Why is the MSM so silent on U.S. Troop deaths in Afganistan?

Frank Marshall Davis 2012/09/09 00:05:06
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When Bush was in Office they reported on every single death along with the total death toll.
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  • Woody 2012/09/09 13:55:16
    You are wrong, when I was in Afghanistan,2006-2009, it was all about Iraq...
  • Frank M... Woody 2012/09/09 15:30:12
    Frank Marshall Davis
    Thank you for your Service.

    I remember them reporting on both, unfortunately there was more to report on in Iraq...

    As a person who served, do you believe it's time to leave Afganistan?
  • Woody Frank M... 2012/09/16 14:20:36
    I have never served in the military, I was a DOD Contractor, Vector Control, for 26 months. It is time to leave...
  • Cal 2012/09/09 01:15:53
    When was the last time MSM ever commented on something that wouldn't make them a quick buck? These deaths would not matter to their wallets.
  • Ron the Realist 2012/09/09 00:33:55
    Ron the Realist
    He's their guy. It's the same reason you don't hear anything about the homeless anymore ... even though the numbers are up. Bad news is no news when a liberal is in charge.

    guy reason hear homeless numbers news news liberal charge
  • Max 2012/09/09 00:26:23
    They don't want their partner in the White House to look bad.

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