Will You Go See The Glenn Beck Comedy Tour ?

Breaking News 2011/02/04 12:22:09
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That's right folks- Glenn Beck finally admits he is just a comedian and has been spoofing his audience on FOX all along and now he is planning a comedy tour and taking his show on the road!

"NEW YORK — Glenn Beck, Fox News Channel's latest sensation, is taking a comedy show on the road for six live performances over six days during the first week of June.

Beck calls his act a "poor man's Seinfeld" and intends to mix topical humor with his modern-day reimagining of Thomas Paine's 1776 pamphlet "Common Sense."

The radio and TV talk show host will start June 1 in Denver, then perform in
theaters in Phoenix, San Diego, Kansas City, Houston and Richmond, Va., over the next five days, he said. The Kansas City show on June 4 will air as a live simulcast in select theaters across the country and as a recorded broadcast in theaters a week later, a spokesman for Beck said.

Beck has done such live performances in the past, most recently during the
downtime between his departure from CNN's HLN network and joining Fox's schedule in January."


Maybe people don't know that Beck started out as a radio comedian even working with monkeys, clowns and cowbells in his program ?

All intelligent people have known Beck has used the FOX audience as the straight man in his "who's on third base" Abbot and Costello conspiracy routine but will the audience that has been played get the joke that is on them ?

Seriously, I feel sorry for the Beck audience that actually believed anything the comedian Glenn Beck told them because there are funny jokes and there are cruel jokes and what Beck has been telling these people is a cruel joke that they are building their lives on and has caused crazy people like Byron Williams and Richard Poplawski to act out in violent ways.

So will you be going to see the Glenn Beck Comedy tour ?

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  • MO.gal 2011/02/05 04:17:04
    No I don't think Beck is funny...
    If I had to watch him, I would be the one crying. The road he will be taking his show on is the road to nowhere. watch crying road road on the road to no where
  • captkirk999 2011/02/05 03:07:01
    No I don't think Beck is funny...
    Beck is crazy not funny
  • Arty 2011/02/05 01:14:17
    No I don't think Beck is funny...
  • bigfoot 2011/02/04 23:23:49
    No I don't think Beck is funny...
    YOU WANT A COMEDY TOUR? Tour the National Inquirer.I went to see and have some laughs about Boehnor's affair with the Lobbyist.before I can begin to read,there are pictures and comments that both SARAH and TODD PALIN Have Been Involved In AFFAIRS over the years.SARAH with Todds ex-business partner.WOW!!!! these Conservatives sure are Horney.
  • Idiot repubs 2011/02/04 22:08:53
    No I don't think Beck is funny...
    Idiot repubs
    Doesn't he mean an uneducated man's Seinfeld?
  • Michael McFascist 2011/02/04 22:01:16
    Yes I love Glenn Beck Comedy....
    Michael McFascist
    Oh my God I am SOOOOO Gay for Glen Beck!!! He is hilarious....and his emotional instability makes me SOOOOOOOO HAAWWWWTTT!!!! I just wanna make him cry so I can hold him in my arms and tell him that everything is gonna be alright! I will definitely go and see his comedy show!!!
  • CAROLYN NTARWNJBS 2011/02/04 19:53:36
    No I don't think Beck is funny...
    Wow ,sorry I'll be out of town.
  • r-w-wako 2011/02/04 16:50:47 (edited)
    Yes I love Glenn Beck Comedy....
    Where've you been, breakdance? Beck has a comedy tour, if not every year, every two or three years, at least. His tours with Bill O'Reillly are comedy based. His radio show has comedy threads. His history is as a smart ass DJ. Heck, he calls himself a rodeo clown.

    Whether or not he is truly a comedian is debatable, but he is clever and he says some funny stuff. But, beyond comedy, the information he disseminates is engaging, thought provoking and eminently verifiable. He constantly adamantly entreats his followers, over and over, to do their own research and find out things for themselves (a minor detail that progressive bear-trap brains choose to ignore).
  • Breakin... r-w-wako 2011/02/04 17:53:10
    Breaking News
    "eminently verifiable"

    Now thats a good one- you make a great straight man for the Beck comedy hour!
  • LarryFine 2011/02/04 16:38:43
    Yes I love Glenn Beck Comedy....
    Are YOU clowns serious? The Compost article is from 04/12/2009
  • Bible 2011/02/04 15:57:00
    No I don't think Beck is funny...
    I've always said the teabaggers=birdbrains. They have supported this clown since he's been on Fox, accepting all the lies he spewed daily and now he says it's just comedy. I don't think the devotees who followed his clown ass to Washington thought it was for comedy hour. Is Palin going on this comedy tour? She would get him the house of teabaggers. Anyone who thinks this deviant is comical is in need of a mental evaulation. The only people who will patronize this troll, are to humiliated to acknowledge that they believed his every word. comical mental evaulation people patronize troll humiliated acknowledge believed
  • Jrogers 2011/02/04 15:56:54
    No I don't think Beck is funny...
    I would probably get arrested...I would want to throw a rotten apple at him
  • Diana 2011/02/04 15:42:02
  • carolynb 2011/02/04 14:36:41
    No I don't think Beck is funny...
    I am surprised Beck is planning anything in the future since he is now telling his audience that the uprising in Eqypt is the beginning of the end, and the left wing and the Islam extremists are planning to take over the world or some crazy stuff like that. Everybody is going after him on the news. He is already a comedy show.
  • doctorwho_guru.†=♡ 2011/02/04 14:23:46
    No I don't think Beck is funny...
    No I don't think Beck is funny
  • Jenna~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/02/04 13:43:53 (edited)
    Yes I love Glenn Beck Comedy....
    Actually, he has mentioned several times, including in his books.
    And yes, he does do some funny stuff on his show (I enjoy it quite a bit), and trust me, you know when he is being sarcastic,................ unless of course you're some slug under a rock.
  • WGN 2011/02/04 13:05:13
    Yes I love Glenn Beck Comedy....
    I thought that was what he was doing on Fox! His absurdity and flaunting of fact, history and reason always me laugh. Does anyone take this bozo seriously?
  • Breakin... WGN 2011/02/04 13:10:39
    Breaking News
    Byron Williams and Richard Poplawski did and went out to kill people!
  • Gloria 2011/02/04 12:59:10
    No I don't think Beck is funny...
  • tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA 2011/02/04 12:45:52
    Yes I love Glenn Beck Comedy....
    tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA
    I will be honest, unlike you Breaking, I haven't seen Beck all that much. But from what I see of the man, he does try to bring a little humor to his show.
  • So Bananas 2011/02/04 12:29:52
    No I don't think Beck is funny...
    So Bananas
    Just watch him on Fox
  • Carabella 2011/02/04 12:27:28
    No I don't think Beck is funny...
    There is nothing funny about this hateful man.

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