Will Obama's support of Gay marriage cost him North Carolina?

Assassin~ Badass Buzz Guru 2012/05/10 02:52:42
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  • Bibliophilic 2012/05/10 15:03:42 (edited)
    I'm a proud North Carolinian.


    Do you know what's fair? All of the married people who voted for the amendment should have their marriages nullified. That would be justice served- of course the world is not a just place. Apparently the majority can remove the rights of a minority in NC. We're better than this, and in the future this ridiculous amendment will be overturned!

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  • Mj Gen David 2012/07/20 12:09:21
    Mj Gen David
    Bible made us to know in Proverbs 18:22 He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.
  • Blueskies 2012/05/12 23:42:06 (edited)
    Does the upper classes have any connection with the American people anymore?

    The Republicans and Democrats are both alien to me.

    I know there are very many who feel as I do.
  • Dave 007 2012/05/12 15:12:15
    Dave 007
    Hopefully all 50 vote against obama.
  • clasact 2012/05/12 11:33:55
    im sure that any state not just NC where it is mostly christain conservative will not vote for him on this issue alone
  • Mike 2012/05/12 04:44:21
    It's a southern state with a traditional conservative base. If anything will be the real determining facter. It would be nice to see the liberals there, give the conservatives a run for the money anyway in Nov.
  • darryl black 2012/05/12 04:38:23
    darryl black
    He can't expect states who don't want to legalize it to support him even if he had to say it because of his vice president blundering words. He had to show a united front even if he doesn't like it.
  • Shirleywillow 2012/05/12 03:14:38
    Only single minded people would be dissuaded from voting for some one because of what that persons viewpoint is. I hope North Carolina people are more open minded and sophisticated than that.
  • Joshua ... Shirley... 2012/05/12 19:47:50
    Joshua Konopka
    So just because someone is against homosexuality, makes them simple minded? or insophisticated, please enlighten me upon your philosophy, but wouldn't your previous statement consider your own perspective to be downsided or ignorant to a minor degree?
  • Shirley... Joshua ... 2012/05/12 20:09:32
    I did not say simple minded (I had to do a double take and couldn't help laughing.) I said single minded.
    Most people vote for a persons whole political platform, not just one thing that candidate has as a personal viewpoint. For instance if a candidate held the interest of all their constituents so they could prosper & also considered gay people to be a part of that constituency, that would not make me not vote for that person.
  • Joshua ... Shirley... 2012/05/12 20:13:36
    Joshua Konopka
    Haha woops, but yes I do agree with you on that, but a president isn't actually supposed to have anything to do with the people as far as telling them or us what to do, rather foreign policies such as military, economy, alliances, defense etc.
  • ajracestables1 2012/05/11 16:43:56
    If I lived in North Carolina I would not vote for him just like I am not going to vote for him in Washington St. not only for openly endorsing gay marrage but for sucking real bad as a president of the USA.
  • 2sly 2012/05/11 09:41:15
    I totaly hope so.
  • mac9 2012/05/11 06:22:11
  • Tennessee3501 2012/05/11 01:03:41
    He was not going to win it anyway. I am absolutely amazed how far America has come on this issue in such a short period of time. It all started in 1969 at Stonewall, when it was finally acknowledged that gay people are not suffering from a mental illness. When we started finding out that some of our friends were gay (in my case, a close friend from college 12 years after graduation), we realized that it does not make any difference. He is a close friend. Then came the social media and the polls constantly reflect that attitudes are shifting in favor of gay marriage. Ten years from now, we will wonder what the fuss was all about? President Obama and Dick Cheney finally agree on something! Let's hope they do not decide to celebrate with a hunting trip.
  • nothing... Tenness... 2012/05/21 02:37:05
    He won't! The message that President Obama is sending, is that, it doesn't matter gay or straight, everybody should have the same equal rights as American.
  • Dan 2012/05/11 00:56:33
    I sure hope anything will stop him!
  • Blueskys 2012/05/10 23:13:05 (edited)
    We don't want Republican enforced poverty, and we don't want "gay marriage" and we don't want immigration.
    Marriage is about family, biological unions, children, and inheritance.

    Is this really all about forcing the restructuring of "Families" and the legal incorporation of homosexual lovers into the chain of inheritance? A way of denying a persons children their inheritance, it going to a homsexual lover instead?

    Also, these jokers seem to think its all about THEIR personal RIGHTS, about goodies for personal benifit., they see it as some sort of legal partnerships, and want to force their distorted view on the rest., so they get to rip off the community pot.-
    I say as able bodied adults they contribute like all other able bodied bacthelors
    No more Republicans OR Democrats!
  • YouSirName 2012/05/10 22:41:58
    He was going to lose it anyway. His position will help in Colorado, New Jersey, Virginia, and possibly Florida.
  • Blueskys YouSirName 2012/05/11 00:01:02
    Who would vote for Romney or these Republicans anyway? They are totally un american, rich people waging a war on the rest of us, in order to force as many of us into poverty and homelessness as possible.
    The Democrats want the same thing, but offer $300 a month general relief!
  • Elleryq... Blueskys 2012/08/04 14:36:16
    The most unamerican, uh, person in this country is oblunder. Barry (AKA Barach Obama) Soetoro to you.
  • bigfoot 2012/05/10 21:38:18
    and who cares?one Empty Suit,with no beliefs is enough.Bigotry has to be called out no matter what.
  • schjaz 2012/05/10 21:11:12
    yep, i do think so.
  • William Zimmerman 2012/05/10 19:10:38
    William Zimmerman
    I don't believe the President would have carried North Carolina in this election anyway.
  • Oregonian 2012/05/10 17:42:42
    He never had the Evangelical vote anyway. I think more facts about this Amendment will come out over the next few months, and there will be some buyers remorse from some of the people who voted for it. And he wil still get 99% of the black voters. So anyhow, he may lose North Carolina, but not because of his statement regarding gay marriage.
  • jtfm 2012/05/10 16:57:35
    It is however much lower on the list of concerns for most people. Economy is his Achilles heel.
  • Marleneemm 2012/05/10 16:47:59
    President Obama has just gotten every vote from every Gay man/women in the country.
    he so doesn't need N.Carolina's votes~ he's got more votes from what he did yesterday.,
    than Mitt Romney will ever get in his lifetime.
  • schjaz Marleneemm 2012/05/10 21:13:26
    That's 2-3 percent of the country...not all of them vote.
  • Beverly 2012/05/10 16:35:31
    I pray that this announcement will wake up every individual in this COuntry who has any sense of morals and principles that having Obama in power is not onlydestroying our economy, foreign relations but also our moral core. Please pray that he will lose so the COuntry can win.
  • alun.palmer 2012/05/10 16:29:11
    He barely wom it last time. And they are religious nuts.
  • Magniloquence 2012/05/10 16:12:22
    The rot has set in, in the whole of the West. I don't think there are enough people who really care any more.
  • Shirley... Magnilo... 2012/05/12 20:12:24
    You are dead wrong.
  • Magnilo... Shirley... 2012/05/13 06:38:47
    With an arguement like THAT, I'm REALLY convinced.lol.
  • Shirley... Magnilo... 2012/05/13 20:29:46
    The whole comment is wrong. How else should I, who think it is totally wrong. phrase it?
    The whole of the West are an important part of the leadership of the country, so how can you say that rot has set in and people do not care anymore? We in the West believe, as many people in other parts of the country, in civil rights for everyone.
  • Magnilo... Shirley... 2012/05/13 20:46:58 (edited)
    How should you phrase it?
    Don't tell someone they are wrong without giving REASONS WHY you think they are wrong. If possible, or essentially, you should offer some PROOF. Or at the very least, what YOU consider to be proof.
    You say I am wrong. So now you expect me to just accept that and change my mind???!!
    Must be a 'female' thing!
    Besides. I meant the West (of the world), not the west of the country. I thought people were joking when they said that Americans didn't think there was anything beyond their shores. Does your map say (just beyond the coast line) "Here be dragons"?
    I think Columbus must have left one of those maps lying round. Get rid of it because, (to put it your way) "It is dead wrong". US map of the world
  • Shirley... Magnilo... 2012/05/13 20:53:39 (edited)
    What are you, a teacher? When you say the "whole"of any thing I make a wide ranging remark right back at the comment I'm speaking to.
    I'm not asking you to change your mind, I'm just letting you know how I feel about what you have said.
    By the way, can you explain to everyone why you feel the "West" is where the rot,as you call it, has set in??
  • Magnilo... Shirley... 2012/05/13 21:07:24
    It is in MORAL decay. Look at the west before the 2nd world war. People were polite, they were considerate, ...
    If the people of today (especially in the UK) had to face Hitler all over again the outcome would be TOTALLY different.
  • Shirley... Magnilo... 2012/05/14 20:33:00
    I do not believe people do not care anymore. People the world over care about exactly what everyone is talking about today. I think we all want peace, equal rights for everyone and equal opportunity to get ahead and educated in this day of over abundance for some and not enough for others.
    You say if the people had to face Hitler today the outcome would be totally different. You bet it would. With all our means of communication today, Hitler would be stopped before he could even begin. That is what i believe.
  • Magnilo... Shirley... 2012/05/14 21:23:19
    Having given some thought to my remark about Hitler, I suppose the result would be the same - after all, the Germans have deteriorated in their standards and commitment just as much as the rest of the west. The first priority, today, is "what's in it for me!"
    Kennedy had the right idea, but who remembers,(or puts into practice) what he said these days?
  • chaoskitty123 2012/05/10 16:07:28
    North Carolina voters just overwhelmingly voted against gay marriage. Anyone who thinks this won't cost Obama North Carolina isn't reviewing facts as while the majority opposed it, a minority supported it and they'll be the ones saying it didn't cost him North Carolina.

    Obama was already losing ground in North Carolina and Virginia, two states he must have to win in 2012. This is like the icing on the cake for most who oppose Obama.
  • YouSirName chaoski... 2012/05/10 22:45:58
    Disagree about Virginia. Obama won VA wth the northern urban vote. This area is more pro-gay marriage and may help to energize his base there. Very few voters will switch away from the President as a result of this announcement and it will do more to energize parts of the base than it will bring to out the opposition.

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