Why is it easy to lose but hard to win?

Werewolfgirl1995 2010/02/15 03:01:56
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  • Tay 2010/02/24 23:33:32
    To win u have to try to lose u don't have to do anything most of the time almost every1 wud just prefer not to try but most want to win others just don't care
  • fullmoon 2010/02/16 19:50:30
    ? thats like why is the sky blue?
  • Atticus Finch 2010/02/16 10:36:20 (edited)
    Atticus Finch
    Losing is as easy as giving up. But wining takes perseverance. I should say success takes perseverance. Not coming in first is not the same thing as losing, neither is last place as long as you tried to do better than your best. I know that may sound lame but it is true.
    losing wining perseverance success perseverance losing sound lame true
  • ~TheDreamer~ 2010/02/15 22:53:58
    Because to get something good, it can't be easy
  • B.S. Detector 2010/02/15 21:47:07
    B.S. Detector
    In order to learn how to win, you need to learn how to lose.
  • elptrek P.H.A.E.T.'s wizard 2010/02/15 19:04:38
    elptrek P.H.A.E.T.'s wizard
    The more you struggle to win the more you appreciate the win. lol
  • Hi23skidoo 2010/02/15 18:13:05
    *facepalm* you should be ashamed that you had to ask this question.
  • PlasmaDragon007 2010/02/15 16:58:25
    The Game of course. Damn it I lost!
  • NachoChuckySpaceMoney 2010/02/15 15:08:20
    Yes! To Win, you have to Struggle; to Lose, you have to Let go, Don't Care.
  • jackolantyrn356 2010/02/15 14:49:33
    a good reputation.
  • Lady Suspicious 2010/02/15 12:57:21
    Lady Suspicious
    Everyone is trying to win, Not many are trying to lose.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2010/02/15 12:46:34
    Lady Whitewolf
    I've often wondered that myself..... especially when it seems they are doing everything they can to MAKE SURE you don't win!
  • AL*MAHDي 2010/02/15 12:25:36
    its easy to lose when YOU decide to give up,SO do not give up.Its hard to win when you don't have enough confidence in your self ,SO love your self forgive your self for every lil thing YOU see its Wrong and keep trying to WIN..
  • RamblingVoices. 2010/02/15 12:02:10
    because it easier to give up than keep fighting
  • mojo 2010/02/15 11:47:18
    Keep dreaming
  • dadihuka 2010/02/15 10:16:17
    coz.. to win u need to do sm effort, bt if u want to lose u cn simplly stay in bed
  • oh my science 2010/02/15 08:36:44
    oh my science
    lol serious?
  • strawberry 2010/02/15 08:33:21
    Many years ago I did some astrology charts. I learned how certain planets have different meanings. Y years astrology charts learned planets meanings our luck or bad luck depends on which planet falls into the 12 houses on the astrology chart. I actually believe people who win the lotto are born to win the lotto. You hear of people buy a $1 lotto ticket and win. Others play for years spending their pay check, never win. In life you have to win and lose, but it does seem the scales tip to cause more loss. Just when someone starts to make it something does go wrong. Take the poor guy at the Olympics. How many years did he struggle to get there. What happens, he gets killed on a trial run on the luge. In this matter, I believe at 90 miles per hr. that wall should have been higher; not built higher afterwards.
  • Lari 2010/02/15 07:23:46
    Winning, having fun can make it that much easier. Losing ain't so easy at times, if you try to lose or the game play is going against you, losing can be a challenge. Overall they're equally hard and easy, your mind plays the cards to whether it's easy or hard..
  • ♣♦Fuckface♥♠ 2010/02/15 05:25:48
    Ugh! Too late to even care!
  • Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥ 2010/02/15 05:06:24 (edited)
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    It takes no effort to lose.

    No pain, no gain.

    If you are talking about gambling, the odds are always stacked against you.
  • Julie~ThisisitforMJ1~ 2010/02/15 05:01:25
    Because when you lose ..people always says "we'll get them next time" or You guys are still the winners to me! - And i agree with theunbubba , winning could Included cheating..Not all the time - But in some small town it still happen.
  • ♥ Emily the "Cutie Banana P... 2010/02/15 05:00:28
    ♥ Emily the "Cutie Banana Pie" ♥
    Its hard to win because you have to be determined and it takes effort. Losing...anybody can do because it doesnt take effort or determination.
  • MeG .__. RainbowFire .__. 2010/02/15 05:00:06
    MeG .__. RainbowFire .__.
    Because this is life. Winning needs work, effort.

    LMAO at theunbubba's answer. "Well duh." x))
  • The Serial Kisser 2010/02/15 04:48:56
    The Serial Kisser
    its all psycological
  • Over 2010/02/15 04:47:20
    You have to work Hard to win.

    You have to do it right to win.
  • reditanaru 2010/02/15 04:46:53
    it's easy to lose cuz' all you have to do is a whole lot of nothing i mean, how hard is that?!!!
  • ~DIVA GIRL~ 2010/02/15 04:46:36
    cause to win u hav to try
  • crotchrot 2010/02/15 04:43:38
  • Hyōrinmaru 2010/02/15 04:42:13
    No no no you are all wrong it's easy to lose because you are up against me
  • —»♫♥☮яєвєccα™☮♥♫«—
    Winning takes effort. Losing takes nothing.
  • theunbubba 2010/02/15 03:42:32
    Well duh. Winning takes effort. Real effort.
  • Matt 2010/02/15 03:19:20 (edited)
    If you listen to this song, there is one line that explains it all ! (right around 3:56)

  • Fluttershy 2010/02/15 03:18:06 (edited)
    i don't know. and since i pretty much never win anything, i don't care.
  • b00jUm 2010/02/15 03:13:53
    Generally, I think people prefer to believe that winning is better than losing because then they can rationalize their own struggles as having a purpose (ie., eventually winning the game, so to speak), rather than accepting the possibility that "losing" - in the sense that most people don't get everything they want in life - is normal.

    So, to answer your question, it's easy to "lose" because we make it so hard for ourselves to "win" at anything. ;)
  • betrayed~in nyx i trust 2010/02/15 03:06:29
    betrayed~in nyx i trust
    because we suck at the game......
  • Werewol... betraye... 2010/02/15 03:06:52

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