Will Barak Hussein Obama die before November 4, 2008?

Butch Cassidy 2008/02/23 05:05:02
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  • THE ONE 2009/09/20 06:01:22
    this poll just sounded dumb...grow up fool.
  • Gordy 2008/12/16 01:13:56
  • bighead 2008/11/24 19:04:34
    Everyone I talk to agrees with me!
    One person even commented that what does obama, lincoln and abraram not yet have in common
  • SHER♥ 2008/11/24 09:44:52
    I hope not! I hope the FBI, Secret Service, full security is surrounding him. What a question! He hasn't even been sworn in yet. Your video is not working!
  • Gwynodd 2008/11/21 18:55:30
    Guess not - uh?
  • the dead redcoat 2008/11/14 21:39:37
    the dead redcoat
    probably not
  • rywag 2008/11/06 20:12:20
    I think he'll make it a year in the white house at least.
  • Broadsword 2008/11/03 15:07:43
    He will if lying is fatal.
  • skeeter2 2008/11/03 15:06:45
    I think they will wait till he gets in.
  • i-love politics 2008/10/27 01:40:58
    i-love politics
    How would that be...
    Joe Biden is the one with the brain tumor.
  • i-love ... i-love ... 2008/10/27 01:41:16
    i-love politics
    Look here.

    A lot of people still don't know who Obama really is, or what he wants to do — and so are still not altogether sure that Obama is the proper antidote to George Bush. After more than a year of campaigning, Obama still remains an enigma.

    Race . . . an issue?

    Obama promised to be the post-racial candidate who would bring us together. But when asked in March 2004 whether he attended regularly the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ, Obama boasted: "Yep. Every week. Eleven o'clock service."

    Mr. Obama . . . STOP LYING.

    church christ obama boasted yep week oclock service obama lying
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  • Latino01 2008/10/24 23:12:23
    The 666 candidate for the Anti Christ title is bringing down the world through his well positioned crony followers in key positions globally to after wards offer his flock of followers a new beginning based on his pie in the sky philosophy. World domination is his goal death at this time isn't an option for the Messiah.

    Mccain/Palin 08 PUMA and fly Navy
  • brob1969 2008/10/20 23:54:45
    Barring unforseen circumstance I would say no; you never know when your time is up.
    I certainly hopes he is there to enjoy his win in the election.
  • mac -Holding Fast 2008/10/06 15:48:50
    mac -Holding Fast
    Only to be resurected again 3 days later....
  • O-America 2008/10/05 17:09:07
    “BARACK”-Hebrew word, meaning "blessed”
    "HUSSEIN." It is from the Semitic word hasan, meaning "good" or "handsome."
    So, anyway, Obama's first two names mean "blessing, the good." If we are lucky enough to get him for president, we can only hope that his names are prophetic for us.

    If Muslim relatives are a disqualification from high office in the United States, then McCain himself is in trouble. In fact, since Bridget is upset that George W. Bush doesn't like her "because she is black," and used her to stop the McCain campaign in South Carolina in 2000
  • mac -Ho... O-America 2008/10/06 15:50:01
    mac -Holding Fast
    No, his name means "Blessed with handsome"

    It's prophetic of his charisma, not of how he can "help us".
  • Getting... mac -Ho... 2009/03/29 20:04:46
    and his Luo tribe's language says his last name means "crooked"... Try the whole story (you know, his WHOLE name).
  • mac -Ho... Getting... 2009/03/29 20:38:51
    mac -Holding Fast
    Newbie- I got the story. I'm far from a fan of the man.

    You know who else had charisma?Give you a hint- Godwin's Law.
  • Getting... mac -Ho... 2009/03/30 00:13:02
    Oh I see, because I've been on this site a few short weeks, I should keep my mouth shut because I point out your error? Forgive me oh wise one.
  • mac -Ho... Getting... 2009/03/30 05:06:40
    mac -Holding Fast
    1) I didn't make an error.

    2) You're jumping to conclusions.

    3) That image is of Dr Perry Cox from Scrubs- known for calling JD "Newbie" or by a random girl's name (one time he used famous dog names) whenever he explains something to him.

    4) Chill.
  • Butch C... O-America 2008/10/06 18:25:12
    Butch Cassidy
    Is 'semitic' code for 'arabic'?

    Do you REALLY think his father wanted him to have a Hebrew name?
  • mac -Ho... Butch C... 2008/10/06 18:27:51
    mac -Holding Fast
    Technically, the name does come from the clan of Shem. So, while they may have been PC about it, it is the same thing.
  • mac -Ho... Butch C... 2008/11/03 13:37:27 (edited)
    mac -Holding Fast
    Update- In Arabic his name is "blessed. "

    In Hebrew, his name translates "Lightning".
  • MADNana O-America 2008/11/03 02:16:31
    This is interesting...
    Obama recited:
    الله اكبر God is the Greatest,
    اشهد ان لا اله الا الله I bear witness that there is no deity except God
    اشهد ان محمدا رسول الله I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of God
    حي على الصلاة Make haste towards prayer
    حي على الفلاح Make haste towards welfare
    حي علی خير العمل Make haste towards the best thing
    الله اكبر Allah u Akbar God is the Greatest
    لا اله الا الله There is no deity except Allah
    Shahada which is an Arabic word that means "to testify" it is the Islamic creed. Obama was expressing al- shahada, his Muslim Faith, to the Muslim world!!
    Feb. 27, 2007, Barack said the Muslim call to prayer is "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth." It is important, in studying Islam, to note that the call to prayer is also the call to war. In an interview with Nicholas Kristof, published in The New York Times, Obama recited the Muslim call to prayer, the Adhan, "with a first-rate [Arabic] accent." Though, non-Arabic speakers know what he said, he confirmed to the Muslim world that he was a Muslim.True Muslims must speak Arabic and recite prayers in Arabic. From the 5 pillars of Islam, Obama openly showed 2 pillars of Islam: Affirmation that God is the only God and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God and the second, reciting prayers in Arabic.
  • mac -Ho... O-America 2008/11/03 13:37:21
    mac -Holding Fast
    Update- In Arabic his name is blessed.

    In Hebrew, his name translates "Lightning".
  • pj 2008/10/03 16:00:52
    dont think its before, but if elected I do believe that he will be assasinated
  • dronus 2008/09/27 14:50:38
  • pathisel 2008/09/05 15:44:11
    what the hell kind of a question is this??? Now on the other hand, some seventy + year old man, he would be the natural choice of all, just due to his age.........
  • Butch C... pathisel 2008/09/05 17:58:52
    Butch Cassidy
    Well I'm an old timer and I just gave yer mama a giddy-up...twice!
  • O-America Butch C... 2008/10/05 17:10:54
  • Butch C... O-America 2008/10/05 22:37:55
    Butch Cassidy
    That taint no way ta talk to yer daddy!
  • Gun665 2008/08/21 16:15:18
  • ~SEXY DIVA~ 2008/08/20 10:35:21
  • Gun665 ~SEXY D... 2008/08/22 06:18:19
  • Butch C... Gun665 2008/08/22 20:52:35
    Butch Cassidy
    Y'all would think I had insulted Jesus himself the way these folks react!
  • Luna Butch C... 2008/09/05 21:11:15
  • Butch C... Luna 2008/09/05 21:12:01
    Butch Cassidy
    Don't be sad...I'll be back soon...I dun know it's been a while but I got lots of gals ta satisfy!
  • Luna Butch C... 2008/09/05 21:20:45
  • Butch C... Luna 2008/09/07 00:02:15
    Butch Cassidy
    Iffin y'all made me cake ta eat while imma givin ya a giddy-up, y'all have been pushed to tha top of the list!

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