Why Was There No Media Coverage On This Bill Maher Filth? Sarah Palin Would F..k Rick Perry If He Were Black.

zbacku 2012/03/10 17:53:26
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  • Candy 2012/03/14 04:04:44
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    He's sick and he continues to spout racist and misogynist things that no one holds him responsible for. NOT ONE APOLOGY

    Question about Maher/Limbaugh

    Twitter: #theMissesHelp
  • Bastion 2012/03/11 12:38:01
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    In case someone hasn't told you yet: the difference is Maher was only insulting Palin. Limbaugh was taking part in a class war against women's rights as human beings.
    That's the difference, and only the willfully ignorant deny it, and try to use the bogus comparison as some sort of an excuse for Limbaugh's behavior. Pathetic.
  • zbacku Bastion 2012/03/14 04:19:16
    What a bunch of Baloney Sauce. Talk about being ignorant. Bill Maher is one of the most repugnant humans on the face of the planet. Your hero. maher gives finger
  • Bastion zbacku 2012/03/14 08:04:59
    Too bad Limbaugh and the Right are taking all the heat for the "repugnant human" thing.
    It just isn't fair . . . or maybe you're wrong.
  • DebraJMSmith 2012/03/10 22:53:04
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    It is all so disgusting!
  • pamela 2012/03/10 21:38:50
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    I don't have the need to watch him, let alone listen to his leftist crap. He is so messed up, that he should take a permanent hiatus from his show. But noooo, the left adore him even though he makes up everything that comes out of his mouth, that is everything but what is written for him. Now again not to only make political jabs at Rick perry, even though it's been some time back that he dropped out of the race, but to AGAIN, make sexual inuendos about Palin and perry. The man is sick, and needs to get off his high horse. The stations that do this kind of programming need to check out the material used on these programs. Oh yeah I forget, they love it since it beats down all republican political contenders ans WOMEN, and especially Palin. Wasn't it him back in 2008 that got her kids names mixed up on his show, then to make a simple yet coy apology.Well, that's not enough. I hate Mahrer and they should cancel his show.
  • Gracie ~Gun Totin' Gracie~ 2012/03/10 19:36:45
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    Gracie ~Gun Totin' Gracie~
    Liberals can do whatever they want and get away with it. But don't ya dare say one thing about their skanky women,,,that makes em' cry.
  • mal 2012/03/10 19:14:33
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    birds of a feather
  • Patriot Unit 2012/03/10 18:03:40
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    Patriot Unit
    Because the Pinko Communist Progressive Liberals Party Condoms such filth. Maher's filthy mouth does not belong in politics, and neither does his money. But the Democrats thrive on both, as long as its directed at Republicans or anybody that does not subscribe to the Leftist dogma.

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