Will 'Zombie Apocalypse' Campaign Actually Work for Disaster Preparedness?

News 2011/05/19 22:45:48
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No, this isn't another May 21 judgment day scare.

The zombie apocalypse is actually happening -- except it may not be what you think it is.

The zombie apocalypse is the name of a social media campaign put together by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). But really, it's all about getting people prepared for the upcoming hurricane season.

In order to make things more interesting, the CDC is likening the deadly hurricanes to the end of the world with zombies...and reassuring citizens that we can prepare for anything.

A recent blog post on the official CDC website reads:

"There are all kinds of emergencies out there that we can prepare for. Take a zombie apocalypse for example. That's right, I said z-o-m-b-i-e a-p-o-c-a-l-y-p-s-e

Do you think the kooky campaign will actually work in preparing people for the hurricane season?

Read More: http://healthland.time.com/2011/05/19/cdc-to-ameri...

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  • S. Gompers 2011/05/21 05:32:47
    S. Gompers
    This is as stupid as giving superhero capes to the unemployed. Has America truly become this ignorant?
  • Scarlet 2011/05/20 22:15:30
    Getting noticed, anyway =] And by the way, awesome Xxx
  • American_Rights 2011/05/20 21:56:14
    It's stuipd. Makes em wonder how much pot those people at the USCDC are somking
  • kenan01 2011/05/20 20:26:16
    You can't prepare for Zombies. Or, can you?

    prepare zombies Zombies prepare zombies Zombie killers
  • moiraregis 2011/05/20 19:49:48
    many people like zombies [i am not one of them], so maybe this will make them pay attention. just don't give the zombies candy--it makes them go berserk!
  • morrisonist 2011/05/20 19:46:00
    i hpoe it fails
  • Terran Sherwood 2011/05/20 19:41:46
    Terran Sherwood
    I think at the very least it will get some attention. People pay attention to viral campaigns for movies, so why not put a twist on this.

    If at the end of the day more people are informed on how to stay safe and cool headed in a crisis situation, I'm all for it. That being said, a shotgun works better on a Zombie than it does on a hurricane, so hopefully the CDC will tweek a few things to make its campaign more relevant to the hurricane side of things.
  • HeightsGirl2211 2011/05/20 19:30:47
    I don't know if it will work, but I love the ad campaign idea. Can't wait to see the commercials. Go zombies!
  • wpsark 2011/05/20 19:21:41 (edited)
    what a waste of money! nothing you can do will make the stupid people leave their homes when evacuation is recommended...those with common sense already have a preparedness plan. FAIL

    stupid people leave homes evacuation recommended common preparedness plan stop the stupidity
  • Risk 2011/05/20 18:42:06
    Oh ! I thought this headline was about Democratic voters !
  • Miss_Metalgirl 2011/05/20 18:15:56
    I have weapons. BRING IT ON!
  • Tuna 2011/05/20 17:51:33 (edited)
    The zombie preacher$ that come up with thi$ zombie crap, zombie rapture hoax,that know nothing about the word of God, will once again "make void the word of God with their traditon$ of men." Once again, they get egg on their face and embarra$$ true Christians with their mythology. god void god traditon egg embarra true christians mythology false preachers
  • Terran ... Tuna 2011/05/20 19:38:10
    Terran Sherwood
    Umm, from what I could understand from your post, it seems like you don't believe in zombies. Well, I hate to break it to you, but not only do they exist, but they are biblically endorsed. They are in Ezekiel 37: 1-14.
  • Tuna Terran ... 2011/05/20 20:10:08
    No you are wrong; I do not believe in preachers that distort the word of God; there is no rapture, the anti-Christ comes first which hasn't happened. These phoney (zombie) preachers "make void the word of God with their traditions of men." They run people away from God with these phoney predictions and their false doctrine; make all TRUE believers look bad.
  • Terran ... Tuna 2011/05/20 22:17:11
    Terran Sherwood
    Just out of curiosities sake did you even look up the scripture I gave?
  • Tuna Terran ... 2011/05/20 22:28:56
    When you read the book of the prophet Ezekiel you have to know that chapter, what is it 32 or 35, from that point on is millineum; hasn't happened yet. Only pertains to "The Lord's Day" which a day with the Lord is as a thousand years to man ans a thousand years is as one day". If you are talking about the dead bones, that is not literal, it is figurative. The dead bones are people that didn't make the grade; never knew God's word. Ezekiel is to teach them (dead bones) so that they may live and when Ezekiel began to teach them little by little they grew in the Word of God until they were whole. I studied the ancient hebrew, aramaic, five chaldee dialects, and greek from which the bible was interpreted with scholars that took me into great detail.
  • moiraregis Tuna 2011/05/20 19:54:42 (edited)
    i think you're overreacting a bit. should francis ford coppola rename "Apocalypse Now" because it might upset some nutty Christians? relax, honey; God is not this humorless creep you've made Him out to be. He created Lewis Black, George Carlin, that Dawn of the Dead director--George Romero!--all kinds of interesting people.
  • Tuna moiraregis 2011/05/20 20:19:06
    Apocalypse is greek for revealing, revelation; not some nuclear holocaust or some world wide simultaneous cataclysmic disaster; God is coming her to set his kingdom, why would He destroy it? Of course He has a sense of humor; one time He appeared as just the "HAND" writing on a wall; one time He gave hemrhoids to Israel's enemy in battle; one time He ordered all the combatant enemies to be circumcized as adult men, while they were hurting they lost the battle. A deep study into the ancient languages which the ancient manuscripts are written shows that most often the word "WORLD" or the word "EARTH" is an eon of time, an age of time not the terra firma itself. There was an end of the world(eon of time) before now when the dinosaurs all dropped dead in their tracks. There is another end of the world (age of time) which revolves around the events in Jerusalem. Israel was overtaken by enemies 5 times in history and regained independance in 1949; the 6th time it is overtaken will be the last. Keep your eyes on Jerusalem and Israel; IT'S IN THE NEWS . Hope that helped you.
  • Larson Whipsnade 2011/05/20 17:08:39
    Larson Whipsnade
    the zombie apocalypse is coming! be prepared!
    If you have no zombie plan, you WILL be eaten!

    zombie apocalypse prepared zombie plan eaten zombie survival guide
  • Riverama 2011/05/20 16:57:16
  • Murph 2011/05/20 16:41:40
    NO. Especially if they live in New Orleans.
  • Tony 2011/05/20 16:26:21
    but it's good for a laugh!
  • ☠ Cheryl ☮ 2011/05/20 16:25:05
    ☠ Cheryl ☮
    I doubt it, but will be interesting to see what happens. At the least, there should be some entertaining commercials coming our way!
  • URBAN_Sapphic 2011/05/20 15:31:18
    Is this they best you can do?
  • whitewulf--the unruly mobster 2011/05/20 15:23:57
  • Tonylyn whitewu... 2011/05/20 16:16:35
    Good one, whitewulf. :) whitewulf zombie politician
  • JoeBtfsplk 2011/05/20 14:46:11
  • Chokmah 2011/05/20 14:42:00
    The Government is grasping at straws... those yo-yo's will never do anything right.. they are like the U.S. Calvary, always coming in after-the-fact.
  • Mac 2011/05/20 14:38:28
    there aint no way in hell it will happen
  • whipnet 2011/05/20 14:21:50

    (Wait, they said that last year... and come to think of it, the year before that, and the year before that, and the ye.......)
  • Tony whipnet 2011/05/20 16:30:27
    I know right? Hurricanes were supposed to get worse after Katrina. Still waiting. However I do suspect that because of the crazy winter in the north, we'll get a pretty decent hurricane season this year.
  • HypothesizeIt 2011/05/20 13:51:37
    Yes. If being prepared for a hurricane includes body armor and a Mossberg 12 Guage.
    prepared hurricane includes body armor mossberg 12 guage prepared for zombies
  • Luke 2011/05/20 13:44:20
    your joking right???
  • OzSurfer 2011/05/20 13:06:53
    but it would be loads of fun to participate in :) loads fun participate
  • Naked 2011/05/20 12:41:11
    I think this is stupid.
  • Scott B 2011/05/20 12:31:57
    Scott B
    Nope. I love monsters, science fiction, horror and zombies just as much as the next guy but most people don't or will not take this seriously, take it as a joke and will totally miss what the CDC is trying to accomplish with this campaign. I think the whole thing is actually a lot of run though, and that's only because I know what it is about. I have different opinions on zombies though. I do believe something like a "zombie apocalypse" could actually heppen though. If you watch the movie, "The Crazies", while the infected people were not true zombies according to the definition, they were crazed, murderous creatures that acted a lot like zombies. With all the bioweapon research actually going on covertly in the U.S. and around the world, an accident is bound to happen some day i.e.--- Resident Evil or The Stand.
  • WWW.PIMPMYYARDHOTTUBS.COM 2011/05/20 11:37:50
    no but you should ask them, they should already know this
  • Tai 2011/05/20 11:37:47 (edited)
    Way too much Hollywood.
  • gilbertgosane 2011/05/20 11:24:26 (edited)
    Obviously just a cover-up for when O-Zombo unleashes his REAL Zombie army.

    cover-up o-zombo unleashes real zombie army obamas zombie army
  • Hypothe... gilbert... 2011/05/20 14:11:19

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