Will Donald Trump run for president???

Sunnydaydreamer 2011/12/24 00:51:52
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  • Zomba Fett 2011/12/28 23:19:22
    Zomba Fett
    He may run for the President just for the sole purpose of getting his "Aprentice" show ratings up. However, I am looking forward to see whether he is going to get Obama to release his college papers this time or not.
  • ☆stillthe12c☆ 2011/12/26 19:49:55
    Let hope not.
  • ready46xwu 2011/12/26 17:52:40
    I'm sure this 'POMPUS A$$', will have enough smarts not to blow a few million, when he has to know WE DON'T LIKE HIM!
  • Beinhardt 2011/12/26 14:35:51
    Being president is a hard working job - nothing for this comic figure
  • amy 2011/12/26 01:12:27
    How am isupposed to know?
  • hasher 2011/12/25 13:59:06
    i think he will endorse one pretty soon though probably newt or romney. we shall see.
  • jc 2011/12/25 13:07:14
    The Donald is not president material.And I think he knows it.Well,at least I hope he does. donald trump not for president
  • Pat 2011/12/25 00:26:07
    He just wants the spotlight, not the responsibility.
  • william raggett 2011/12/25 00:23:50
    william raggett
    If he did it wouldn't matter that is all he would do is run
  • Matt M 2011/12/24 19:46:34
    Matt  M
    It is simply in his financial self interest to get constant attention
  • Jee 2011/12/24 15:59:16
    I hope not. He can run but he is not going anywhere, he stays in NY.
  • YULING YANG 2011/12/24 14:55:30
    Donald is a very smart business man! He is using the media for free advertisement and exposure for his business. He is in the business of making money not politic. I would not take his decision of running or not seriously. It is only a smoking scheme to get more fame and attention any way!
  • Erin Innocent 2011/12/24 14:40:53
    Erin Innocent
    hopefully not......
  • gaylehelen 2011/12/24 12:16:18
    I don't think he'll waste the money. I sure hope he doesn't because he would just take votes from people who earn them and deserve them, regardless of who your candidate is. Trump is just a guy out there looking for attention. He loves the spotlight. Sad, really.
  • trublu 2011/12/24 08:02:24
    I thought he already tried that? :P
  • Pieter Joubert 2011/12/24 07:33:35
    Pieter Joubert
    The only running Trump does is running away from his numerous business failures.
  • Phil_will1 Pieter ... 2011/12/24 08:50:25
    Business failures? You obviously know nothing about business. It is all about risk taking. Trump has a tremendous track record. Anyone who has been involved in a lot of business ventures will have some failures. That includes Mitt Romney. It probably does not include Newt Gingrich, whose business ventures at their core involve influence peddling. That is a much less risky business model than more traditional businesses.
  • Pieter ... Phil_will1 2011/12/24 09:26:19
    Pieter Joubert
    Problem is he denies ever having had failures, he always blames someone else. He is an arogant ass. He is part of the problem not the solution.

    Talking about business failure as though it is nothing, is a stupid and selfish approach. In every failure there are casualties,employees who lose their jobs and most likely their homes. There is also investors money down the drain, including pensioners life savings.

    For guys like Trump and his cronies its no skin off their noses.
  • Phil_will1 Pieter ... 2011/12/24 13:37:01
    I am not going to deny that Trump has an oversized ego, but that hardly differentiates him from his competitors for the oval office. As someone said the other day, it takes an enormous ego to even run for President, but the trick is to camouflage it effectively. Perhaps the difference between Trump and some of the others is that, since he has spent most of his time in the private sector, he has not developed the political skill to camouflage it as well as he needs to now.

    No one is "talking about business failure as if it were nothing", certainly not the principles involved. Every business that fails represents the unsuccessful conclusion of a major commitment of time, energy and capital. In every case that I am aware of, a team of dedicated individuals have lived, breathed and slept the venture and that team was invariably led by the principle. Fortunately, the skills developed in that environment are readily transportable and are in demand in the marketplace, helping the team members to make "soft landings" in most cases.

    However, business failure is part of what Mitt Romney refers to as the "creative destruction" of capitalism. To borrow Harry Truman's old adage, "if you can't take the heat, you better stay out of the kitchen". And if you are so intimidated by the possibility of business failure that you decline to participate, that is a choice you are also free to make.
  • Pieter ... Phil_will1 2011/12/24 15:52:07
    Pieter Joubert
    Most failures I know of was because management milked the company dry and the workers ended up paying the price.

    In the case of our friend Trump, he never uses his own money, all ways some one elses money.

    The millions he lost in the failed ventures was sure as hell not out of his pocket.

    A small start up business like a mom and pop shop affects very few if it fails,

    Trump and others like him are conmen who get people to invest their life savings. He uses his "name" to give projects "credibility". When the project flounders, he walks away merrily with a huge cut (consultancy fee)
  • hasher Pieter ... 2011/12/25 14:03:28
    but thats the way business works. all people in businesshave taken risks. and theres nothing wrong with that you are going to have some failures and some successes. those people that lose jobs will find something else. truth is no one stays in business forever. businesses start up and close all the time thats the way the economy works.
  • Pieter ... hasher 2011/12/25 15:22:24
    Pieter Joubert
    true but why is there so many companies that is older than 100 years?
    Is it because they are managed correctly?
    So according to you workers are basically tools that can be discarded when you don't need them and they will find something else, that not very humane.

    An economy where businesses close all the time is not a very stable economy and it is not very economically prudent to keep starting up companies that fail. Trump does that as he uses other peoples money. He is a conman like so many others
  • gary 2011/12/24 06:04:30
  • HowardFernandez 2011/12/24 05:44:37
    He`s a clown and i have no respect for him.
  • Clare Marie 2011/12/24 05:43:41
    Clare Marie
    Right now he's acting all diva and bossy. He's going to run; no matter if you like it or not.
  • ronbo 2011/12/24 04:55:53
    He,s more of a showman than a serious politcal candidate.
  • J-DUB 2011/12/24 04:26:56
    He is just a media whore. Likes attention comparable to Sarah Palin.
  • Sunnydaydreamer 2011/12/24 04:22:27
  • Luckydog38 2011/12/24 04:19:41 (edited)
    His strengths lie in pulling strings....... not being the "pull-ee".
  • Curmudgeon 2011/12/24 04:15:57 (edited)
    I think it might be a good thing to have someone that actually understands how to make money and run a multi-billion dollar business in the white house.
  • D D 2011/12/24 04:08:24
    D D
    I want him to sooooooo bad.

  • Vinny 2011/12/24 03:47:07
    but who knows he might run for the spot!!
  • ghostrider 2011/12/24 03:32:17
    ... does anyone even care???
  • clasact 2011/12/24 03:02:03
    just what we need ,someone who knows how to go bankrupt
  • Independent Thinker 2011/12/24 02:37:12
    Independent Thinker
    I will vote no but I am not sure.

    He typically does the unexpected so.....half-yes & half-no.
  • Flea 2011/12/24 02:32:19
    At least I pray to God he won't.
    Now his toupee running for POTUS may be another story....
  • MichaelDillon 2011/12/24 02:31:31
    Cue laugh track...fade to black...cue loony tunes logo.
  • KoAm 2011/12/24 02:26:01
    But I'd love to hear him tell Obama, "You're fired!"
  • TruXter 2011/12/24 02:20:13
    he won't but he could stand a chance of getting us out of debt by looking at all of the non tax payers and saying "YOUR FIRED"
    We need vince macmahon.
  • Max7 2011/12/24 02:17:52
    If he runs, it will be away from the presidency!

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