Will troops be ordered to collect guns and kill anyone who refuses?

\V/ 2012/07/23 04:32:28

A newly leaked US Army Military Police training manual for “Civil
Disturbance Operations” outlines how military assets are to be used
domestically to quell riots, confiscate firearms and even kill Americans
on U.S. soil during mass civil unrest.

The document (PDF),
which is dated 2006 and was used for a self-learning course at the U.S.
Army Military Police School at Fort McClellan, makes it clear that the
operations described in the manual apply to both “CONUS and OCONUS,”
meaning inside the Continental United States and outside the Continental
United States.

The document outlines how military assets will
be used to “help local and state authorities to restore and maintain law
and order” in the event of mass riots, civil unrest or a declaration of
martial law.

Here in Denver, I recently witnessed a visit of ex Homeland security groping and scanning tycoon, Michael Chertoff to the CELL - Terror Museum. The theme of the museum was that terror can strike


Then, one week later a "crazed gunman" strikes a movie theater!

Surrenders right away to police who happened to be there almost instantly. Then he tells the police that he has explosives all around his apartment.

My question: How does an unemployed medical student have the expertise to booby trap his apartment?

Why would he do this?

Is this all just an odd coincidence with what happened at The Cell?

Read More: http://www.prisonplanet.com/army-manual-outlines-p...

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  • Steve 2012/07/25 01:54:22
    Yes, they will. And the scariest part is that many of them will follow those orders thinking they are serving the interests of the people. I just hope that their conscience kicks in before they mow down a large number of Americans who will only be standing up for their rights.

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  • QUIS EVADET 2013/04/12 19:15:34
  • \V/ QUIS EV... 2013/04/13 08:09:07
  • QUIS EV... \V/ 2013/04/17 15:58:34 (edited)
    I'm not worried about the 2nd amendment anymore than America has been worried about ALL THE OTHER AMENDMENTS that have already been undermined, and rendered worthless.

    Bill of Rights  red inked
  • Stan Kapusta 2013/04/11 16:34:55
    Stan Kapusta
    That would only happen if people lost their rights from the 2nd amendment. Also your forgetting the military would not blindly follow orders to massacre civilians. Civil disobedience would take over. Along with a civil militia, just like G.Washington and the founders setup.
  • \V/ Stan Ka... 2013/04/11 17:33:29
  • USA ALERT 2013/04/11 16:15:11
    The "underwear bomber" was led onto the plane by a government agent ie false flag. The airport X-RAY body scanners were then added to airports. Chertoff made millions from the company who produced the machines.

     photo chert_dees.jpg
  • \V/ USA ALERT 2013/04/11 16:28:50
  • USA ALERT 2013/04/11 15:58:13 (edited)
  • \V/ USA ALERT 2013/04/11 16:32:47
  • wildemanne 2013/04/11 14:43:39
    only in conservative imagination
  • \V/ wildemanne 2013/04/11 15:01:20
  • WannaBe... \V/ 2013/04/11 15:39:37
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    Well spoken.
  • DeeB 2013/04/11 14:35:37
    They better not because all of those that do should and will be hung for treason. Military is NOT to be used against the people and if the president orders it he should be hung on the spot.

    Not only how did Holmes booby trap his apartment, why would he tell them that he did after spending all that time doing it? There is something very wrong with that picture.
  • Cookielane 2013/04/11 10:40:16
    REALLY?? What, you couldn't sleep??
  • \V/ Cookielane 2013/04/11 15:03:51
  • Cookielane \V/ 2013/04/11 17:19:39 (edited)
    Seriously - you're up in the middle of the night recycling old blogs? No good can come from this - only paranoia and hysteria.
  • \V/ Cookielane 2013/04/11 17:38:07
  • Cookielane \V/ 2013/04/11 17:51:17
    Old is last year. It's the middle of the night and you're reposting a blog that insinuates that troops would kill Americans who refuse to give up their weapons. This mindset that "they" are out to get us is ridiculous. My son is a soldier and would never do such a thing. I know no Obama supporters who would engage in such a thing. Do you think US soldiers are robots?? Try sleeping at night and thinking on a full night's sleep.
  • \V/ Cookielane 2013/04/11 18:25:50
  • Cookielane \V/ 2013/04/11 20:10:12
    If this is really a problem - and it seems to be - I don't think the "reactionary" approach, no matter the validity, is the way to tackle this issue. It makes you come off as crazy. Hysteria never amounted to sound thinking, but it has amounted to unnecessary mayhem. What we need is a calm and organized venue to figure this out - and come up with a plan of attack. I know the DHS is reactionary and hysterical - that's why we can't be.
  • \V/ Cookielane 2013/04/11 20:38:31
  • Cookielane \V/ 2013/04/12 03:48:21
  • Jasmine Cookielane 2013/04/12 02:12:14
    It's NEVER "too old" when there are secrets and mysteries the government tries to keep from the citizens.
  • Cookielane Jasmine 2013/04/12 03:50:23
    That is true. We just won't find the answers by rioting - which is where hysteria takes you. You can't sneak up on an enemy while you're shouting.
  • Jasmine Cookielane 2013/04/13 03:45:38 (edited)
    Peaceful resistance.

    peaceful resistance

    thoreau on resistance
  • Cookielane Jasmine 2013/04/13 12:08:24
  • WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB 2013/04/11 10:08:26
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    To answer your question, yes.
    As to who those "troops" will be, the answers are varied; Obama's civilian corps, foreign troops, mercenaries... all very likely.
  • Phoenix2014 2013/04/11 08:31:59
    I don't know but these guys should remember who they serve and protect. The government are not their masters. The true patriots in the military will rise up and protect the people.
  • Steve 2012/07/25 01:54:22
    Yes, they will. And the scariest part is that many of them will follow those orders thinking they are serving the interests of the people. I just hope that their conscience kicks in before they mow down a large number of Americans who will only be standing up for their rights.
  • \V/ Steve 2012/07/25 05:10:47
  • CMackley ~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2012/07/23 22:06:20
    CMackley ~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    If Obama tried using the troops to collect guns from law abiding civilains, the miltary would tell him to suck it and he'd find them outside his door, not ours.
  • \V/ CMackle... 2012/07/23 23:15:59
  • \V/ CMackle... 2013/04/11 16:44:07
  • mustangluver 2012/07/23 18:02:33
  • merlinskiss 2012/07/23 17:45:31
    It's a question I asked and most of the answers didn't believe the military would shoot US citizens. But then we have Kent State?

    The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. Thomas Jefferson
  • \V/ merlins... 2012/07/23 18:58:11
  • wildcat 2012/07/23 17:40:30
  • MediaMike 2012/07/23 16:38:48
    The Germans under Hitler lost their guns, and 10 times worse, the Russians lost over 10 million lives when Stalin took their guns.

    Let NO ONE take your gun. That way, America has a chance to survive this assault on its rule of law from Congress, the Supreme Court, and the illuminati (controllers of the World Bank).
  • \V/ MediaMike 2012/07/23 18:58:58
  • \V/ MediaMike 2013/04/11 16:44:21

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