Why would Obama not attend his grandmother's funeral?

MR 2008/11/07 14:12:17
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Obama talked so much about how his grandmother sacrificed for him and how much he loved her. She died the day before the election
and it takes approximately 3 days before burial, so Obama would have
been able to make it to the funeral.
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  • Jcap ~ Peace ~ 2008/11/09 02:37:44
    This is why Obama didn't attend the funeral
    Jcap ~ Peace ~
    From reading the posts I assume you now know that there will be a memorial service at a later date. That being said, what business is it of yours or mine? At times like these it is customary to show respect!
    reading posts assume memorial service date business times customary respect

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  • bobcat26 2009/02/28 21:34:57
    Her death was used as a ploy to make people feel sorry for him.
    I have always wondered why Mrs. Obama and the children didn't accompany him when he dropped everything to go to his grandmothers side when she was dying. No room on the plane? Couldn't get off work? On what terms was her relationship with the grandmother?
  • ccawol 2009/02/28 06:02:53
    This is why Obama didn't attend the funeral
    he didn't care about her because she was trying to tell people the truth about him.
  • J Yexley 2009/02/17 02:13:48
    This is why Obama didn't attend the funeral
    J Yexley
    He didn't want his past known and didn't want his grandmother
    talking to the press or media about him and who he is?
  • chris dover 2009/02/16 06:22:59
    This is why Obama didn't attend the funeral
    chris dover
    I can only speak for myself. if i had won the election, and the person who help to raised me died the day before, and especially if i had the means to do it, i would have returned as soon as possible to attend the furneral. But, I truly believed that Obama, his sister, and other family members and friends planned ahead what course of action that Obama would take if the possibility of her passing.
  • momrules316 2009/01/25 22:35:59
    This is why Obama didn't attend the funeral
    Because they had a Memorial Service over the holidays. That's why!!
  • freedom4usa 2008/12/23 06:55:18
    Her death was used as a ploy to make people feel sorry for him.
    Thinking maybe she was cremated and he didn't feel he had to be there, he had better things to do
  • connie ... freedom... 2009/01/02 15:36:03
    connie (in name only) BN-0
    go to wiki.answers : "A private memorial service for Barack Obama's grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, was held at the First Unitarian Church on December 23, 2008. After the memorial service, Barack Obama scattered Mrs. Dunham's ashes in the ocean at Lanai Lookout, the same spot where he had scattered his mother's ashes in 1995. "
  • BostonCeltics534 2008/11/25 23:32:44
    This is why Obama didn't attend the funeral
    He had to get paid off for winning the election. He was collecting the winning money that all his lobbiest friends stole from the US housing market. Obama's a Scumbag!!!
  • SShaboat 2008/11/24 14:06:52
    This is why Obama didn't attend the funeral
    Because his purpose for the trip was to have his records sealed in Hawaii so we couldn't have any proof that he is NOT a US Citizen. His Grandfather has no gravestone, his brother in Kenya lives on pennies, but the tear shown on National Tv when he got the news that his Grandmother had died was a nice touch huh?
  • Free Am... SShaboat 2008/12/01 00:34:02
    Free American~~Live FREE or DIE~~
    He does not care about his white family, so I'm not surprised he did not go
  • Trinigal Free Am... 2008/12/14 05:10:41
    I mean the white family issue going to come out now that a BLACk man is your president. You'll are some HATER.
  • Free Am... Trinigal 2008/12/14 05:38:52
    Free American~~Live FREE or DIE~~
    He said in his books that he deliberately distanced himself from his white family, that he did not want to be like them. You are the HATER, so shut up.
  • Trinigal SShaboat 2008/12/14 05:09:17
    Ya'll are some haters, just because John McCalin and Palin didn't win don't hate on Obama. HATER
  • Free Am... Trinigal 2008/12/14 05:37:52
    Free American~~Live FREE or DIE~~
    You guys HATE McCain and Palin, so shut up.
  • Black Diamond 2008/11/22 01:03:37
    This is why Obama didn't attend the funeral
    Black Diamond
    I'm sure that the family members discussed funeral plans when he flew to be with her before she died. He realized that attending would turn what should be a solemn occasion into a circus. So , in order to spare the rest of the family, he did not attend.
  • Alex 2008/11/21 12:44:48
    This is why Obama didn't attend the funeral
    He went to Hawaii to try and fix his fake birth certificate "situation." His other grandmother said Barack was born in Kenya, and Hawaii let (or used to let) its residents say their foreign born children were Americans. The actual original certificate probably states that Barack was born in Kenya, making him ineligible for the presidency.
  • SShaboat Alex 2008/12/10 15:18:51
    I for 1 am very dissappointed in our Government. The Supreme Court took a vow to uphold the Constitution of the United States.Yet they look the other way as far as Obama's Birth Certificate.He can do anything he wants from being a non citizen to bribery to illegal Campaign contributions and no one will do anything about it. The Constitution of the United Staes is no longer for the People. It is for our Government to use and abuse as they see fit. They are protecting their "Puppet"
  • merz 2008/11/19 21:42:19
    He truly loved her, but didnt have time to attend.
    he's got other more important priorities than to attend to his granmda's funeral.
  • emmamess 2008/11/19 19:15:52
  • Shadow wolf 2008/11/19 18:44:40 (edited)
    This is why Obama didn't attend the funeral
    Shadow wolf
    look idk y he didnt attend but i would have gone even if it meant to give up being presdent
  • gman213 2008/11/19 13:43:15
    Her death was used as a ploy to make people feel sorry for him.
    Obama didn't give a crap about "toot' or dear ole grandma'. He is dispicable! How much of a burden would it be for him to travel to Hawaii to attend a service for her than it would be for one of us. Private jet, secret service, limo to the service, quick limo ride away, traffic cleared for the airport, no TSA security screen and back home. This is a guy who just ran a campaign where he could go to five or six cities in different states in a 24 hour period to talk about how great he is but now can't go there to see granny off. what a pathetic turd. And these sheeple want him to provide for their health care? what a joke! You'll end up like granny, tire tracks on your back from being thrown under the bus.
  • REPUBLICANS ROCK 2008/11/18 01:18:08
    This is why Obama didn't attend the funeral
    why are we not surprised people? wake up people, YOU voted for this man. Now you see how he truely treats his loved ones, but yes like imahoneyone said "get ready for a bumpy ride".
  • Sweetgrl007 2008/11/17 23:31:35
    He truly loved her, but didnt have time to attend.
    I loved my Dad but I didn't go to his FUNERAL. It was just way to Difficult for me. Obama had his own reason's and I have to respect that NO matter what his REASON was. Who are WE to Question anyone for NOT attending someone's Funeral? You Bible beaters need to BACK off! Show some respect for our Elect-President! You never know Obama might have had a Private funeral or a Private time for him to say Good-bye to his beloved grandma! May she rest in PEACE!
  • SShaboat Sweetgr... 2008/11/24 14:12:04
    Wake up! His purpose was to have his records sealed so there could be no proof he was not IS not an American citizen. And our Government is protecting that. Otherwise it would be public.
  • david.f... Sweetgr... 2014/05/19 06:41:23
    Obama didn't have time to attend his grandmas funeral because he was to busy and didn't have anything to gain by going to pay his respect I would like to see his birth certificate from America not something photo shopped. There are to many questions unanswered and the American people need to wake up before it's to late Visit Info wars.com or Alex Jones .com WAKE UP AMERICA OUR RIGHTS ARE BEING ROBBED FROM US EVERYDAY . All this will happen overnight then they ship us off if you believe in God start praying for America PLEASE America depends on us the are dumbing down our children in schools PLEASE WAKE UP AND HAVE AN OPEN MINED SHARE WHATEVER YOU LEARN WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND PRAY THE EVIL ONE DONT WIN AND DESTROY AMERICA
  • barbie22960 2008/11/17 22:59:42
    He truly loved her, but didnt have time to attend.
    I know he had just visited her, before she died.
  • bbmaxc 2008/11/17 21:55:03
    Her death was used as a ploy to make people feel sorry for him.
    She being dead and yes he's been to her funeral. It was when he took time off the race.
  • imahoneybear 2008/11/17 20:38:06
    This is why Obama didn't attend the funeral
    He puts himself and his image before all things...even booted the wife and kids off the stage the night he won the election. He has to be front and center always.
    Even though he spoke about how she raised him and he loved her....it is just like anything else he says...it is all subject to change....and CHANGE is all about him supposedly...get ready america for a bumpy ride...
  • rodelene 2008/11/17 02:56:32
    This is why Obama didn't attend the funeral
    WOW!!!!! I feel sorry for you people who can't get over electing a black man-did you forget he is half white? i guess it does not matter because the black part you hate. Get over it !!he is a smart person and human being start seeing it like this! a black man president don't make you less of who you are bunch of stupid racist jerks.
  • dronus rodelene 2008/11/17 08:46:45 (edited)
  • imahone... rodelene 2008/11/17 20:40:06
    It has nothing to do with his being black I don't care if he is purple...color has nothing to do with his running our country and a city and nation are two different things
  • Geneologist 2008/11/17 01:21:07
    This is why Obama didn't attend the funeral
    Obama went to Hawaii to have a Delayed Birth Certificate filed, using his grandmother's sworn statement that he was born in Hawaii...probably even said she was the mid-wife who delivered him. He then had his original adoption and birth records sealed, flew back to his campaign, and then had that Typical White Woman offed. That is what I think.
  • Ruth 2008/11/16 22:50:40
    This is why Obama didn't attend the funeral
    The ceremony that he didn't attend was a public ceremony. The family was not expected to attend. Neither Obama nor his sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, attended. A private family ceremony is likely to be held sometime next month when Obama is expected to visit the islands.
  • Silence Dogood ~ Right Wing... 2008/11/16 21:37:01
  • jcgmich29 2008/11/16 18:37:28
    This is why Obama didn't attend the funeral
    He doesn't like white people
  • Ruth jcgmich29 2008/11/16 22:52:06
    What a coincidence, I don't like stupid people.
  • plowboy 2008/11/15 17:50:15
    Her death was used as a ploy to make people feel sorry for him.
    Does anyone really care?
  • Bewildered~Proud Republican 2008/11/14 22:53:07
    This is why Obama didn't attend the funeral
    Bewildered~Proud Republican
    He's scum. All for himself. He threw her under the bus a long time ago. He didn't care for her. And the only reason he was in Hawaii was to pay someone off about his Birth C.
  • rodelene Bewilde... 2008/11/17 02:59:59
    you're republicain that explains your ignorance -what happened to republicain? oh i know-they recruited too many redneck , satanist, evil jerks
  • Ellie 2008/11/14 19:13:09
    This is why Obama didn't attend the funeral
    Perhaps he visited her before the election to gain supporters and possibly to try and get the missing Birth certificate that he has not produced. Once he won the election, his devotion to the grandmother was so longer relevent
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