Why true American Patriots will oppose the progressive attack on our 2nd Amendment rights

☆astac☆~PWCM 2013/01/02 00:45:05
Minutes after the Sandy Hook massacre the vultures on the left went into overdrive in trying to connect weapons to the massacre. What the progressives refused to do is accept that it is their ideology that really caused this massacre. So on many news programs from the MSM, and leftist blogs on line, we have seen the usual rant against guns from the left. But this is different, now we have calls for confiscation and registering of gun owners. We already have seen a leftist publisher list the addresses of gun owners on line. Well patriots, time to stand up and fight back. Tell the progressives to go to hell, they are not taking our weapons.
Just look at the number and content of the progressive blogs here on the issue. So many progressives are so ill-informed of the intent and meaning of the 2nd Amendment. So not too let these idiots get away with their lies, time to set the record straight. The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to give the people the ability to fight back against a government that seeks to harm it's people. This includes the people that support this form of government. So to our proud progressives, no you are not liberals in the classical sense of our founders, our founders rejected your ideology.
So to the progressives, take this as a notice, you are preparing to cross a line you really do not want to cross.

So for the true patriots, do not register your weapons, do not let the government take your fingerprints, tell them to get Fuc#ed.

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  • roxie 2013/01/03 06:28:02
    The NRA Task Force and The $$$$97 Million Dollars That The Gun Industry Gave The NRA Has Worked Very Well

    Blind Followers are Easily Lead!

    Stupid People! guns are their rerligion

    Guns Have Become Their Religion!
  • Mike 2013/01/03 01:10:58
    To think they would even try to connect weapons (guns) to that massacre. Here-say, I tell-ya, here say, here-say............
  • DecreeB 2013/01/02 19:21:26
  • hiram 2013/01/02 18:44:56
  • Surly Curmudgen 2013/01/02 17:26:10
    Surly Curmudgen
    The second amendment is man's attempt at paraphrasing GOD'S work. Every living creature down to the most helpless will fight to defend it's life. Even a baby in it's first trimester will fight to escape the forceps in the hand of an abortionist trying to tear it apart. Self defence is an integral part of being alive. For those who are intent on depriving me or mine of the tools of defence there are only two possible results of that attempt, either you are dead or I am dead. Can you grok that?
  • whitewulf--the unruly mobster 2013/01/02 15:28:01
  • santa6642 2013/01/02 14:43:46
    Liberity an Freedom will and shall Prevail
  • jimmy santa6642 2013/01/02 14:44:48
  • Todd~AFCL 2013/01/02 13:57:58
    They got my fingerprints when I joined the army, but not one of my firearms is registered. I would not trust the government with that information. Either we'll get people in office who will actually support the constitution or we'll do as our Founding Fathers did, and create a new government.
  • jimmy Todd~AFCL 2013/01/02 14:37:08
    that'll work
  • realist 2013/01/02 13:47:38
    The progressives really want an environment where they don't have to think at all. Let the government spoon feed indoctrination via television, let the Government confiscate anything which could potentially injure people (goodbye staplers), and let the Government tell you want to do and when to do it.

    Who would have thought the movie Wall-E was actually Conservative. They portrayed the future of Progressives so well.

    people goodbye staplers government movie wall-e conservative portrayed future progressives
  • critter171 2013/01/02 13:40:02
    [...]Acutally the funny thing is you proven nothing to beat my thoughts you know why? cause you know i am right. I hope you enjoy hell son. "shall not judge others in else you want to be judge"
  • realist critter171 2013/01/02 14:31:06
    Out of interest what point?
  • miro.plachy 2013/01/02 13:26:38
    Look man you have to license if you drive a car in the name of public safety right? Guns in the name of public safety should be registered and licensed. Another thing they are proposing to do is drug, alcohol and a mental health test that requires you to answer about 10 questions to see if you san become a psychopathicaly deranged, moraly bankrupt killer. Don't blog me.
  • ☆astac☆... miro.pl... 2013/01/02 13:39:11
    No guns should not be registered
  • jimmy ☆astac☆... 2013/01/02 14:38:52
  • hiram ☆astac☆... 2013/01/02 18:46:16
  • ☆astac☆... hiram 2013/01/03 04:12:57
    Brown shirts like you
  • hiram ☆astac☆... 2013/01/03 18:06:08
  • critter171 miro.pl... 2013/01/02 13:41:03
    ignore the bliss people
  • Todd~AFCL miro.pl... 2013/01/02 14:05:38
    There is no right to drive mentioned in the constitution. People could still use horses and buggies, though. Once the government is allowed to require registration to exercise a right, then what is next. Maybe they will require you to register your keyboard and computer, to be able to control what you blog about. Who could stop them after giving up the right to defend ourselves and oppose tyranny?
  • miro.pl... Todd~AFCL 2013/01/02 14:20:20
    my point the cars were not invented an either wer semi-automatic guns, yes youare right I should registe my keyboard as a weapon of mass destruction because what it write coud cause people to realy think about doing somethin silly. horse and buggy
  • Todd~AFCL miro.pl... 2013/01/02 14:35:06
    As long as the militaries of the world have automatic weapons, so should the citizens. Car registration is more of a way to tax people for exercising their freedom than for controlling who has cars. Gun registration is to let the government know where the guns are, when they decide to confiscate them.
    Trust me, registering your keyboard would be a waste of paper work.
  • KilrQueen 2013/01/02 13:17:55
    I completely agree!
  • goatman112003 2013/01/02 13:02:14
    The simple and best reason is the government has no obligation to protect you period. That is your responsibility. They only show up after the fact.
  • miro.pl... goatman... 2013/01/02 14:21:33
    well if they aint going tpo protect me than i will withold taxes I pay to them.
  • goatman... miro.pl... 2013/01/02 16:24:07
    Do it and they will jail you or place levies against your holdings or wages. Supreme court decisions have said the government is not responsible if you are a victim. Why do you think some states set up crime compensation boards as the victim has no rights under the law but the criminal does.
  • miro.pl... goatman... 2013/01/02 16:26:47
    They have to protect the people you are insane go back to the mental institution that let you out on day pass. mental patient
  • goatman... miro.pl... 2013/01/02 16:32:16
    No they don't, that's the fallacy you accept. You can't sue the government if you are a victim of a crime, period.
  • miro.pl... goatman... 2013/01/02 16:36:37 (edited)
    You are the one who is victimized by the second amendement when they were handing out brains you thought they said trains and got on one and have been lost little zombioyed ever since. victimized amendement handing brains trains lost zombioyed zomby
  • hiram goatman... 2013/01/02 18:46:44
  • goatman... hiram 2013/01/03 01:18:27
    It says defense not protection. When a State violates a due process under the 14th you can sue but no where does it say expressed or implied they are responsible for your physical protection.
  • hiram goatman... 2013/01/03 18:06:49
  • goatman... hiram 2013/01/03 22:44:35
    And that doesn't cover it.
  • Orsino 2013/01/02 12:42:40
    Of course, that tenuous connection between the military grade assault rifle and the deaths of those children.
  • miro.pl... Orsino 2013/01/02 14:22:31
    Get into bussines making bulet proof wests for the kids.
  • sneekyfoot 2013/01/02 12:40:59
    Gun control is not possible to many have guns
  • hiram sneekyfoot 2013/01/02 18:47:59
  • sneekyfoot hiram 2013/01/02 21:57:49
    700 million pistols , rifles and shotguns in private ownership what would you do go to everyones house and say gimmie you guns ?I have 6 assult rifles and 10 30 round clips for each gun. As far as mexicans they are the greatest invention since screen doors .
  • hiram sneekyfoot 2013/01/02 22:03:54

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