Why is Obama not being prosecuted for accepting illegal donations from foriegn countries?

Betty "Jesus is Lord" 2008/11/07 15:44:29
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  • Yume Supernova *~Never Forg... 2009/06/04 16:58:21
    I can explain.
    Yume Supernova *~Never Forget How to Dream!~* God Bless America
    The Savior -- oops, I mean President -- of the World is above honesty, integrity, and following the law.

    explain savior oops president world honesty integrity law
  • unicorn66 2009/01/21 20:46:44
    I can explain.
    Because he is the president of the world as the media indicated after his coronation (whoops, inauguration).
  • ALofRI 2009/01/05 15:57:07
    I can explain.
    Maybe it's because imagined crimes are not really illegal.
  • Chris 2008/11/29 18:44:52
    I can explain.
    Oh give me a break....PLEASE!! This man doesn't get investigated for ANYTHING!!
  • ALofRI Chris 2009/01/05 16:00:42
    Sounds like our last President, Vice President, Attorney General, etc. etc. They would just pass the crime on to their underlings, then pardon or commute the sentence of the loyal sucker.
  • y so serious 2008/11/29 00:45:49
    I can explain.
    y so serious
    Because he's above the law

    explain law
  • ALofRI y so se... 2009/01/05 16:02:04
    Damn! I hope he still looks that good after eight years!
  • jacalera ~Can You Say Lipton?~ 2008/11/26 17:48:39
    I can explain.
    jacalera ~Can You Say Lipton?~
    Obviously, because the messiah can do no wrong. He is above prosecution, it's probably not in his pay grade. They ought to have his butt in court immediately, but it will probably never happen.
  • The Sane One 2008/11/07 16:40:18
    The Sane One
    Probably because there was no way for him to know the legality of the donations beforehand. In order for this to be a crime, there has to be intent to COMMIT a crime. Absent any way to limit campaign contributions to registered voters within the physical borders of the United States, there would be no way to check to see the legality of any particular donation as it is being made.
  • Chris The San... 2008/11/29 18:46:54
    Really? HE KNOWS, otherwise why didn't he turn over the list like McCain did......small donations or not?
  • coffee man 2008/11/07 16:03:03
    I can explain.
    coffee man
    Because he gave back everything that they found out was illegal?
  • get real 2008/11/07 16:02:47
    I can explain.
    get real
    no accountability. That is how our system works. Not enough people care to make a difference. What they don't understand is they are in the position they are in now because of it.
  • Change Happens 2008/11/07 15:58:19
    Why, explain it to me.
    Change Happens
    hummm could be THERE WEREN'T ANY!!!

    He WON...get over it.

    explain hummm won
  • tracie 'American patriot" 2008/11/07 15:50:16
    tracie 'American patriot"
    you tell me and we will both know! LOL
  • TJR 2008/11/07 15:46:29
    I can explain.
    The chosen one is above the law !

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