Why vote? Let us hear you. Whether on the right rail or the left rail, it all leads to the same place! (Dahlin & Kaufman 1982)

TonyDahlinVenice 2011/11/08 15:45:33
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  • TKramar 2011/11/09 13:33:06
    I don't vote. I don't support the system that puts some men in positions of power over others.
  • Angi 2011/11/08 22:44:55
    I don't know why people vote in the US but I remember a converation about voting at a supermarket. I some how got into a conversation because it was polling day. I wasn't sure if I was going to vote. These people said to me who were all of different ethnic backgrounds. People died for us to have the chance to vote, its important. It was a weird moment debating politics and the right to vote at the check out till, but they were right.
    There you go if you ever not sure about anything in life ask the people at the super market check out guru, er queue.

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