Will 2014 be a better year for our country?

old school 2013/09/23 21:19:10
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  • Sharon 2013/09/23 22:13:39
    I see us slowly improving everyday.
  • old school Sharon 2013/09/24 15:00:41
    old school
    where do you see it? the economy has been any better since Clinton, the unemployment rate is steadily growing, there is no end to the homeless/housing fore closers/the government has a solution but they just will not listen. they want to go to war and be the big kid on the block instead of cleaning up our own mess first.you might see something that I don't. but as of now this country is not any better.
  • A Founding Father 2013/09/23 21:44:56
    A Founding Father
    In November, voters will have an opportunity to send the tea baggers to the rear of the Food Stamps line. I am counting on that happening and operations our Government being again able to functions as intended.
  • Yami no KoHime ~ 平和 2013/09/23 21:28:12
    Yami no KoHime ~ 平和
    Well- for my country :)
  • Sister Jean 2013/09/23 21:28:01
    Sister Jean
    I always look forward
  • old school 2013/09/23 21:22:09
    old school
    way to many problems in the government situation, and the threat of war so we have a very long way to go before we start to see any up lifting in the economy or anything else for that matter.

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