Why is it that only Nancy Pelosi is mentioned as having benefitted from insider trading when Republicans Boehner and Bachus also advantage?

Jackie O 2011/11/14 23:58:34
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A "60 Minutes" report, using as its starting point Peter Schweizer's book on soft corruption, independently verified information that Nancy Pelosi as well as Republicans - Speaker of the House John Boehner and Rep. Spencer Bachus - all used non-public information to garner lucrative stocks but only Nancy Pelosi was vilified on Sodahead. Why is it allowed that only half stories are reported? Is this blog being used by ultra Conservatives to push their own political agenda at the cost of truthful reporting?

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  • Linda 2011/11/15 14:21:37
    No, I'm sure it was an oversight in reporting.
    Because the wicked witch of the west is expected to do evil...but shame on all those who do it. It's ugly when anyone does it, but Nancy -- did she really need the money? Her husband owns businesses from CA to HA and they are rolling in moolah...so what's up with that?
  • Jackie O Linda 2011/11/15 20:20:08
    Jackie O
    How about Boehner or Bachus did they really need the money? You chose who to demonize then leave out all the dirty Republicans with their hands in the till. Not fair but the GOP doesn't play fair.....that's right anything to promote their agenda of continued handouts to oil and the wealthy while the rest of America goes hungry!
  • Linda Jackie O 2011/11/16 14:05:36 (edited)
    Shame on them, too (I did say this above)... I despise all dirty-deeds, whether done by Republican, Democrat, Independent, or non-claiming political persons... wrong is wrong, and it doesn't come with pre-requisite titles.
  • Jackie O Linda 2011/11/16 16:20:30
    Jackie O
    I agree.
  • Linda Jackie O 2011/11/16 17:59:19
    Great minds, and good hearts! :-)
  • Laurie M 2011/11/15 01:00:35
    Yes, many Conservatives feel the truth is secondary to the cause.
    Laurie M
    apparently almost all of our Congresspeople do this and it's nothing short of what Martha Stewart was sent to prision for. Just one more example how out of control and out of touch our government is
  • Jackie O Laurie M 2011/11/15 02:36:11
    Jackie O
    True but how much more out of control are these SH bloggers that distort or leave out the whole story!
  • Jackie O 2011/11/15 00:59:44
    Yes, many Conservatives feel the truth is secondary to the cause.
    Jackie O
    But the real question is why does the posting by Safari eliminate the two Republicans?
  • Whowho 2011/11/15 00:17:47
    Yes, many Conservatives feel the truth is secondary to the cause.
    Yes they all do it . the only way to make money on the market is to buy stock that they are buying , proved fact .

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