Will the NRA Keep Democrats in Power?

Politics 2010/10/07 15:00:00
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Charlton Heston said it best, while holding aloft a rifle: "From my cold, dead hands."

Heston's ire was then directed at Democrats who wanted more gun control. Now would he be talking about Republicans? You might think so, as you peruse the endorsements of the National Rifle Association.

Long a GOP backer, the NRA now seems to be straddling the fence by endorsing Blue-Dog Democrats. According to RedState, the group has endorsed conservative Democratic candidates in 53 House races. Republicans need to win 39 more seats than they have now to take over the chamber.

The NRA views this as purely a pro-gun endorsement. It says it's not just a conservative position. But as RedState notes, at its core, Democrats are an anti-gun party. Is it worth abdicating natural allies for superficial bipartisanship?

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  • BoJay 2010/10/07 16:11:14
    No, Democrats are doomed
    This is the silliest thing I've ever herd considering the love hate relationship between the Democrats, and the NRA. The NRA would be foolish to believe anything the Dem's had to say or do when it comes to our freedoms with guns.
    love hate relationship democrats nra nra foolish dems freedoms guns

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  • NatAlex23 2010/10/08 19:05:36
    The NRA supports guns. Period. If the Democrat in a particular race is more pro gun than the Republican, the NRA will support the Democrat.
  • BRADY969 2010/10/08 15:44:52
    The NRA will support anyone who supports them. Everyone has the right to bare arms...threaten to take away that right and you're unAmerican and don't deserve support.
  • rtomanov BRADY969 2010/10/08 16:45:23
    Hey, what about bare butts? I think they should require people who want own arms to first learn how to write correctly. Brady, Brady, Brady.
  • BRADY969 rtomanov 2010/10/08 21:11:50
    I'm a terrible speller and rushed through that post but my facts are correct. You get a cookie....congrats! You got me!
  • Frank 2010/10/08 15:07:28
    No, Democrats are doomed
    The NRA supports whoever is in favor of gun ownership. According to RedState, who is RedState, another propaganda group???
  • Crank_I... Frank 2010/10/08 16:15:17
    redstate is just another right wing blog, but of course it will be considered the bible to many teabaggers
  • itoldyouso 2010/10/08 14:59:07
    See this is what liberalism is all about. The NRA is for gun rights under the 2nd. admendment. Thats a conservative view of your rights. LIberals circulate things like this and tight race when they are losing on the election side of things.
  • PapaBC 2010/10/08 14:51:02
    I think sometimes. The NRA is a political body what could sell our country out in an effort to protect the 2nd. In reality the NRA could be selling out the whole constitution to protect one ammendment but as a result the United States, You and me.
  • jacktown kid 2010/10/08 14:50:46
    Yes, the NRA could help Democrats
    jacktown kid
    Everything very helpful
  • sjalan 2010/10/08 14:50:12
    Yes, the NRA could help Democrats
    It is a calulated risk but yeas I think the NRA will be happy to back Democrats - specially if they are Constitutionalist. The SCOTUS has made it much more acceptable for a Democrat to back the constitionality of the general public owning firearms.
  • PWee 2010/10/08 14:34:49
    No, Democrats are doomed
    they wish
  • keyb23 2010/10/08 14:33:32
    No, Democrats are doomed
    hmm ..I like my guns ...I'll only use them for protection , but I'm wondering does NRA mean NOT REALLY AMERICAN ? It's up to you NRA ...
  • merlinskiss 2010/10/08 13:45:10
    Yes, the NRA could help Democrats
    The Dems they are supporting could be the swing votes needed to block any legislation. I think it,s called hedging your position to minimize risk.
  • Timmy 2010/10/08 13:23:58
    No, Democrats are doomed
    This will never Happen
  • Wilson 2010/10/08 12:16:20 (edited)
    Who writes these questions? You ascribe way too much power to gun rights activists....'keep dem's in power' (?) (Is it even possible to keep dems in power now?)

    The NRA works to protect gun rights, regardless the party involved. They just get less (to no) mileage from left side.
  • John 2010/10/08 09:53:50
    You do realize Harry "the dirtbag" Reid is in bed with the NRA? I was a faithful member for years until I found this out, no more.
  • Mac 2010/10/08 05:57:07
    The NRA is for freedom. Especially, the second amendment. If a Dem. fits that bill then I fully support their decision. In contrast if a rino is against them then he should be on the 'target list'.
  • ActionJackson 2010/10/08 05:27:09
    Yes, the NRA could help Democrats
    The NRA is single minded. All they're concerned about it gun rights. If a Dem is pro-gun then they will be endorsed by the NRA even if he or she is pro-abortion. I am a life member of the NRA and used to support them heavily. However, due to their willingness to compromise with the enemy I have backed away in recent years and support more principled groups like the GOA (Gun Owners of America). I've personally come to the conclusion that the NRA needs some opposition from the Dems in order to stay in business. It's a symbiotic relationship.
  • jimrthy... ActionJ... 2010/10/27 14:47:23
    jimrthy BN-0
    Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership is another good one.
  • ActionJ... jimrthy... 2010/10/27 14:48:04
    They're pretty rock solid in their efforts. That's for sure.
  • Epistemically Justified -- BN7 2010/10/08 05:13:45
    Epistemically Justified -- BN7
    Many candidates don't fit their party's stereotype exactly.

    There are some Republicans who are pro-choice.

    There are some Democrats who are against gay marriage.

    And similarly, I'm sure there are some Republicans in favor of gun control, while some Democrats are against it. The NRA shouldn't treat parties are homogenous groups when it comes to values and donate to those individual candidates who support their cause.
  • jackolantyrn356 2010/10/08 05:09:08
    No, Democrats are doomed
    The Democrats I mean the Democratic Socialists... I mean.......... Forgewt it. They're Marxists now and need to be brought up on treason , hanged and buried in unmarked graves on Federal Lands.
  • mickrussom 2010/10/08 03:48:31
    I have suspended all donations to the NRA until Sharon Angle wins. I wrote to them. They are skating dangerously close to betraying this country.
  • Democrat mickrussom 2010/10/08 04:31:50
  • sugarbaby 2010/10/08 02:54:59
  • cutter's falls 2010/10/08 01:59:22
  • Lady Wh... cutter'... 2010/10/08 09:10:01
    Lady Whitewolf
  • intolerantrwj 2010/10/08 01:30:06
    No, Democrats are doomed
    .... Hillary is already on record stating that the USA will support U N Arms Control measures .... and once we're signed on, well ... at that point the Constitution and our Rights have been totally circumvented

    .... and Hillary is of what Party ?

    .........and the name of the guy who appointed Hillary is .... and he is of what Party ?
  • Harr intoler... 2010/10/08 01:46:24
    Controlling arms is not anti-gun. It is an effort to have yahoos like above from total loose gun activity. It is the Democrats who allowed the carrying of guns in Virginia for their rallies. Guns which are out of control is the issue.
  • intoler... Harr 2010/10/08 01:52:26
    If the U N Light Armaments Treaty is passed, we as a member of the UN represented by willing Ambassadors such as Hillary will be forced to abide by the U N rules .... no more 2nd Amendment and they can all stand there and say ... " It wasn't us, it was the U N "

  • cutter'... intoler... 2010/10/08 02:08:12
  • intoler... cutter'... 2010/10/08 02:15:45
    Plenty of good reason for this bumper-sticker ....

    plenty reason bumper-sticker

    .... and this ....

    plenty reason bumper-sticker
  • cutter'... intoler... 2010/10/08 02:20:44 (edited)
  • itoldyouso cutter'... 2010/10/08 04:10:19
    I'm older I'll go first.
  • itoldyouso intoler... 2010/10/08 04:09:24
    Like I say. From my cold, dead hands. The DEA and associates will have their hands full. What we talking about folks 400,000,000 weapons in this country.
  • intoler... itoldyouso 2010/10/08 04:19:31
    .... with a little luck, many of them will be in the ' Unemployment Line ' in a few short weeks or working a soup-kitchen cleanin' toilets

    luck unemployment line weeks working soup-kitchen cleanin toilets
  • Harr intoler... 2010/11/02 01:19:19
    Just paranoia. It may or may not pose a problem. Interpretation is vague at this point. In some ways it may stem the tide of dangerous arms which are getting into strange hands.

    Am I a gun control person, yes, but not a gun limitation believer. I have packed when I needed to. I have traveled with arms in my boat and believe in self defense. Arms are being used as a threat to our government by our citizens and lunatic politicians. This is not endorsed in the 2nd Amendment. Bearing arms in support of a regulated militia is our final defense line. The people threatening to use what they think is a right are very wrong. It is treason, sedition and breaks many laws. Without laws we have anarchy.
  • intoler... Harr 2010/11/04 13:09:18 (edited)

    Your thought of " This is not endorsed in the 2nd Amendment. Bearing arms in support of a regulated militia is our final defense line "

    ..... what is the final defense line to which you refer ?

    May I leave you with a quote to ponder ... a quote by a man who fought for his Country ...

    Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. “ John F. Kennedy

    ........ and now you know the intent of the 2nd and why it actually exists
  • Harr intoler... 2010/11/04 15:28:29
    Mis-interpretation of Kennedy's intent. That was cold war rhetoric. He knew just as you should that there are Constitutional remedies for anything which goes wrong in the U.S., amendments can be structured to take care of the unforeseen. I fought for this country and learned how respect for the POTUS is needed to keep a country from overreacting to political change.

    The final defense line is when all military measures have to be re-enforced by by a REGULATED militia. Obviously almost all our "National Guard" is fighting wars elsewhere.
  • intoler... Harr 2010/11/04 15:57:45
    And you being Ex-Mil should likely know exactly where the National Guard is intended to be a defense I surmise .. NG on foreign soil, now that's a misinterpretation of intent !

    Somehow I doubt that your DD-214 obliterated the thought that your respect for the Office also included someone in that Office who held his Country near + dear and above all else ? ?

    Am I misinterpreting the below quotes also ...

    "There are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpation's." -- James Madison

    "We must confine ourselves to the powers described in the Constitution, and the moment we pass it, we take an arbitrary stride towards a despotic Government." -- James Jackson

    "What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms." -- Thomas Jefferson

    "A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government." -- George Washington

    I won't bore you with the entirety of my library

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