Will Obama try for a third term like Bloomberg did?

Christian 2012/11/07 14:37:09
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Will Obama try for a third term   Obama third term
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  • burningsnowman 2012/11/25 09:05:29 (edited)
    More absurd fear mongering from Rush. Plus it should be obvious the economy is going to be in the toilet by 2016, so a lot of politicians are going to be out of the job soon. Even TIME gets it:

  • Yankee: The A-Hole of PHÆT 2012/11/24 04:16:40
    Yankee: The A-Hole of PHÆT
    nah. even if he did want to, it wont happen. bill clinton wanted a third term but it was overruled due to the twenty second amendment. people bring up FDR but the 22nd amendment was made after FDRs time. If he does want to run for a third term though, he should leave it up for the people to decide. If they vote yes, he can run for a third term. If no, he's done after 8 years.
  • Christian Yankee:... 2012/11/24 08:54:18
    Thank you for your comment, sorry about the Yankees. They have to get rid of all the hitters that are not dependable.
  • Yankee:... Christian 2012/11/24 20:53:36
    Yankee: The A-Hole of PHÆT
    swisher and a-rod especially?
  • Christian Yankee:... 2012/11/25 08:15:56
    I would keep Swisher.
  • Broken 2012/11/09 07:04:31
    No. He will just declare himself president for life.
  • Christian Broken 2012/11/11 00:42:10
    Like Putin did in Russia.
  • Mike 2012/11/08 05:13:54
    no, he is the preezie and it is illegal duh!!
  • Ben 2012/11/07 22:21:41
    uh, no.
  • KeithL 2012/11/07 16:04:16
  • jc 2012/11/07 16:01:28
    No,He's just continue to mislead us until his term is up.The president is just a puppet.He has no real power.He does what he is told.
  • sjalan 2012/11/07 15:15:47
    I suggest you look up in your US Government book and read the 22nd Amendment.

    Better yet here.

    Amendment 22 - Presidential Term Limits

    1. No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once. But this Article shall not apply to any person holding the office of President, when this Article was proposed by the Congress, and shall not prevent any person who may be holding the office of President, or acting as President, during the term within which this Article becomes operative from holding the office of President or acting as President during the remainder of such term.

    2. This article shall be inoperative unless it shall have been ratified as an amendment to the Constitution by the legislatures of three-fourths of the several States within seven years from the date of its submission to the States by the Congress.
  • Christian sjalan 2012/11/08 17:12:19
    Why did Roosevelt serve four terms?
  • sjalan Christian 2012/11/08 20:27:44
    The 22nd Amendment had not been passed yet. The Congress passed the amendment on March 21, 1947. It was ratified by the requisite number of states on February 27, 1951.
  • Mel sjalan 2012/11/09 16:26:27
    And in case you haven't noticed, he's walked all over the constitution his entire 1st term. What makes you think he'll pay any attention to it now??
  • sjalan Mel 2012/11/09 19:15:28
    Nope. Everything he did has been done before and doubled down by Bush I and II.
  • Mimosa 2012/11/07 15:01:52
    Now I'd go for another term with Clinton at the helm.
  • Bronar 2012/11/07 14:58:53
    Highly doubt it. We are still America.
  • iamthemob ~ the 444th Guru ~ 2012/11/07 14:49:46 (edited)
    iamthemob ~ the 444th Guru ~

    Bloomberg faced only municipal legislation when dealing with term limits. Such legislation is easy, comparably, to change.

    The Twenty-Second Amendment to the Constitution limits presidential terms. The Constitution is supremely difficult to amend...a supermajority of states would have to agree that he should be able to run for a third term, which is virtually impossible.
  • Renee iamthem... 2012/11/10 01:37:40
    If we were to find ourselves in a new war with oh... let's say IRAN... half the people in this country are on record Obummer's foreign policy is the the best since the pocket in pita... you better believe they'd rush to the polls again... and anoint him once again....

    Never let a crisis go to waste, doncha know?
  • iamthem... Renee 2012/11/11 16:27:53
    iamthemob ~ the 444th Guru ~

    They didn't do it with Bush when we were fighting the axis of evil.
  • Ron Plante iamthem... 2012/11/16 19:15:31
    Ron Plante
    As much as he failed his constituency by never vetoing the overspending bills that reached his desk, and his pro illegal immigrant positions, he is very much a moral and ethical man. He would not subvert the constitution like the Fresh Prince of Hot Air is doing constantly.
  • iamthem... Ron Plante 2012/11/16 19:29:11
    iamthemob ~ the 444th Guru ~
    Patriot Act?
  • Marek 2012/11/07 14:44:43
    Yes, he will. I am entirely sure of that.
  • Lady Winters 2012/11/07 14:40:02 (edited)
    Lady Winters
    lol no, twenty-second amendment took care of that. A president can't run for more than 2 terms.
  • Christian Lady Wi... 2012/11/07 14:42:05
    Roosevelt was president 4 times.
  • Lady Wi... Christian 2012/11/07 14:43:37 (edited)
    Lady Winters
    yep, then they proposed the amendment in 1947 (passed in 1951) so the president couldn't serve more than 2 terms.
  • Jeff Smith Christian 2012/11/07 14:47:05
  • Lady Wi... Jeff Smith 2012/11/07 14:49:31
    Lady Winters
    He means Franklin D. Roosevelt, in office from March 4, 1933 – April 12, 1945
  • wtw 2012/11/07 14:39:29
  • zbacku 2012/11/07 14:38:10
  • Christian zbacku 2012/11/07 14:42:26

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