Will 'Insourcing' Incentives Bring Jobs Back Home?

News 2012/02/16 14:00:00
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Last February, President Obama met with the late Steve Jobs to find out what it would take to bring Apple's outsourced jobs back home. According to The New York Times, Jobs said frankly, "Those jobs aren’t coming back." But the President is still trying to bring back manufacturing jobs by cutting tax deductions that aid outsourcing companies, and offering $2 billion in tax credits per year as incentive to bring the jobs back to the U.S.

Obama explained the process -- what he called "insourcing" -- while touring a Master Lock factory in Milwaukee to praise the company for bringing 100 overseas jobs back from China. He said, "More and more companies like Master Lock are now insourcing. Deciding that if the cost of doing business here isn't too much different than the cost of doing business in places like China, then why wouldn't you rather do it right here in the United States of America?" Sounds simple, but will insourcing actually work?

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  • Franklin Kevin V... 2012/02/16 20:21:32
    sorry did I fail to blame the governments of the EU ? BTW its more than Greece only Germany and England are safe from failing this year / all other members have to make deep cuts and policy changes or look for big cash infusions ...like the one we gave them ! And yes I blame socialist laws and spending for the failure. We are very much on our way to the same crash - Obama has pissed away money on his bail outs but none of them where well planed and all of them are motivated by his political needs ....they will not help any of us!
  • richwright Franklin 2012/02/17 04:32:02
    Better that us. Old people actually retire there. They don't have to work at Walmart til they drop. Get a passport!
  • Franklin richwright 2012/02/17 05:19:03
    not me or any of my close friends , we all retire able to pay our bills and shop at walmart (if we want to) I have a passport ...the idea that people retire in Europe is foolish , few of them ever work they live like animals in small boxes and own nothing ...only lazy liberal retards who never bothered to work until they where old work at walmart ...its what you get from spending most of your working years calling in sick because you where to wasted to drive to work ...The EU has no money for you as they have no money to pay their own lazy people ...I have been all over Europe , most of it could use a good wash !
  • richwright chgo 2012/02/17 04:30:49
    Cause US consumers are not as educated. Just take a look at this forum as proof!
  • Franklin richwright 2012/02/17 05:22:06
    what do you call education ? sitting on your ass smoking pot and dreaming of "free stuff" in places you have never been and will never go ? I have been all over the world and chose to live in Central Florida ...just as any sane person who has the money to get here from their pathetic country chooses to do
    But if you simply must go there I will be happy to buy you a one way ticket to Greece !
  • JakeJ277 2012/02/16 15:27:30
    The only thing that will bring jobs back into this country are:

    1. A population of people that are willing to pay more for a given product so that everyone can enjoy a "higher standard of living".
    2. A population of people who is willing to work harder, longer, for less pay, and in worse conditions than other people.

    We're (the U.S. citizens) the ones that are moving jobs out. Every time we go to Wal-mart and buy Widget B instead of Widget A because Chinese-made Widget B is cheaper than US-made Widget A, we propogate this problem. I say "we" because I'm just as bad about it as anyone else.

    Unfortunately the things that drive companies to success are having a better product at a lower price. If they can't afford to compete at the cost of safe facilities, well-paid employees, fair hours and benefits, etc., then the jobs start going overseas where people are willing to work harder than us.

    The real question is, how can we as an entire population stop this problem and stop pretending that it is somehow the government's fault? They shouldn't even be involved in free trade anyhow.
  • mike JakeJ277 2012/02/17 17:54:09
    your comment "we as an entire population.... "
    We (the US citiizens) choose presidents by trial and error. We should choose a president bassed on his personal financial success. Ea, Lei Coca Bill Gates Ross Peroh.
    The Chinese ctizens are owned by theIr government. And their government is financially wise but .abusif.
    Our constitution prevents govermental abuse, we just need a great financially wise president to go with it. And to go with this wise president, we as an entire population need to ask ourselves "what can we wisely do for ourselves"
  • JakeJ277 mike 2012/02/20 16:49:32
    Furthermore, stop choosing lawyers as our country's leaders. Let's get people in office who actually know what it takes to produce something.
  • Swany 2012/02/16 15:27:00
    It will until November. obama stabs us in the back
  • T J Swany 2012/02/18 01:43:49 (edited)
  • Swany T J 2012/02/18 01:59:28
    Your right. Just look what I'm paying for gas.  4 a gal gas
  • T J Swany 2012/02/18 02:22:51
    T J
    I am aware of high gas prices. They were high when Bush was in office. I don't blame gas prices on a president. What's your point?
  • Swany T J 2012/02/18 03:30:29
    Gas prices has an effect on the economy. Just like it did when Bush was POTUS.
  • T J Swany 2012/02/18 03:52:06
    T J
    Yes it does, but gas prices are not caused by the domestic policies of the president. Since we get our oil from OPEC, we are at their mercy, and even if we drill even more than we already do, we still go to OPEC for oil, just as other countries. It wasn't on Bush, and it's not on Obama.
  • Swany T J 2012/02/18 04:34:31
  • Charles E 2012/02/16 15:23:16
    Charles E
    Too many regulations from too many different agencies, frequently countradicting each other. High taxes. Political grandstanding attacks against job producers by the current entitlement administration.

    Why would companies be in any rush to return to the US?
  • Thisism... Charles E 2012/02/16 15:38:36
  • Charles E Thisism... 2012/02/16 16:09:28
    Charles E
    My job is advising businesses on how to survive in spite of anti business regulator constraints.

    Since I work with these problems on a regular basis, I would have to say that you are the one mindlesly spouting Obama talking points.
  • richwright Charles E 2012/02/17 04:34:22
    Then buy stock in Rosetta Stone! It will make you rich!
  • Fred 2012/02/16 15:19:23
    Notice how Obama always talks about conversations that can not be proven. It wont bring back jobs because Obama speaks with forked tounge. He will pat you on the back while he is stealing your wallet. Why should buisness trust him
  • Thisism... Fred 2012/02/16 15:32:59
  • Fred Thisism... 2012/02/16 15:45:27
    Notice how liberals follow a man that has NO experience in buisness , production and surrond themselve with people with lesser experience. Then walk around telling everyone that to make things better we need more money. This man has been in office for 3 years and has done NOTHING but make things worse. And if his greatest accomplishment is bringing back 100 jobs and losing millions of dollars in the solar power companies like Solindra. Obama does not know what he is doing... he is a deer in the head lights
  • ryan.noh1 Fred 2012/02/16 16:41:58
    Agree on everything, but just about the solar power companies, that was a bipartisan plan before Obama was elected.
  • Fred ryan.noh1 2012/02/16 17:06:54
    NO ... the Bush admin REJECTED it.
  • ryan.noh1 Fred 2012/02/27 16:12:53
    many republican voters did not.
    I could give a rats ass what the bush admin rejected, they weren't much better than this admin
  • Common Sense Conservative 2012/02/16 15:08:34
    Common Sense Conservative
    Let's see, Steve Jobs said NO, and he was one of the most successful owners ever. Hussein Obama, quit while you're WAAAAAY behind.
  • bob h. Common ... 2012/02/16 15:22:21
    bob h.
    So is Bill Gates, and all he does is peddle defective OS and sue people. His real expertise lies in sueing people.
  • Thisism... bob h. 2012/02/16 15:33:03
  • richwright bob h. 2012/02/17 04:35:55
    His dad is a lawyer.
  • fitz bob h. 2012/02/17 18:58:36
  • Thisism... Common ... 2012/02/16 15:41:41
  • Common ... Thisism... 2012/02/16 17:34:13
    Common Sense Conservative
    What is his name dummy?

    Last I checked his mother and father named him Hussein.

  • chgo Common ... 2012/02/16 15:46:24
    No, he didn't say that. Steve Jobs told President Obama that the company moved factories to China because it needed 30,000 engineers and could NOT find that number of engineers HERE.

    "...he was one of the most successful owners ever. "

    lol. Making billions off Chinese sweatshop slave labor doesn't give you honor or respect in a sane person's book.
  • Common ... chgo 2012/02/16 17:36:11
    Common Sense Conservative
    Hmmm, really, depends how one wants to define success. I'd bet my left nut that you have or own something that Steve Jobs was a part of. Guaranteed.

  • scum1 Common ... 2012/02/16 19:14:18
    Steve Jobs was scum. He only cared about money. I am sure he was fine with 13 yr old slave labor making his products instead of US citizens. Hell for years he totally ignored his own illegitimate child. Not exactly a conservative I would say. Sure he was brilliant at business but that does not make him close to being a good person
  • Common ... scum1 2012/02/16 19:17:06
    Common Sense Conservative
    OK, now show proof of your accusations. Not from a newspaper either. REAL proof.
  • Robtbal 2012/02/16 15:06:09
    Its a wet dream....
  • Scout 2012/02/16 15:05:37
    I hope so, anyway. Companies now operate as international entities concerned only with the bottom line. They have no patriotism or concern for the individual.
  • kerebail.ramakrishnachar 2012/02/16 15:02:37
    But will it work?
  • bob 2012/02/16 15:02:16
    sounds good, we need to change the tax laws so incourcing happens

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