Why is the Illuminati sign of the back of the American Dollar?

LukeC 2011/05/05 17:26:14
Because they control everything.
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Just curious, use to wonder what the weird pyramid was on the back of the American Dollar, and then i found out the Illuminati are the reason for alot of conspiracies, evil ones.

So why would they have there symbol on the back of a Dollar? Has anyone ever looked into it or do Americans just not question it (No offense, but an Irish man wouldnt let that kinda thing slip). Aswell as that there influence can be seen everywhere, although apprantly they hide themselves very well, starting to get worried, someone please let me know whats the story with this and what Americans think about having there symbol on there money.

Also, apparently the twin towers can be seen on the american dollars when folded a certain way, being destroyed, looked convincing to me (Im smart so), the twin towers destruction is also believed to be a part of the Illuminati conspiracy, and now Osama is dead. Feels like something is being planned.

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  • Johnpaul Frangoudis 2015/04/06 01:34:54
    Johnpaul Frangoudis
    gues what im Johnpaul the reincarnated jesus I know there there for money they worship[ the devil too they can all burn in hell the eye is that there watching me and they rlly are im on tv every song Eminem wrote is talkin trash bout me he calls him self the rap god hes my real dad and he was never there for me maybe that but he does not worship god thers only one god and he is our lord savior and only one jesus and he tryd to wash away sin but the devil overpowered with cesar n there kingdom to go against him our world has become a world of sin and he put me in the world to tell everyone jesus was a real man on the earth and god is real that's al I can say
  • Johnpau... Johnpau... 2015/04/06 01:35:59
    Johnpaul Frangoudis
    I give thedetails
  • anthony 2014/12/08 20:06:31
  • Johnpau... anthony 2015/04/06 01:36:14
    Johnpaul Frangoudis
    I give the details read it
  • ruskin ruskin 2014/10/25 09:16:12
    Because they control everything.
    ruskin ruskin
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  • Johnpau... ruskin ... 2015/04/06 01:36:44
    Johnpaul Frangoudis
    read my comment
  • the discoverer 2014/02/05 19:00:29
    the discoverer
    well as most of you know the writing around the edge of the symbol
    annuit coeptus novus ordo seclorum means beckoned began a new order is despatched.
    but when you take the first letter and turn them into san om and add it on it then turns into beckoned began a new order is despatched from the blood of all.
  • kooaidsir 2011/08/06 02:10:35
    Because they control everything.
    So why the Illuminati sign on the back of the one dollar bill?Did you guys now that on the twenty dollar its says OSAMA
  • LukeC kooaidsir 2011/08/06 03:14:06 (edited)
    Another source sais you can see the 9/11 attacks illustrated on several of the bills, the dollar is a federal currency, it is unlike others, it is not directly distributed by the government.
  • The Winter Sodahead 2011/05/05 18:18:10
    The Winter Sodahead
    That would be a sign that they are complete idiots
  • LukeC The Win... 2011/05/05 18:22:11
    No they like making an idiot of everyone else by hiding themselves in plain sight.
  • MichaelRigby 2011/05/05 17:32:25
    Its actually the eye of providence or the all seeing eye of God its also The Great Seal of the United States and thats why its on the back of a dollar.
  • LukeC Michael... 2011/05/05 17:40:01
    Yeah thats an Illuminati thing, and why is it the The Great Seal of the United States? Dont think something like an eagle would be more appropiate?
  • Michael... LukeC 2011/05/05 17:49:36
    Its not an illuminati thing its used by the Masons it was proposed by Pierre Eugene du Simitiere in 1776 who was a consultant artist in the production of the Great Seal.
  • LukeC Michael... 2011/05/05 17:59:19
    Ha, Free Masons are a part of the Illuminati, by the way, have you ever looked into the governing stones of georgia (America's Stonehenge), the "Commandments" for a New World Order, which is the Illuminati's ideal world, it also includes keeping a worldwide population of 500 million. Cant help but see how it is all connected?
  • Michael... LukeC 2011/05/05 18:26:34
    There's a power play going on but dont get fooled by the mystical stuff its propaganda to make people who realise the truth look like tin foil heads.
  • LukeC Michael... 2011/05/05 19:00:44
    I know, gotta be smart, try and stay informed so you can try and get a step ahead, only way you can do something about it.
  • Michael... LukeC 2011/05/05 19:38:37
    Its difficult looking for truth. Just follow the money. Bilderbergers, CFR and Trilateral Comission and there banking and business associates. They own the media too and with the implementation of ACTA we dont know what powers they have for internet survailance.
  • LukeC Michael... 2011/05/05 19:49:50
    Scary stuff, when they come knocking at my door, ill make sure to do some knocking of my own, get some truth of my own.
    The biggest thing though is that there clearly not happy with what they have now, they want a New World Order, and it seems they intend to use the fear around 2012 to there advantage, and remeber they want the population below 500 million, so i can imagine they will do this while gaining complete support for there plan. Get ready i guess.
  • Michael... LukeC 2011/05/05 20:04:15
    Dont worry too much its control they want, the world isn't politically motivated towards a new world order. We're drifting towards dictatorship in the west and the financial collapse of the US is being implemented but while the 2nd ammendment stands I think you'll be fine. Its a slow process so you've plenty of time.
  • Mobb Deep Michael... 2012/05/25 20:55:58
    Mobb Deep
    Is it something to do with when america was first set up , as it was a relativity new nation , but the people already advance as they were from Britain , was whatever the illuminati is a way of control?

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