Will Secret Service Scandal Hurt Obama's Campaign?

Politics 2012/04/17 23:21:21
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  • Monilove Hawkeye 2012/04/20 14:08:47
    It's not racist that this was already on the fore front when he was inargrenated in how so many people were going to kill him. I'm being honest here. You don't know me well enough to pass any judgement on me. This is called the 5th amendment. I have the right to say what I want. As for me being the "golden democrat" that is making excuses, wrong again. I supported every president that did something to support the people of this country since the day I could vote! You should try it some times. Drop this Dem this/ Rep that crap and see this countepry for what it really is. A mess! Only togetherness is going to get us out of this mess. Said by, GEORGE W. BUSH!
  • Hawkeye Monilove 2012/04/20 14:21:44
    Not trying to embarrass you here.. I make mistakes all the time but FIRST of all the word is INAUGURATE,, not inargrenate and it is the FIRST Amendment,, NOT the 5th that deals with Free Speech..


    There has never been a President in ALL of American History,, that NOW includes White or Black,, that has so divided this nation MORE so and in so many ways then the one currently holding the office of the Presidency....

    NOR has the charge of Racism been so wrongfully used to SILENCE the criticisms of a President's POLICIES then we have seen by THIS President's supporters..
  • Monilove Hawkeye 2012/04/20 15:10:58
    Forgive my miss spellings! Look back in history, and try again. The division of the party was coming far before Obama. Like the others, they ALL have, his just stand out, for some reason. He has done what he is allowed to do by congress, which is hardly anything. Bush sat on his butt, while hundreds of people needed help during Katrina. He went after Hussein when we should have been going after the "family buddy" Bin Laden. The party was split before Obama, the problems were apparent before him and like George W. said, he should get credit for the things he have done. But instead, he is always down graded. Things won't change in this country, because of the fear of change. Instead of blaming every wrong turn on Obama, let's see if you can count the many times, injustice and unfair things the other presidents have done, before Obama?
  • Hawkeye Monilove 2012/04/20 16:33:48
    I agree that there has ALWAYS been a certain amount of division in America and that it didn't START and nor will it end END with Obama.. WHat UI said is that Obama has taken an ACTIVE part in that division and no other President can be said to be guilty of this..

    No.. Bush didn't sit back during Katrina.. The reason for ANY delay was the GOVERNOR of Lousiana coming out and declaring that the STATE of Louisiana and New Orleans didn't NEED Bush's help for THREE DAYS..

    It is WHY that State threw her OUT and voted IN a Republican President and it is WHY the Federal Government NO LONGER NEEDS the permission of the State to go nin during these disasters..

    You're talking about the town that I grew UP in.. Revisionist History ain't going to work with me..
  • Hawkeye Hawkeye 2012/04/20 16:35:01
    It is why that State threw her out and voted in a Republican GOVERNOR.. Not President..
  • Monilove Hawkeye 2012/04/25 13:58:36
    I don't care what town you grew up in, that isn't true. When that state was declared a disaster, those people didn't get the proper help they needed in time and a lot of them died! Having to wait for money that never came, or came too late! The governor had nothing to do with the aftermath of that horrible nightmare, the President did!
  • Hawkeye Monilove 2012/04/25 14:07:28
    Of COURSE you don't care what town I grew up in.. YOU don't care about the TRUTH either..YOU are a SLAVE to your OWN political ideologies and that results in your refusal to see the truth..

    Blanco held back the Federal Government for THREE DAYS.. She was on TV the day AFTER Katrina hit saying that the State had EVERYTHING under Control..

    This Businees of Deaths being caused by Bush is no more true then the WIDELY publicized LIE that there were thousand who died in the Superdome.. Fact IS.. there has NEVER been an event in ALL of American History that has been so WRONGLY reported then was the case of Katrina and it's aftermath..

    But the people of Louisiana KNEW the truth and Blanco was tossed out on her lying a** as quikly as was possible..
  • Hawkeye Hawkeye 2012/04/25 14:10:28
    And YOU want to TALK about people DYING while somebody was doing something they weren't supposed to be doing??

    How about William Jefferson,, DEMOCRAT,, who DIVERTED Rescue Assets to his HOME to "Save" his stolen loot while HIS entire City was under crisis and her people were needing help..
  • Monilove Hawkeye 2012/04/25 15:32:33
    Dude, don't you know it is foolish to use the words "SLAVE" when talking to someone who you don't know and as far as the governor of Louisiana, "I don't care!" the President of the United Sates is responsible for ALL OF US! You don't know me and you need to watch how you address me. This is suppose to be ADULT POLITICAL TALK, but if your going to come at me like that, your asking for a whole different arena! In my opinion George W. Bush failed this country and every republican praise and protects him for it. FYI, IM A BLACK WOMAN, IM A SLAVE TO NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hawkeye Monilove 2012/04/25 16:20:55
    No.. I don't think it's foolish at ALL.. You ARE a slave to your Political Ideology and I'll SAY so as often as it takes to get the point across... By your OWN admission you don't give a DAMN about anything but your own biased OPINIONS and won't listen to anything else..

    YOU have a problem with my not "Watching what I say".. TOUGH...

    I have a problem with people who can't tell the truth.. White OR Black..
  • Monilove Hawkeye 2012/04/25 17:28:53
    Look, it is obvious that you can't comprehend simple American English. I will make this plain for you. GO AWAY!

    If you would've listen to what I was saying instead of trying to pick a fight you would have seen that I was talking about the president not the governor. I am a slave to no one and it is not fitting that you call any person of any color so. Your best bet is to stop while you are ahead and find someone else with a low IQ to bother, because I am not the one. I will not tolerate your insults and rude conversation. There is no educational debate here. God bless you!
  • Hawkeye Monilove 2012/04/25 18:20:09
    Look.. YOU'RE the one that took offense at the use of a word that had ZERO racial context to it..And YOU'RE the one who jumped in here and tried to pick the fight.. I was having an exchange with someone else..If you're going to peddle that Left Wing Bushwhacking Propaganda and revionist's History you can expect a respons..

    Frankly.. BUSH tried to stay above it all and LOOK where we are today.. Listening to the SAME lies almost 10 years later..
  • Monilove Hawkeye 2012/04/26 03:40:55
    I respect your views and have heard your arguments. How you word it is how it is. How you meant only you know, but how it sounded was not very nice. I am over this and done with this conversation. It's not important anyway. I apologize for getting in your conversation. I thought it was an open one. I will keep my opinions to myself and mind he feilds. You have a nice day there sir! Just staying in my place.
  • Hawkeye Monilove 2012/04/26 11:35:06
    You have every right to join in.. If I wanted private conversations I wouldn't be on the internet.. I insist that my referrence was not intended to offend anyone of any race but I apologise if I failed to make THAT clear.. I was only describing MY views on the process..

    You may,, of course.. Feel Free to make your views known on ANY of the topics that I participate in.. You need neither my permission to do this nor do you need to heed any objections to it by anybosy,, least of ALL myself.... Your place is where you wish it to be..

    It's a free country and a free and open discussion.. I WELCOME your participation whether I agree with it or not..
    And so I leave this discussion wishing YOU a nice day,, dear lady..
  • Forever... Monilove 2012/04/18 13:20:58
    Forever Browncoat
    List of people Obama Does NOT care for/about:
    Devout Christians
    The Unborn
    The Citizens of Memphis
    Successful Business People
    Gun Owners
    Free Labor Supporters
    Respected Scientist who Refute Man Made Climate Change
    The Karen
  • Monilove Forever... 2012/04/20 14:24:19
    Do you read at all? Most of what you said made no since at all. It is apparent you just needed something to say. The other half of your list are half of what Obama is. He is white as well, related to Vice President Cheney. He is a devout Christian, he is a constitutionalist And he belives in fairness. His biological father has a background of Islam, but he was raised by his WHITE mother and grand parents. NOTICE THE NAME? Just because he called people out on how the poor and middle class a paying less than the rich, doesn't mean he doesn't support successful business people. We all have to put our far share in. It is not right the lower class pay for the country, while the rich run it! And BTW you Spelled Quran wrong, too! IJS!
  • dianne615 Monilove 2012/04/18 21:24:06
    Thank you, well said!

     animated  clapping
  • Old Timer 2012/04/18 10:57:23
    Old Timer
    How could it help?
  • Brainfart " Bane of the Col... 2012/04/18 10:09:11
    Brainfart " Bane of the Collective "
    Just shows that the Secret Service along with the Military and everyone except for the Obamaroids have No respect for the Empty suit ..

    Which is only fitting..
  • wolfshadow 2012/04/18 09:24:53
    But only because he decided to come out against his service.

    I still don't understand why it's an issue.... they broke no laws in the country they were in.
  • Monilove wolfshadow 2012/04/18 10:48:00
    Their job is to protect the president at all times and let no outsider to close to them in fear of them being spies or worse.
  • wolfshadow Monilove 2012/04/18 12:17:05
    Then I guess they were doing a damn good job since the president was in Washington DC at the time AND they were NOT on duty...
  • Hawkeye wolfshadow 2012/04/18 11:39:33
    The answer to your query is in the name.. SECRET Service...
  • wolfshadow Hawkeye 2012/04/18 12:17:33
  • American☆Atheist 2012/04/18 09:13:58
  • USAF Vet 2012/04/18 09:06:13
    USAF Vet
    He's a Democrat...these types of shenanigans only damage Republicans. The LW Obama-protecting media salivates when Republicans are involved; Democrats and Obama, yawn, ho hum, wake me when it’s over.
  • Lisa 2012/04/18 08:27:58
    It proves to me , even the secret service doesn't value him!
  • eliosc 2012/04/18 07:56:09
    Even if it was his fault, the Sheeps will follow him, no matter what.
    Sheeps follow
  • Andrew 2012/04/18 07:43:12
    I can't see this as being the fault of this President. I've heard some say it is, but I think they are reaching!
  • peggy 2012/04/18 07:08:31
    Yep totally screwed him up.
  • aneed2know 2012/04/18 07:01:32
    how could it, they are grown men and they alone have control over their wallets. In addition to that, if anyone thinks this does not happened all the time they are fools, as every military person knows there are very few things that go together and one of those are military men and prostitution.
  • Pm 2012/04/18 06:56:10
    His supporters dont care. Nor should they.
  • LindaM 2012/04/18 06:51:57
    It had nothing to do with him. Those guys are idiots and they sure did ruin their future. I would love to be a bug on the wall when they get home and see their wives. Oooh busted.
  • JCD aka... LindaM 2012/04/18 08:44:48
  • Mel 2012/04/18 06:35:10
    I think he was shocked to discover this, and the blame is on those agents.
  • TheTruth1313 2012/04/18 06:18:05
    At least I hope it will. I'm pretty much in favor of almost anything that helps rid this country of the lying socialist traitor Obama.
  • Wolf97 TheTrut... 2012/04/20 21:44:28
    Traitor? I understand the others but I am just wondering where that one came from.
  • TheTrut... Wolf97 2012/04/21 06:32:09
    From the fact that he is selling this country and all of it's people out.
    Thank you for your reply.
    Can we count on you to be voting the lying socialist Obama out in November?
  • Wolf97 TheTrut... 2012/04/21 15:24:09
    How has he been selling this country out? I am not saying I like Obama, I am just wondering what your thought process is. I am not trying to be disrespectful or anything.
  • TheTrut... Wolf97 2012/04/22 07:48:41
    Oh no, I didn't think you were dissing me. I apologize if I gave you that idea.

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