Why Was JFK Assassinated?

micheleT BN-O 2011/03/01 15:54:58
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I Just want to learn about it. I have have been told that the was assassinated just a few days before he was going to restructure the The Federal Reserve, So That It Could Be Used For Keeping Our Economy Safe. Now It Is In The Trillions. Why Else Was He Assassinated And Who Was Behind It?

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  • LesWaggoner BN 1 2011/03/01 19:01:43
    LesWaggoner BN 1
    He had a number of enemies that had the desire to do it. The Mafia, the CIA, bankers, the Russians, Castro, etc.
    There are probably more theories as to who killed him than any other single subject. We will never know the truth.

    What is known is that the Warren Commission was absolutely wrong in their finding that he was killed by a lone assassin.

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  • cindy 2011/03/11 02:43:25
    How about Bobby? Wasn't he giving the unions trouble? We need to clean out the corruption..
  • Hula girl - Friends not Fol... 2011/03/10 19:40:09 (edited)
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    Sorry....that's not true. It was ex CIA agents after the Cuban Disaster where Kennedy left the men in Cuba and didn't come and pick them up. They were tortured and killed and only a few escaped....with revenge.

    Those men are still alive so the truth won't come out until they are gone most likely. That's from the inside information.

    I have a quiet a bit of Kennedy memorabilia on his assassination also and met him just two months before he was killed.
  • RachelLord 2011/03/03 01:02:26
    I have heard this before. I don't think we will really ever know. I do know he was working on a plan to take us off the Federal Reserve system.
  • dill fazie 2011/03/03 00:33:10
    dill fazie
    several conspiracies.. the war machine wanted it... the Johnson VP version, as Vietnam escalated 400% within 24hrs of JFK's death, but mine has always been the fed... he was about to rework them and remove them from the power that they still believe they deserve...
  • LisaSmith 2011/03/02 23:13:06
    I think the Mafia had something to do with it. Why else did Ruby kill Oswald?
  • michele... LisaSmith 2011/03/02 23:23:08
    micheleT BN-O
    Just to shut him up.
  • LisaSmith michele... 2011/03/02 23:44:32
  • tncdel 2011/03/02 04:50:52
    I find it peculiar that most folks haven't figured it out for themselves, what's the most likely explanation for JFK's death.

    Put it like this, applying the laws of probability routinely employed by Las Vegas odds-makers and scientists, tell me:

    What are the odds that Kennedy, who could have been in any of our country's 50 states, or visiting another country, just so happened to be in the same state his VP came from, Texas, when he was assassinated? Correlate that with the fact that Johnson, who at his advanced age at the time [one of the oldest VP's ever] had virtually no chance of ever succeeding a two-term JFK, and coupled with the fact that Johnson's own ambitions to be president had been thwarted by Kennedy to the chagrin of his wife Lady Bird, well known for excessive ambition.

    Then the likelihood that it was a Johnson conspiracy looms to the forefront of all "possibles." Whether LBJ had an active part in it, or whether it was Lady Bird or others, the bottomline is that it is most likely that JFK was killed by a conspiracy whose purpose was to replace him with LBJ.
  • cindy tncdel 2011/03/11 13:56:16 (edited)
    I agree totally with you!
  • 2012 rick 2011/03/02 04:07:46
  • looneysinger 2011/03/02 04:00:24
    I heard many things about his death. LBJ had his hand in his death. LBJ did not like playing second fiddle to Kennedy. Aristotle Onasiss wanted Jackie and she would not leave John. At john's funeral bobby said what is he doing here when he seen Ari! Also, the shot that killed him came from the grassy knoll. Oswald did not act alone. Another thing why did the secret service back away before that moment?
  • Toots 2011/03/02 02:26:45
    If you read some of the books about JFK there were many that did not like what he was doing. It could have been a mad husband.
  • michele... Toots 2011/03/02 02:29:53
    micheleT BN-O
    That could be true also. I think there were a lot of reasons.
  • Superpepsiman20 2011/03/02 02:22:38
    The Mafia got him...Probally the Russian Mafia since oswalt went there to train with them. and I don't think oswalt getting killed by jack murphy was a coincidence either.
  • Dana 2011/03/02 02:17:27
    I don't think anyone knows for sure. If Jack Ruby wouldn't have killed Lee Harvey Oswald, we may have found out a lot more information.
    jack ruby killed lee harvey oswald information Lee Harvey Oswald
  • michele... Dana 2011/03/02 02:18:39
    micheleT BN-O
    They had to shut him up or he would have told the truth.
  • Dana michele... 2011/03/02 02:31:03
    Sure seems that way.
  • rrsrddd 2011/03/02 01:30:51
  • Rockies Man 2011/03/02 00:18:35 (edited)
    Rockies Man
    I will not claim to be an expert on a lot of things, but I am on the Kennedy assassination and I can state that Kennedy was not the victim of an assassination, this is just liberal garbage that is an example of the failure of our education system. The assassin was Oswald and it was not right wingers out to start a war in Vietnam and it was not left wingers, it was a lone gunman which is the tradition of American history.

    I just saw Matt's post and it is bogus and anyone who thinks George H.W. Bush was at the assassination is an idiot and this is why the conspiracy nuts are out of control.
  • zyledr 2011/03/01 23:55:34 (edited)
    Just something to ponder. The elite bankers that run the world ARE the most powerful people in the world. Kennedy was stepping on their toes with his silver certificates. Who else had more to loose by Kennedy's actions then the elimination of the federal reserve system? No one.

    Oswald was a patsy.
  • Wolfman 2011/03/01 23:42:20
    This is extremely complex. Kennedy flubbed several things, The Bay of Pigs where he stranded Cuban Freedom Fighters and CIA getting them killed, and Vietnam where he's the one who got us into that conflict in the first place. Bobby made the Mafia angry. The Zapruder film had missing pieces that appeared later, the inquiry files were sealed until everyone that was alive at the time of the assination was dead [what kind of witchcraft is that?], the magic bullet, the Fed, Oswald's spooky past along with his statement, "So I'm the patsey.", Jack Ruby's mob connections, and on, and on. People have spent their lives in and out of rabbit holes following this thing. Very confusing and nothing definite.
  • Bob Pooba 2011/03/01 23:16:32
    Bob Pooba
    Remember the bay of pigs, he wimped out , spilled the beans as it were and got a bunch of good CIA men killed. The CIA especially back then isn't a group who's crap list you want to be on.
  • michele... Bob Pooba 2011/03/01 23:19:34
    micheleT BN-O
    I can imagine that.
  • JoJo Bob Pooba 2011/03/02 05:05:35
    Never heard your version. President Kennedy received bad information from the CIA. CIA told him that the USA had ground support from Cubans but it wasn't there.
  • Drew~PWCM~JLA~ 2011/03/01 23:14:51
    There is too much to get into with the Kennedys. Too many variables and branches had a hand in it.
  • michele... Drew~PW... 2011/03/01 23:19:04
    micheleT BN-O
    That is going to be something I am going to have to research.
  • Gregaj7 2011/03/01 23:13:20
    Based on the research I've done, from many different sources:
    JFK's EO 11,110 essentially changed the currency from the public-liability-debt-instrument "FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE"s to non-interest charged "UNITED STATES NOTE"s. This was, and is, in violation of the international bankruptcy (#3), of the municipal corporation "UNITED STATES" (28 USC 3002 15 A), to the Rothschild-held bank of France/England and Vatican.
    As for who did it, the Zapruder-film has always been clear to show the limo-driver, William Greer, turning over his right-shoulder and shooting left-handed just prior to JFK's head reacting to the frontal shot, and the back of his head reacting to the hollow-point bullet fired.
    Many may disagree with me, but this is my analysis of what took place, and why.
  • michele... Gregaj7 2011/03/01 23:16:06
    micheleT BN-O
    wow,, that is incredible.
  • zyledr Gregaj7 2011/03/01 23:58:07 (edited)
    No disagreement here. Also why did his bodyguards back off the car just before he was shot? I've always felt that it was the driver that shot him. He clearly had something shiny in his hand and the bullet clearly entered through the front of his head, not the back as claimed.
  • Gregaj7 zyledr 2011/03/02 05:31:04
  • Theresa 2011/03/01 22:19:56
    We know 5 people involved in this assassination were later to become President of the USA. We also know that Kennedy was wanting to restructure the gov't. He was concerned about the undue power of certain individuals and corporations in the political process. We know that Castro was very angry with the President due to the invasion on the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile crisis. The CIA was very angry over the lack of support that Kennedy gave the invaders in the Bay of Pigs. We know the mob was angry over the double cross that JFK did to them. JFK was one of their own who removed lots of the five families power. We know that the Unions hated JFK over the corruption convictions of top labor leaders.
  • BlueMax372 2011/03/01 22:09:50
    This is a very noble endeavor, Michele, and one that could take a LOT of time and effort, but in the end likely very worth it! Be careful though, because there are a lot of wacky theories out there, on both sides of the political fence.
  • michele... BlueMax372 2011/03/01 22:34:06
    micheleT BN-O
    Oh, this is just a question. No one is going to do anything to me. There is all kinds of stuff all over the internet.
  • michele... BlueMax372 2011/03/01 22:35:07
    micheleT BN-O
    Besides, I don't think there will be many replies on this one.
  • Dogammit 2011/03/01 21:59:08
    JFK was assassinated by one lone commie wacko socio-path and that's the end of it. Here is an excellent book on the subject. There was no conspiracy.

    assassinated lone commie wacko socio-path excellent book subject conspiracy book Case Closed
  • michele... Dogammit 2011/03/01 22:34:40
    micheleT BN-O
    Thank you, that is interesting.
  • templer003 2011/03/01 21:25:14
    there is more than likely more than one reason that he was killed, the mob hated his brother for going after them, he wanted us out of South East Asia, but The most compelling to me is the theory of the people who control the FED.
    You see Europe has never relay forgiven the US foe breaking away form the British Empire, and after we had created the Constitution it scared the living hell out of the ancient banking family who to this very day still control what go's on over there.. There is an old article from the London Times where they said that IF the US was allowed to issue and control our own money it would be the end of Europe because we would become the most prosperous nation in the world and the freest, and by that we would draw all of the brightest and best from all over the world, thus leaving them with little...
    Go back through our history and see how many presidents we have had who were either killed or attempts were made upon their lives when they spoke about ending the central banking system and returning it to the government where it rightfully belongs..It starts with Jefferson, then Jackson, Lincoln, { a couple between him & JFK } Reagan... I think that go's way beyond coincidence.
  • michele... templer003 2011/03/01 21:36:26
    micheleT BN-O
    I do think a lot of it has to do with the banking system. Had not known about Jefferson, Jackson and Lincoln. That makes it very interesting. Thank you for your answer.
  • "Silence! I kill you!" 2011/03/01 21:13:08
    "Silence! I kill you!"
    Zionist conspiracy
  • Superman 2011/03/01 20:50:02
    Seeking knowledge is always a good thing, especially in a muddled situation like this. Just be prepared to take every idea - even the direct story - with a grain of salt.

    Tin Foil Hats abound . . .

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