Will you support the Constitutional Revolution and Join us?

Doc 2009/02/16 19:55:47
Right Side Of America
Yes and I will spread the word!
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  • Mike W 2009/02/20 04:27:26
    Mike W
    Interesting concept but I'm afraid the only way to regain some sanity is to try and grab one of the main political parties by the horns and turn it in the right direction. Any type of third party would take forever to get to a point of political practicality and I don't know thatthis country can wait that long.
  • Doc Mike W 2009/02/21 04:13:04
    well that is part of what I would like to do. Join the group, check it out. It isn't about leaving any party. It is about putting the constitution back in this country.
  • Backlashjack 2009/02/18 13:06:09
    Yes and I will spread the word!
    Already in.
  • MrDazzling~ 2009/02/17 21:53:47
    Yes and I will spread the word!
    Count me in Doc... and hell's ridin with me...
  • Doc MrDazzl... 2009/02/17 22:03:45
    "You just may if you get lucky"
  • Ihr Hase ~ Radix Libertas 2009/02/17 08:34:25
    Yes and I will spread the word!
    Ihr Hase ~ Radix Libertas
    I am in already
  • Tpem 2009/02/16 20:11:59 (edited)
    Yes and I will spread the word!
    I already changed my voter registration from Republican to Constitution party and added it to my Profile

  • B Tpem 2009/02/16 23:33:54
  • chastit... B 2009/02/16 23:37:14
    i agree,

    i too am tired of the worship of party over nation.
    i am leary knowing all the substitutes aviable now,
    really are no answer.
    i do support the idea of revolution against the ideals of the statis-quoe.
    i really hope the exact intent will be told to me,
    for standing against isn't enough,
    standing "for" an ideal is the greater cause.
  • B chastit... 2009/02/16 23:42:33
  • chastit... B 2009/02/17 00:37:44
    j amen smiles
  • NObamaGirl ~ Viva Cristo Rey!~ 2009/02/16 19:58:53
    Yes and I will spread the word!
    NObamaGirl ~ Viva Cristo Rey!~
    sure, if it's a conservative group that uses logic then I'm in.
  • Doc NObamaG... 2009/02/16 22:56:44
    it is! Join the group, we would love to have another person of logic.
  • B Doc 2009/02/16 23:29:20

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