World's 3rd Smallest Baby Born in LA

doctorwho_guru.†=♡ 2011/12/15 05:54:11
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Melinda Star Guido is one of the world's smallest surviving babies. She was born 16 weeks early and weighed barely a half pound at birth.
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  • Lorelei Lee 2011/12/15 21:42:16
    Lorelei Lee
    My aunt and uncle(they are twins)were born premature. The time they were born,they didn't have the technology like now to save babies. The doctor told my grandparents to take them home. Love them and take care of them because they don't have much time. They are 66 now and going strong. They were the few that were lucky.
  • doctorw... Lorelei... 2011/12/15 22:29:26
    I got two twin nephews born 3 month premature in 2005. They going to be 7 in march.
  • david shiel 2011/12/15 12:12:11
    david shiel
    may she live long
  • Lady Whitewolf 2011/12/15 11:42:22
    Lady Whitewolf
    Wow.... I thought at 4lbs and change at birth I was small!! I was a whale compared to her!
  • RosaG 2011/12/15 10:55:46
    Oh wow!
  • Ai Agyll 2011/12/15 10:40:46
    Ai Agyll
    thank God she's just ok. hope there's nothing happen to this cute little baby. welcome to this world, honey!
  • D D 2011/12/15 08:53:14
    D D
    It's wrong. Messing with nature.
  • Anna Syn 2011/12/15 07:56:03
    Anna Syn
    I hope that she survives and can lead a normal life.
  • American☆Atheist 2011/12/15 06:29:09
  • atomikmom 2011/12/15 06:18:36
    OOOOOO!!!! A little Winkie Dinkie!!!
  • Danale 2011/12/15 06:13:38
    What a miracle... god bless the baby and her family.
  • Kashee 2011/12/15 05:59:13
    It is hard to believe she survived.
  • D D Kashee 2011/12/15 09:02:25
    D D
    She wasn't suppose to. She is only alive due to artificial means.
  • Kashee D D 2011/12/15 18:49:41
    My personal feeling, if she was not meant to survive, the medical intervention would not have worked. Obviously at this moment she is meant to be here.
  • D D Kashee 2011/12/16 04:18:39
    D D
    That is the popular opinion, but that really isn't going with nature. Our medical intervention is not going with nature. People not think that is drastic medical techniques don't work THEN it's your time to die. I don't think the order of nature includes medical technology.
  • Kashee D D 2011/12/16 04:30:31
    Yes it is not in the order of nature. But without hospitals, antibiotics. trained medical professionals, all of these people injured by the wars we keep creating would just die. Without medical intervention, many mothers would die in childbirth and so would the babies. As in other times, there would be families that would lose many children. We could see another plague. Humans have been given large brains to reason. I think for those who do not want any medical care, don't use the system.
    I can't imagine the doctor who would not want to try to help this infant. I couldn't look those parents in the eye and say, no, we won't try.
  • D D Kashee 2011/12/16 04:48:51
    D D
    Artificial life support as going above and beyond healing medicine. I have a hard time putting it into words but I think you know what I mean.
  • Kashee D D 2011/12/16 06:52:48
    Yes, I do believe I know what you mean. It's not medicine that you have a problem with, just extending life if it's not viable on it's own.
  • D D Kashee 2011/12/16 07:25:15
    D D
    Yes. It is nice to just discuss something without people getting nasty. I don't know why people have to be like that. I appreciate your maturity and character. :)
  • Kashee D D 2011/12/16 15:49:43
    Thank you. Yes, we do need to discuss these things. There's no point in fighting. We can all learn from each other. I also appreciated this conversation with you.
  • 0livia ... D D 2011/12/16 15:03:37
    0livia Givens
    What do you mean by artificial means?
  • D D 0livia ... 2011/12/17 07:50:08
    D D
    Say when the body cannot breathe on it's own they put them on a ventilation machine. Artificial life support includes feeding tubes, heart lung bypass, dialysis...any medical procedure, treatment, or intervention which sustains, restores, or supplants a spontaneous vital bodily function. If a body cannot do something on it's own and a machine is doing it instead.
  • 0livia ... D D 2011/12/16 15:11:30
    0livia Givens
    I will be honest with you, I am jealous but in a good way. God bless her little soul. I just lost my daughter a month ago. She was born at 27 weeks and weighed 1 pound and 11oz. She passed almost 3 weeks later. It hurts so bad. At times I can't even function. God is good and bless their souls. I hope she grows up to be a healthy baby girl.

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