Will Moammar Gaddafi Retaliate Against Americans for Obama's Airstrike in Libya?

Fef 2011/03/23 13:13:57
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Moammar Gaddafi says he will leave America in the ash heap of history. Gaddafi borrowed that quote from President Ronald Reagan's reference to the former Soviet Union.

Gaddafi has now suffered twice from American airstrikes, once from Reagan when America retaliated for Gaddafi's involvement in the terrorist attack that blew up a Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, Scotland. The second strike against Gaddafi came last weekend when President Obama fired over 112 Tomahawk Cruise missiles, B2 stealth bombers and F-15 airstrikes. Obama used American military power as part of a multi-national strike to reduce Gaddafi's use of air power against anti-government protests.

Moammar Gaddafi gave up Libya's nuclear weapons program when President George W Bush attacked Iraq. But it wouldn't take too long for Libya to work with Iran or rebuild its nuclear program. Libya may also have Mustard gas. Libya has supported terrorism in the past.

Does this worry you? Should Americans worry that Libya now has justification to retaliate against America or its allies? Have we stirred the hornet's nest too much?
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  • sammanilla 2011/03/25 02:00:34
    Gaddafi wants American blood but I don't think he'll pull it off.
  • cutter's falls 2011/03/25 00:58:59
  • Pedro Doller ~Inc. 2011/03/24 15:46:35
    Libya Will Retaliate Against Americans
    Pedro Doller ~Inc.
    He will probably blowup the pipeline to Italy.
  • Bob Pooba 2011/03/24 13:38:59
    Libya Won't Retaliate Against Americans
    Bob Pooba
    Retaliate with what exactly..
  • doofiegirl BTO-t- BCRA-F ~... 2011/03/24 11:10:17
    Libya Will Retaliate Against Americans
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    This man is crazy! He Hates America! He Will do something to "get even"
  • XENON23 2011/03/23 23:31:58
    Libya Won't Retaliate Against Americans
    Very likely
  • blissful 2011/03/23 22:47:48
    Gaddafi will attack anything that doesn't do what he says. He's seems to be the type that will kick the dog if it don't bark when he tells it too.. What! I don't think that he descriminates.
    He's a big BULLY!!
  • tomas 2011/03/23 22:42:34
    Libya Will Retaliate Against Americans
    Not just Libya, but this will be a rally cry for Muslims to start their terrorist activities and then blame it on the U.S. for starting it.
  • Nat Turner 2011/03/23 22:06:20
    Libya Won't Retaliate Against Americans
    Nat Turner
    No! They want Obama to take a closer aim to accually get this fool out!
  • Gregaj7 2011/03/23 20:57:52
    Libya Will Retaliate Against Americans
    Maybe that's one of the plans, amongst many, to prepare for the NWO.
  • Bob 2011/03/23 20:51:10
    Libya Won't Retaliate Against Americans
    He might die trying, however he is currently too busy keeping his head down. He is a back fighting, candy ass in general. Cowered after Ronnie cleared his compound first time, then got rid of his nuke program with Frog assistance, when he believed he could be the next Saddam after the beginning of Iriqi Freedom in '93.
  • Heavy Hands 2011/03/23 20:12:50
    Libya Won't Retaliate Against Americans
    Heavy Hands
    i dont think that they got what it takes to handle the united states military
  • tomas Heavy H... 2011/03/23 22:41:10
    There is no way he would take on America face-to-face, but he would use suicide bombers, target school buses, churches and retirement homes because they are cowards.
  • Heavy H... tomas 2011/03/24 14:14:21
    Heavy Hands
    very very true now we dont need any more iraq
  • just me 2011/03/23 20:00:34
    just me
    Doubt if he'll be in a position to do much harm.
  • Giantsfan 2011/03/23 19:37:47
    Libya Won't Retaliate Against Americans
    No, he'll do nothing. Because if he survives and does something it is signing his death warrant. They need to talk tough to stay in power with their own people. If every dictator who had said that to us actually did something we wouldn't be here today.
  • merlinskiss 2011/03/23 19:12:02
    If he survives, he might. But then, we almost got him once when he wasn't looking.
  • Theodon 2011/03/23 18:58:59
    Libya Will Retaliate Against Americans
    more likely he will retaliate against french or italian civilians but he is a crazy old coot so he might send a bomber into an american hangout

    gaddafi knows that the brits and ameicans have cruise missles that can hit his tent so he will probably test his will against the french or italians first
  • Jim 2011/03/23 18:56:59
    Libya Won't Retaliate Against Americans
    After all his aid from Americal dries up thats it for Mallomar.HIs rain of Stupidity is over.
  • Claybern 2011/03/23 18:33:43
    Libya Will Retaliate Against Americans
    Moamar will try but I don't think he will have any sucsess.
  • srini 2011/03/23 18:29:58
    Libya Won't Retaliate Against Americans
    unless he's forgotten what happened in 1986 after he sheltered Achille-Lauro hijackers.
  • FYI 2011/03/23 18:26:13
    Libya Will Retaliate Against Americans
    If he survives.
  • Spider20 2011/03/23 18:18:20
    He will in some way, if he possibly can, if he gets an opportunity......he can't be trusted as anybody knows
  • Loree 2011/03/23 18:08:17
    Libya Will Retaliate Against Americans
    I think by way of retaliation, he will set up AlQueda training camps and sanction terrorism... again.... it's in his blood. Don't forget Lockerbie.
  • FYI Loree 2011/03/23 18:28:45
    Who's to say the "rebels" won't do the same thing?
  • Loree FYI 2011/03/24 00:37:54
    That's always a possibility. I think both ends will be anti-american after this show is over.
  • JAKE~PWCM~JLA 2011/03/23 17:56:26
    Libya Won't Retaliate Against Americans
    if he does he is retarded.
  • LisaSmith 2011/03/23 17:33:05
    Libya Will Retaliate Against Americans
    The muslims are almost as crazy as the libs. I think we should all worry because things are looking really flaky.
  • Stan Kapusta 2011/03/23 17:27:53
    Stan Kapusta
    Will help terrorists who are against The UN armies. It's about time they go to real war. Not you can bomb this but not that crap. Turn the capital into a parking lot. Then don't rebuild it with American money. It's time America stopped being Politically Correct and grew a pair.
  • Col.TJefferson1775 2011/03/23 17:26:38
    Whats to say that Quaddifi doesn't have sleeper cells here already ....WE know that the Islamic terrorists do so ....JUST a thought.
    But with today's news of WHO really is trying to oust Quaddifi AlQuida and the Muslim Bro Hood...Obama could be guilty of AIDING the enemy..terrorists if any of these take over power in Libya.
  • misterz 2011/03/23 17:06:37
    Libya Will Retaliate Against Americans
    I hope not, but I fear something will happen.
  • Steve 2011/03/23 17:00:20
    Libya Will Retaliate Against Americans
    Two years after the US hit his compound, Gaddafi brought down the Pan Am jet over Lockerbee, Scotland.

    This is part of why the world needs to eliminate Gaddafi--he's dangerous and ruthless.

    But it also means that once the steps have been started, we have to finish the game. We don't absolutely have to have LIbya become a democracy, but Gaddafi now absolutely must be killed or captured.
  • Death The Kid 2011/03/23 16:24:12
    Libya Won't Retaliate Against Americans
    Death The Kid
    He wont have the provisions to do so.
  • lawlerskates 2011/03/23 16:21:25
    Libya Will Retaliate Against Americans
    HOWEVER, he won't get too far. We'd blow him to smitherines before he even tried to launch a missile at us.
  • AnnS (Anti-RP2012] 2011/03/23 16:15:21
    Libya Won't Retaliate Against Americans
    AnnS (Anti-RP2012]
    Just IMO; Gadafi doesn't have the backing in other countries, especially in the US. Like the Al Qaeda, Somalia, Saudi backed madrassas, Iran-supported terrorist groups etc....with sleeper cells and Jihad training camps in the US.

    That I know of anyway. I could be wrong.

    If it is true that the protestors are terrorists insurgents such as is in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan....he is figting against them, so doubtfully they would jump on his bandwagon.

    Now if he want to use Farakkhan, J Wright through the Nation of Islam members obama wouldn't like that.

    I'm sick of our troops going to war under the pretense of saving the poor presecuted muslims. There are 1.5 billion muslims, let them fight their own wars. They managed to take over the ME, Northern/Central Africa, Some eastern European Countries in the 7th century AD and the Ottoman Empire without any body's else help.

    No matter how much you help them, they are the most ungrateful bunch that ever existed and we are just giving aid and comfort to those that will someday turn around and murder us. Take it to the bank.
  • Wolfman 2011/03/23 16:03:04
    Libya Will Retaliate Against Americans
    He has before.
  • No nonsense NanC...don't BS... 2011/03/23 15:47:09
    Libya Will Retaliate Against Americans
    No nonsense NanC...don't BS me!
    With his history, that is a given. He is brutal and hates America. Thank goodness
    the Bush administration was able to get him to give up his WMD.........for the most part.
    No one knows for sure if he has mustard gas, but we know he doesn't have nuclear
    capability. Not unless he bought it recently from Iran or Pakistan.............
  • Loree No nons... 2011/03/23 18:05:52
    Scary thought... Gaddafi with WMDs
  • No nons... Loree 2011/03/23 18:47:25 (edited)
    No nonsense NanC...don't BS me!
    Gaddafi was paralyzed with the thought that Bush might retaliate if he had nuclear
    weapons. That is the advantage of walking softly and carrying a BIG stick, and being
    feared by your enemies.... as they were of Reagan.
  • Mindlesspartyhack 2011/03/23 15:46:52
    Libya Won't Retaliate Against Americans
    Hype, hyperbole, etc..

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