Will they ever find flight 370?

Caesar 2014/03/31 18:06:32
Will they ever find flight 370  Will they ever find flight 370
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  • sjalan 2014/03/31 22:42:17
    Only by accident or someone tells where it landed on land
  • Supposedly 2014/03/31 21:55:48
    Yes they will, when it comes crashing into the water near the shore like a missile.
  • Lorelei 2014/03/31 19:57:42
    I hope so but I'm not very confident. Maybe it will take 80 years....
  • Caesar Lorelei 2014/03/31 22:23:20
  • Lorelei Caesar 2014/04/01 06:05:52 (edited)
    Also they found the Titanic because they knew roundabout where it went down and finally had the equipment to go that deep. After how many years? I don't think they really have a clear idea where 370 went down for sure (do they?) and it makes for a larger area to keep scanning.
  • Caesar Lorelei 2014/04/01 06:31:46
    500 thousand sq miles.
  • Lorelei Caesar 2014/04/01 06:54:29 (edited)
    I don't know how that squares with the area they searched for Titanic. Maybe it's not a lot bigger after all. But one thing for sure; they KNEW absolutely the Titanic had sunk. They don't know what happened with 370 :(
  • Caesar Lorelei 2014/04/01 16:33:13
  • wildcat 2014/03/31 18:30:49 (edited)
    Yes, did they find the Titanic? Air France?
  • jt 2014/03/31 18:29:59
  • perkinsskylar21 2014/03/31 18:09:37 (edited)
    Yes, wreckage will be found or it'll wash up on shore. When they do find the wreckage it'll shut the tin foil hat nut jobs up

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