Working to occupy the minds of our youth, compliments of OWS and teachers

Tasine 2011/11/04 13:42:25

friend of mine is employed by a public elementary school in Santa Cruz,
California. In the teacher's lounge he found some troubling materials
stacked on a table dedicated to the California Teachers Association.

Democracy in Occupy Wall Street," was the title of a teaching guide
recommended for grades 4-7. The lesson plan was assembled by the
Morningstar Center, a leftwing organization that teaches "social

In the guide we read,

are some ways that our country isn't always democratic, even though
people do have rights such as a vote and free speech. Ask students if
they can think of some examples. (Examples include: people and
corporations with lots of money can make political contributions that
give them more influence over our government than other people. Another:
people who have a lot of power and resources can pay to have their
opinion heard.)"

What's ironic is that this material is being offered at a resource area sponsored by a very wealthy teachers union. Unions are corporations, and influence politics as much, or more, than most other organizations -- especially in California!

As for people "who have a lot of power and resources," ask gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman
how that worked out for her. She spent nearly $100 million of her own
money in her quest to become the governor of California, but was
defeated by union-backed Jerry Brown.

The guide goes on to describe the Occupy movement for the school children:

Wall Street is a group of activists who want to change the way money,
wealth, and income are distributed in the U.S. They want to change the
fact that there is a very big difference between how much money and
wealth rich and poor people have. Also, they want to make our country
more democratic so that even people with little money and power can have
more of a voice.

tactic to assist the students as to "the way the money, wealth, and
income are distributed in the U.S." is to have the pupils participate in
a group activity:

the students into small groups of 4-5 students each. Ask each group to
draw a picture of what a democratic classroom might look like. What
would be in the classroom? How would it be arranged? How would students
feel? How would students, teachers, administrators relate to each other?
How would the class be organized?

The teachers then ask the students, "What are your ideas for making our class more democratic?"

A suggested list of acceptable answers includes:

  • Decide what we will learn in class and make curricula decisions.
  • Create the classroom rules and consequences as a group.
  • Have a student council in the class to create and enforce rules.
  • Students decide the menu for school lunch.
  • Have students take turns teaching the class.

only is this pure democracy in action, but it's an example of the
inmates running the asylum. Additionally disconcerting is the fact that
a generation of school kids is being fed this dangerous poppycock.


The socialists and the communists within our country are totally out of the closet now and are determined to take over our country - they've been working at it for decades in the darkness of their closets, but now with Obama in the White House, they have been brave enough to come out into the open - and in the light of day we see what they are. If we want America to stand, these people must be replaced with real Americans - and when they insist they are as American as you or I, DO NOT FALL FOR THAT - it is a LIE.

America RIP

Read More: http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/11/occupying_t...

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  • Striker 2011/11/04 14:59:20
    /s/: Yeah, let's have some more democracy, in which majority rules and the minority must conform to the Rulers. /s/
  • CharlesG BN-0 2011/11/04 13:51:32
    CharlesG BN-0
    Nice dental work on the zombie holding that sign. When the tolerant California cops of Moonbeam's madhouse knock 'em out, some greedy dentist will have to fix them for free.

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