Why is there so much hate in America?

GabrielsLoveSlaveLoki 2010/09/24 22:47:56
Its palpable. It slowly chokes the victims of it and those sensitive to emotions. Its slowly killing me, the strength of the hate. Hate for Obama, the Tea Party, the LGBTQ community, Liberals, Conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, Christians, Jews, Pagans, Muslims.

It literally makes me cry to see the hate. As a Liberal Bisexual Pagan, I get a lot of flak. I got a lot just today.

Now, I don't agree with Obama or the Tea Party, but I don't hate them.

At least I'm trying my hardest. Hate is a horrible emotion. It drains you of energy, it embitters you towards the world. It puts power over you in the hands of those you hate. They can control you.

My absolute favorite SodaHead, Astro Boy, has helped me deal with a lot of my hate and anger issues. He has helped me realize that haters are gonna hate and that why should I become a hater too? Thank you Astro!

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