Why the sudden hostility toward religion in America in the last few years? What's up with that?

Simmering Frog 2012/06/27 23:56:03
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  • Simmeri... The San... 2012/06/28 00:41:15
    Simmering Frog
    Who's forcing you to watch the 700 Club? I think it's a joke. I take it as seriously as watching Jimmy Bakker selling 20 year food supply canisters because the end of America is coming.

    I'm not talking about the plastic preachers on tv who are crooks. I'm talking about legitimate religion.
  • The San... Simmeri... 2012/06/28 01:16:11
    The Sane One
    It's incredibly hard to tell the 'plastic preachers on TV who are crooks' from other preachers who misuse their positions to push political agendas.

    Especially when they use the power of their church to target other groups... such as the Southern Baptist Church in Waco making a false claim about child molestation to sic the law enforcement agencies on the Branch Davidians.

    Or on a more personal side, when I chose to sleep late on Sunday and miss the local Baptist service ( the first week I lived in Beaumont), I woke up to find dozens of crosses superglued to the windshield and doors of my truck, along with a note saying that I'd be burning in hell within the year.

    Funny, I've never had an atheist or agnostic threaten me or vandalize my vehicles.
  • Willski 2012/06/27 23:58:14
    The atrists ralised they exist in large numbers and decided to act?
    Maybe... I don't know. But as an atheist myself, i don't see why we shouldn't have religion, and majority of religion in america is christian, which has a predominently positive impact.
  • Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ 2012/06/27 23:57:53
    Scott ヶBrony Of PHAETヶ
    Maybe people go fed up with it being shoved in their faces, I don't know.

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