Will Barak Hussein Obama die before November 4, 2008?

Butch Cassidy 2008/02/23 05:05:02
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  • Dogg ~ ... Luna 2008/08/21 19:33:09
    Dogg ~ Ready for war
    give her a month, she might unblock you. LOL
  • Luna Dogg ~ ... 2008/08/21 23:05:03
  • Dogg ~ ... Luna 2008/08/21 23:54:21
    Dogg ~ Ready for war
    LOL well thanks for the offer, But I'm a more of a tight slim butt kinda guy. a jello butt ain't my thing...
  • Butch C... Luna 2008/08/21 19:43:58
    Butch Cassidy
    Yep...she's been sore at me since I told her that her arse looks like 50 pounds of chewed bubblegum!
  • Luna Chocola... 2008/08/20 02:44:30
  • Chocola... Luna 2008/08/20 03:21:50
    Chocolat-In the universe I trust.
    It would to you.
  • Butch C... Chocola... 2008/08/20 03:54:35
    Butch Cassidy
    Howdy, saddle-bags!...wanna come over to tha ranch fer another giddy-up?
  • Chocola... Butch C... 2008/08/20 11:32:40
    Chocolat-In the universe I trust.
    You can't get it up---that's way you talk and dream about it. You probably can't find it because it's not as big as your thumb.
  • Butch C... Chocola... 2008/08/21 09:44:54 (edited)
    Butch Cassidy
    Yer mama never complained and she's got an arse almost as fat as yours...takes a big spike ta git through all that flab, chubby!
  • Luna Butch C... 2008/08/21 23:03:59
  • Butch C... Luna 2008/08/22 01:05:14
    Butch Cassidy
    I think she's grumpy since it's been a while since a farm-man plowed her fields!
  • momrules316 2008/07/08 14:32:03
    You should be ashamed of yourself for putting this poll up in the 1st place.
  • Butch C... momrule... 2008/07/08 19:16:59
    Butch Cassidy
    Y'all otta be ashamed of yer flabby arse!
  • Luna momrule... 2008/08/21 15:57:30
  • Marebear 2008/07/08 03:38:23
    wut really r the odds of that??????
  • slam 2008/06/28 15:21:06
    you people here are the most ignorant, stupid Dumbass low-life's on the net, how could you put up a dumbASSed ? like this, we know you only wish it upon him, but let me tell you, if any harm comes to him, the Revolution will NOT be Televised!!
  • frndswt... slam 2008/08/18 23:43:39
  • Luna slam 2008/08/21 15:59:37
  • Luna slam 2008/08/21 23:13:17
  • Gun665 Luna 2008/08/22 06:16:34
  • Tom 2008/06/21 06:52:05
    I hope not. However if he did die before then who would take his place? Probably whoever he picks to be his VP if he picks one before he dies if he does God forbid. However if he dies before he picks a VP, the democratic nominee for president should be Hillary R. Clinton. She deserves it.
  • Sumo- Living for the new year! 2008/06/21 02:25:54
    Sumo- Living for the new year!
    No, Long live the president!
  • NamelessGenXer 2008/06/08 15:19:46
  • TJR 2008/05/24 01:46:51
    You never know. The Clintons have killed other who didn't believe as they did. Remember Ron Brown?
  • W.J.S. TJR 2008/07/29 17:29:59
    Vince Foster[sp] a lawyer that worked with hillary. found him dead in a n. virginia park. Worked for her law firm in ark.
  • Greatbear100~support our vets 2008/05/15 00:46:56
    Greatbear100~support our vets
    I am surprised we haven't heard anything from the Aryan nation KKK or white brotherhood about an Obama Presidency, aren't you?
  • Deb. I... Greatbe... 2008/06/21 13:20:43
    Deb.  I believe.
    I think we have , look below on the Feb 29, 2008 1:27 am post.
  • Feline ... Greatbe... 2008/10/09 19:30:42
    Feline Lover ~ American Patriot
    VERY surprised....
  • metalmike13- Trust No One 2008/04/22 07:11:54
    metalmike13- Trust No One
    How pathetic is this question? Giving conservatives an even worse name then they already have.
  • Butch C... metalmi... 2008/04/22 16:26:11
    Butch Cassidy
    I didn't know 50 cent was a conservative
  • Luna Butch C... 2008/08/21 16:00:51
  • gman 2008/04/10 01:00:47
  • Tom gman 2008/06/21 02:56:43
    Are you like a psychic or something because that statement is really creepy
  • Patricia 2008/03/30 03:25:16
    You wish!
  • Butch C... Patricia 2008/03/31 18:12:14
    Butch Cassidy
    Nope...don't wish death on the man...you may think that I wish that but yer wrong.
  • metalmi... Butch C... 2008/04/23 08:03:07
    metalmike13- Trust No One
    Then why ask the question?
  • Butch C... metalmi... 2008/04/23 08:44:21
    Butch Cassidy
    Pirhaps y'all didn't watch the video?
  • metalmi... Butch C... 2008/04/24 07:17:40
    metalmike13- Trust No One
    Well I found your video as yours is no longer available on this page. The thought has crossed my mind because there are a lot of biggots and racists in this country who would not vote for him simply and only because he is black.

    As for your picture of Obama, that is offensive. I have heard from too many so called christians calling Obama the antichrist. Despite what some think he is a christian. Makes no difference to me since I am not. You picture invokes those antichrist references I have heard far too often from the religious right.
  • Butch C... metalmi... 2008/04/24 09:09:36
    Butch Cassidy
    Perhaps y'all otta git yer facts straight.

    It was the varmint in the video who predicted his demise, not me and I dun never made a reference to the man's race.

    Now who is prejudiced?
  • metalmi... Butch C... 2008/04/24 22:50:43
    metalmike13- Trust No One
    Where did I say you were prejudiced? I said there are a lot of biggots and racists out there. And there are.

    I called you on the cruxification picture of Obama.

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