Will Obama be a 1-term President??!!

BlueRepublican 2012/05/30 22:29:39
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Vote now, comment, share with all your friends and RAVE all DAY!!!!!!!

Sound off America, let me hear ya!!!!!
herman cain ear
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  • Carol Preside... 2012/06/03 19:05:09
    Did I ever say that?
  • Preside... Carol 2012/06/04 15:22:23
    President Camacho
    Did you ever say what
  • WinterLynn Carol 2012/06/01 20:08:29
  • BIG BAD... WinterLynn 2012/06/13 16:42:45
    Love that cat
  • Faith ~American Patriot~ 2012/06/01 18:37:49 (edited)
    Faith ~American Patriot~
    For the sake of our country, I sure hope so!!
  • Psicolabis 2012/06/01 18:35:16
    It's complicated. It really will depends on many things, like how many people vote, beacuse many of the people disapointed with him will no longer vote at all, i mean, the people that voted last time because of his campaign, but now they are no longer excited about voting.
  • Charles... Psicolabis 2012/06/01 18:43:59
    Charles Braley
    Yeah, and if some, if not most - polls show a DEAD HEAT, so it will or SHOULD prove to be an interesting campaign till election day, eh?
  • txtum#C... Charles... 2012/06/18 05:21:13 (edited)
    IF is a BIG word there Charlie! If the rabbit had not stopped to poop he would have gotten away. IF Steve Irwin (the alligator man) had left the ray's stinger in himself, he might be alive today, IF Lee Harvey Oswald wasn't a marksman, he would have missed President Kennedy.

    IF the sun doesn't shine, plants won't grow, need more? Steve Irwin
  • Charles... txtum#C... 2012/06/18 11:06:26
    Charles Braley
    Nah! we could get carried away with it! But yeah - we see each others pov! :)
  • txtum#C... Charles... 2012/06/18 14:16:03
    :) Thank you Charles.
  • Charles... txtum#C... 2012/06/18 16:39:30
    Charles Braley
    Ur welcome!
  • TrudyGirl 2012/06/01 18:08:07
    I think you guys have finally waited too late. The tide is turning for you in really bad ways because the people are beginning to speak. This is what you will be getting from the Democrats this year. Enjoy! We are a team and we are all pulling together for MORE POSITIVE CHANGES for our country!

    Beto Orourke

    A Texas congressional candidate who favors marijuana legalization beat eight-term incumbent El Paso Rep. Silvestre Reyes Tuesday in the Democratic primary for the congressional district closest to Mexico's Ciudad Juarez.

    In unofficial results, Beto O'Rourke scored 23,248 votes for 50.5 percent of the vote, clearing the 50 percent threshold needed to avoid a runoff. Reyes tallied 44.4 percent. The 2012 Democratic primary boasted more than 10,000 additional voters over 2010, sending turnout up from 9.8 percent to 14.2 percent.
  • Faith ~... TrudyGirl 2012/06/01 18:38:58
  • drdos1943 TrudyGirl 2012/06/02 05:00:07
    Yes, but in the West Virginia Democratic primary 40% (that's 4 out of 10) votes were cast for Keith Judd, a convicted felon serving time in federal prison and not for Obama. I believe that the Democratic party might have some work to do.
  • TrudyGirl drdos1943 2012/06/03 19:45:38
    Both parties have some work to do. there is nothing perfect in this world. I would rather put my faith in the man who has proven that great things can be accomplished even with people trying everything to keep him down, Obama 2012!
  • WinterLynn TrudyGirl 2012/06/08 20:25:06
  • TrudyGirl WinterLynn 2012/06/13 20:40:17
    You know I have published the list here several times and I am tired of people who want to rant and rave but can not even read the facts. You will never figure it out. There is no hope for your party. I will not put the facts in front of this site again. If you want to know and are not too dumb to figure out how to look back at comments then his accomplishments are there for all to see. But no more of my time wasted on people who just want to bitch and complain about things that are non true.
  • WinterLynn TrudyGirl 2012/06/14 03:55:30
  • TrudyGirl WinterLynn 2012/06/20 00:47:14
    First of all I don't do sugars..so you lost that premise. We are rallying you just don't know what it means to be silent and deadly. Obama will be the next President.
  • WinterLynn TrudyGirl 2012/06/20 19:43:59
  • TrudyGirl WinterLynn 2012/06/21 01:11:45
    I am paying attention the to man with the courage of his convictions and to the fact that he is messing with the Republicans who began to bad mouth him before he was even in office. He is not done he will still be there in December no matter how many shady tricks you try to pull to get him out and time will tell that he has been one of the best presidents we have ever had in this nation.
  • txtum#C... TrudyGirl 2012/06/18 05:31:50
  • TrudyGirl txtum#C... 2012/06/20 00:47:59
    Yes to Romney and friends.
  • WinterLynn TrudyGirl 2012/06/20 19:49:54
  • txtum#C... WinterLynn 2012/06/18 05:31:17
    WinterLynn, I like your style!
  • WinterLynn txtum#C... 2012/06/20 19:50:43
  • txtum#C... WinterLynn 2012/06/21 17:44:10
  • WinterLynn txtum#C... 2012/06/21 19:42:06
  • txtum#C... WinterLynn 2012/06/22 01:45:16
  • WinterLynn txtum#C... 2012/06/22 16:26:41
  • txtum#C... WinterLynn 2012/10/01 19:57:20
  • txtum#C... TrudyGirl 2012/06/18 05:27:44
    Your faith would be best put in The Man - The Son of the Almighty God.
  • WinterLynn txtum#C... 2012/06/20 19:51:52
  • txtum#C... WinterLynn 2012/06/21 17:47:07
    That makes me sad for all the people who don't know about Him. His passion and love for us that we, as humans, could never comprehend!

    Maybe we'll have that ability when we 'get there'!
  • WinterLynn txtum#C... 2012/06/21 19:43:33
  • txtum#C... drdos1943 2012/06/18 05:26:24
  • WinterLynn TrudyGirl 2012/06/08 20:21:53
  • TrudyGirl WinterLynn 2012/06/18 01:23:52
    you guys are BORING..this the best you can do..trust me liberalism is not dead..we just don't scream out like you do..we quietly accomplish things!
  • txtum#C... TrudyGirl 2012/06/18 05:32:53
    Yeah, riiight!
  • WinterLynn TrudyGirl 2012/06/21 19:49:09

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