Will SH Conservatives Whine And Make Lame Excuses When President Obama Is Reelected ?

Che Guevara - Hero 2012/05/03 18:31:17
YES, They WILL Whine And Make Lame Excuses.
NO, They WILL Admit Defeat and Move On.
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Will SH Conservatives Whine And Make Lame Excuses When President Obama Is Reelected ?
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  • The Elitist Libtard SodaJerk 2012/05/03 21:26:10
    YES, They WILL Whine And Make Lame Excuses.
    The Elitist Libtard SodaJerk
    Whining is what they are doing now, Bitching, moaning and having full on Nervous breakdowns is what they'll have after the re-election. First it will be Voter Fraud, Then it will be the Liberal Media, Then They'll try to impeach him. During all of this we will still have to hear from the birthers. and finally they will reach acceptance and realize that Romney was never "Conservative Enough" for them. By then it should be 2015 and wait for the gate to open and all the maniacs barreling out for 2016. And Chances are that who ever the 2016 nominee is will still not be "Conservative Enough" The Leader who is "Conservative Enough" for them took his own life at the end of WWII.

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  • The Wro... Blinky 2012/05/04 14:34:51
    The Wrong Guy
    Don't change the subject just because you got made to look retarded.
  • Blinky The Wro... 2012/05/04 19:58:32
  • Che Gue... John James 2012/05/03 22:58:06
    Che Guevara - Hero
    White Aryan Resistance ? How sad.
    follow your leader
  • Shawna 2012/05/03 19:19:40
    YES, They WILL Whine And Make Lame Excuses.
    And I am not looking forward to it because I am already so sick of all the American politics.
  • Chris -... Shawna 2012/05/03 19:35:59
  • Shawna Chris -... 2012/05/03 19:58:03
    LOL-they are so annoying. But some of them are lovable.
  • Chris -... Shawna 2012/05/03 20:10:03
  • Shawna Chris -... 2012/05/03 22:19:01
    And I am privileged to know them.
  • John James Shawna 2012/05/03 20:03:02
    John James
    Well maybe our leftists could all migrate to Canada.
  • Blinky John James 2012/05/03 22:17:29
  • Shawna John James 2012/05/03 22:19:36
    We would find them somewhat conservative. Tell them to go to Alberta.
  • Che Gue... John James 2012/05/03 23:04:09
    Che Guevara - Hero
    Maybe you could move to country with your values.

    republican funny
  • jeepster4 2012/05/03 19:09:36
    YES, They WILL Whine And Make Lame Excuses.
    Why should they change?
  • ally 2012/05/03 19:06:08
    YES, They WILL Whine And Make Lame Excuses.
    It's already begun. Now, they're threatening seceding......like that would ever make the rest of stop breathing for fear they actually would.
  • Chris -... ally 2012/05/03 19:35:38
  • ally Chris -... 2012/05/03 19:54:28 (edited)
    Me too. Less GOTP in Congress to obstruct what this country needs and the blue states will no longer have to carry the red states with our federal money. You think you pay high taxes, now....
  • Lady Wh... ally 2012/05/03 19:59:54
    Lady Whitewolf
    SO well said!! And true!
  • ally Lady Wh... 2012/05/03 20:01:28
    Too bad they're all talk!
  • Chris -... ally 2012/05/03 20:11:30
  • Chris -... ally 2012/05/03 20:11:00
  • ally Chris -... 2012/05/03 20:20:11
    I'd even help you pack, Chris!
  • Chris -... ally 2012/05/03 21:12:18
  • ally Chris -... 2012/05/03 22:28:11
    That's a real shame. Progressives have endured 8 years under Bush and we lived through it.

    But if you all can cram into Tx and Arizona, have at it.
  • Chris -... ally 2012/05/03 22:30:23
  • ally Chris -... 2012/05/03 23:36:34
    The Founders were all liberals and rebelled against the Federalists and British rule- who wanted the Church to be a part of the government- so, yeah, I want that vision, too.
  • Blinky ally 2012/05/04 02:50:37
  • Chris -... ally 2012/05/04 10:18:02
  • Blinky Chris -... 2012/05/04 13:02:20
  • Chris -... Blinky 2012/05/04 13:24:33
  • Blinky Chris -... 2012/05/04 15:36:44
  • Chris -... Blinky 2012/05/04 15:56:01
  • ally Blinky 2012/05/04 18:40:58
    Maybe it's you who should learn your history. You should also read Thomas Payne's Age of Reasoning- it assaults christianity.

    The FF were deistic free thinking liberal progressives who were anti corporatists. If they had been conservative/libertarians, they would have set up a theocratic monarchy. They wanted no part of the church in our government. Read the First Amendment and you'll see it, plainly.
  • Blinky ally 2012/05/04 20:00:38
  • ally Blinky 2012/05/04 20:21:48 (edited)
    Theocracy is a form of government in which the official policy is to be governed by immediate divine guidance or by officials who are regarded as divinely guided, or simply pursuant to the doctrine of a particular religious group or religion. This definitely is what conservatives have been trying to do for years.Thier main goal has been to make this country a Christian nation- forgoing all other religions/non religions and their right to be allowed to be followed. That goes directly against what the FF wanted for this country.
  • Blinky ally 2012/05/05 11:26:56
  • ally Blinky 2012/05/05 12:03:07 (edited)
    Truly believe and know that because that is what historically happened and was written.

    Funny, I kinda notice that you have shown nothing to back your claims- which only means one thing- you don't know anything about the actual history of this country,

    So, who's the STUPID one.....and I'd bet that you honestly believe that Palin's version of Paul Revere was true.
  • Blinky ally 2012/05/05 13:36:48
  • ally Blinky 2012/05/05 15:57:20 (edited)
    Then put it out there.

    Tina Fey actually said. You see, that the difference between you and me- I know the truth. You probably beleive what Palin said about Paul Revere- and that's what's scary.
  • C. C. Rider 2012/05/03 19:03:37
    YES, They WILL Whine And Make Lame Excuses.
    C. C. Rider
    They already are making excuses for cons losing. IT is how they rolll.

    we got nothing republican crying beck crying republicans crying republicans crying
  • Inquisitve Kat 2012/05/03 19:03:13
    YES, They WILL Whine And Make Lame Excuses.
    Inquisitve Kat
    They'll claim it was rigged.

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