs. They think they make $15 an hour on their own. They think they get their education on their own. They don't want taxes. Taxes pay for socialistic programs like police and fire departments. It's unions that fought for their safe working conditions and high pay. It's democrat policies that got them their educations. If they have one. without Socialism they have a 3rd world country. But if you look at Canada or many other socialistic countries they prosper by taking care of the people first. .12 country's are ahead of the US in standard of living and each have high socialistic policies and each few years the US falls further behind... 2006 we were 6th... So without democrats and socialism those that clamor for the free market would be screwed.
  • Jorden antitea... 2010/10/23 02:42:09
    And I'm sure there are some Republicans who believe just that, but the fact remains that you're painting the Right with a very broad brush. It's like you're looking at Fox news and thinking, "Yep. That's what they ALL think."
  • antitea... Jorden 2010/10/23 02:45:36
    That's what the tea Party and many Republican candidates are running on!
  • observer antitea... 2010/10/24 22:01:39
    "They don't want taxes. Taxes pay for socialistic programs like police and fire departments."

    This is pure nonsense. Nobody ever called police and fire departments "socialistic programs". In all capitalist countries the police, the fire departments, as well as the military, the court system, etc., are financed by the state. And in all capitalist countries there are taxes.
  • antitea... observer 2010/10/24 22:12:37
    Taxes are socialism. When you take money from people to pay for the good of all that's socialism... so Taxes for Police and fire is Socialism just as much as taxes for health care would be. and yes there are many advocating abolishing Taxes completely and having a pay as you go society. You need to know what you are voting for!
  • observer antitea... 2010/10/24 22:18:01
    Name any capitalist country without taxes at any time in history.
  • antitea... observer 2010/10/24 22:19:53
    Every 3rd world country without taxes...
  • observer antitea... 2010/10/24 22:27:15
    You don't have any idea about the basics of economics. All of the money in any society comes from the government. The only alternative to this would be a system in which every member of society prints his own currency. Does this make any sense?
  • antitea... observer 2010/10/24 22:54:33
    Actually you are wrong... Somalia... Ring a bell? They have no central government. Besides that there is more money value then there is printed in the US... In other words the US and it's people are worth far more than the money that the US government has printed or can back. In fact Currency is only about 1% of all the transactions in this country. There just simply is not enough US Government cash out there to do all these transactions...

    At the end of 1990 the total amount of currency in circulation was $246 billion. The total amount of money, by the strictest definition (what economists call M1), was $825 billion. M1 money is whatever you can spend right now--currency plus checking deposits. A more inclusive estimate of the money supply (M2--includes savings accounts) was $3.3 trillion.

    While currency is still the most popular method of payment, it accounts for only 1 percent of the value of all transactions. (The big money travels via "wire transfer" between banks--0.1% of the transactions, but 80% of the dollars.) People sometimes say inflation occurs when the government "prints too much money." Nonsense. The amount of money actually printed is inconsequential.
  • Captain Foxhound BN0 2010/10/23 01:40:18
    No. Eventhough the republicans are trying to ruin this country we can still m...
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    The contards would try to blame us after they flopped and destroyed their economy, then we'd have to show them what brains are for, and it just would be a mess. Better to keep them on a short leash and keep the newspaper handy in case they get out of line.
  • antitea... Captain... 2010/10/23 01:44:19
    Cute! LOL
  • Doreen antitea... 2010/10/23 01:59:33
    I am replying to you because I refuse to directly answer the choices. I think that the red and blue both suck and there is no balance doing just one or the other. If this great country of ours would pull its head out of its ass it would realize that both colors are bad and we need to fix them both. Actually just getting rid of them and starting with no color at all ( not even white ) because starting clear is the best.
  • antitea... Doreen 2010/10/23 02:03:18
    good in theory but...
  • Doreen antitea... 2010/10/23 02:08:18
    Ya, ya, ya. I realize that it is a pipe dream but I still hate ALL parties. ya ya ya realize pipe dream hate parties

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