Why should I believe in your God?

The Judge 2012/04/25 20:43:26
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  • ehrhornp 2012/05/12 19:24:58
    My God is a loving God, not one of vengeance but of love. My God does not send people to "Hell" for not believing in them. My God is in everyone, even those who pretend they believe in him but don't really follow his teachings. My God accepts atheists more than he would accept those who profess faith in him but ignore his teachings.
  • Abdullah Baspren 2012/04/26 08:32:20
    Abdullah Baspren
    Description of God .. Of atheists like you .. They worship their whims and desires and pleasures .. And atheism is a sin .. more Of polytheism ..
    See more ..
  • Abdullah Baspren 2012/04/26 07:15:05
    Abdullah Baspren
    Questions atheists usually ask about Allah might vary but, they're

    Consider these:

    1. "Is there evidence God Exists?"
    2. "How can we prove there is a God?"
    3. "Where is God?"
    4. What is the origin of God? Where did He come from?
    5. "Can God do anything?"
    6. "Why did God create everything?"
    7. "Is God pure, loving and fair - Where does evil and injustice come
    8. "Does everything happen according to God's Plan? -
    9. "If there is only one God, then why are there so many religions?
    10. "How do you know that the Quran is really from God?"
    11. "Why does the Quran say "We" and "He" when referring to Allah?
    12. "Is 'Allah' the same God of the Jews and Christians?"
    13. "Is Allah going to treat Jews and Christians the same as Muslims?

  • The Judge Abdulla... 2012/04/26 07:22:32
    The Judge
    Predictable or not still legitimate questions. Now can you answer my question is the real challenge. Those are also the questions you can ask the Christians and the Jews. Now this post is not so much top ask if your God is real or not but for what real reason should I follow him. As for those so called predictable questions can you answer them?
  • Abdulla... The Judge 2012/04/26 07:50:22
    Abdullah Baspren
    Question why you should believe in God ... The answer is very simple ..
    Provided that they actually want with all your heart to reach the answer .. Do not fight stubborn or after knowledge of the truth ..

    I put to you the answer .. Two minutes ago .. In the group (Islam Q & A)
    I ask God to enlighten my heart and your heart to the right

  • The Judge Abdulla... 2012/04/26 07:25:12
    The Judge
    Oh By the way my time in Pakistan was very nice and the people were great, I find that all religions i have studied lack a certain something for me. Perhaps you can change my mind.
  • Maltilda 2012/04/26 01:40:50
    I just hope you don't pick Allah. He really doesn't like women and well, pretty much most of all mankind for that matter.
  • The Judge Maltilda 2012/04/26 07:06:47
    The Judge
    Thats what they said about the Catholics
  • Cal 2012/04/26 00:37:25
    Good thought. Make up your own damn mind and leave it off soda head.
  • The Judge Cal 2012/04/26 07:07:22 (edited)
    The Judge
    Maybe you should find another site more to your liking ?
  • Cal The Judge 2012/04/26 20:38:10
    I like this one just fine. Judge if your skin is this thin...then maybe you need to find a new site. That was a docile, calm, response. Hardly even worth defending.
  • The Judge Cal 2012/04/26 23:06:11
    The Judge
    lol ok little one run along when you become a grown up we can talk
  • lm1b2 2012/04/25 23:09:46
    Don't care what you believe!
  • David K 2012/04/25 22:14:36
    David K
    you should believe because He is real. if you seek to know the truth about Him without bias, He will prove to you He is real. if He fails, don't believe. just make sure you actually seek as it would suck to come close and give up. i believe in Jesus Christ, not because i was told i should, but because He has proven Himself real. i sought truth and found it. i have no time for religion. believe in my God because He is alive and real.
  • Abdulla... David K 2012/04/26 07:57:44
    Abdullah Baspren
    I am honored to know we have seen in the great prophet Jesus peace be upon him
    It is good to reach the truth as long as you seek to .. I ask Allaah to help you better

  • David K Abdulla... 2012/04/26 12:53:23
    David K
    I have studied Islam some. i found Islam in my Bible. when the angel spoke to Hagar in the desert and there are many prophecies concerning Islam. Though in my studies, I have found that the everlasting covenant spoke to Abraham was found in Jesus Christ. i have been to a mosque and spoke to the imam, he was very helpful. still, the Bible spoke of islam before it could be seen. thousands of years before. that's why i believe in the Holy Bible, because i have seen a great many prophecies come to pass.
  • Grabitz 2012/04/25 22:06:49
    Any love is better then no love . For me when I am against all odds and the world sucks I have God that makes it all seem so much better .
  • say what? 2012/04/25 21:42:18 (edited)
    say what?
    In spite of what most people say,it is money and power they kneel down and pray for.If you believe in money and power then you believe in the most common God on earth.
  • moorrbrt1 "In God we Trust" 2012/04/25 21:24:57
    moorrbrt1 "In God we Trust"
    What God do you believe in?
  • The Judge moorrbr... 2012/04/25 21:26:34 (edited)
    The Judge
    That is not the question. I believe in no God and all of them. I just haven't found any reason too follow any of them.
  • moorrbr... The Judge 2012/04/25 21:30:01
    moorrbrt1 "In God we Trust"
    I can understand that. God revealed Himself to me, but for whatever reason, doesn't seem to do so to all.
  • The Judge moorrbr... 2012/04/25 21:32:30 (edited)
    The Judge
    Ya I'm glad you found something you believe in, This question is not even to debate or legitimize the existence of God, but to give me a reason to believe in him/her/ it/
  • moorrbr... The Judge 2012/04/25 21:34:36
    moorrbrt1 "In God we Trust"
    I doubt you will find your reason by posting a question.
  • The Judge moorrbr... 2012/04/25 21:37:55
    The Judge
    You never know, it is also a curiosity for me I've been told so many time "How can I not believe in what ever God my friend believes in that I wonder what I'm missing. So far not much.lol but you never know.
  • apacheh... moorrbr... 2012/04/25 21:34:05
  • moorrbr... apacheh... 2012/04/25 21:40:08
    moorrbrt1 "In God we Trust"
    Wow! You too?
  • Razoreye001 2012/04/25 21:22:12
    How about atheism, our beliefs are based on scientific principles and everything makes sense.
  • The Judge Razorey... 2012/04/25 21:24:08
    The Judge
    Yes agreed but i can't help thinking that a small part of me feels something is out there, maybe it's aliens?
  • SoCal71 2012/04/25 21:14:43
    You can believe in whatever you want... Not all Americans are liberal....
  • The Judge SoCal71 2012/04/25 21:20:57 (edited)
    The Judge
    As for being called American try not to be so insulting , as for being called a liberal thank you.
  • SoCal71 The Judge 2012/04/25 21:27:49
    I never called you American Is English your second language?

    One thing is for sure liberalism breeds stupidity everywhere...
  • The Judge SoCal71 2012/04/25 21:29:41
    The Judge
    By your definition you must be a liberal, thank you come again.
  • Rusty Shackleford 2012/04/25 21:04:57
  • The Judge Rusty S... 2012/04/25 21:06:11 (edited)
    The Judge
    Thank you but that one was used already. Now if you wish too answer the question at hand? Why should I believe in your particular God?
  • Rusty S... The Judge 2012/04/25 22:16:58
    Rusty Shackleford
    I'm not asking you to do anything.
  • The Judge Rusty S... 2012/04/26 07:09:40
    The Judge
    Than why come on my pole if you can not answere my question?
  • Rusty S... The Judge 2012/04/26 09:10:53
    Rusty Shackleford
    Who here has asnwered you question to your satisfaction?
  • The Judge Rusty S... 2012/04/26 19:26:52
    The Judge
    a Few Moorbrt11 a few others today I do not ask any to propve their God exists moreto prove why I should follow that particular God/. There are hundreds if not thousands too choose from.
  • Razorey... Rusty S... 2012/04/25 21:21:22
    You realize Ayn Rand was an atheist right?
  • Rusty S... Razorey... 2012/04/25 22:17:26
    Rusty Shackleford

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