Why is gas $1.50 a gal. in China and $3.80 a gal. in the US.

DennisSwanson 2011/04/17 13:43:06
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  • BadDog 2011/04/29 14:24:24
    None of the above
    They use the metric system so it can't be 'gallons'. And they have their own supply of oil under the ground and a whole lot less, like none, pollution laws.
    They will be drilling off Cuba soon, so see the beautiful, clean Florida Keys while you can...
  • DennisS... BadDog 2011/04/29 14:53:36
    China dose use the metric system. That is what conversion tables are for. China has very little oil in China. Bushama has sold several Gulf leases to China. Something the media has hidden well.
  • BadDog DennisS... 2011/04/29 21:31:46
    I forgot to mention, they are also Communist, and the gov't sets the price. They have it set below the international average right now. And nobody can 'sell' any Gulf of Mexico oil leases/drilling rights/land or anything. It is international waters. The USA goes out about 10 miles from shore. The media is not hiding a thing.
    Furthermore; barrels of oil are traded on the 'Mercantile Exchange" like it has been for decades. It is traded there much like cotton, pork bellies, wheat, copper, soybeans and a bunch other commodities. No one can control the prices as it is a free market.
    If we were Communist, then Obama could set the price.
  • jaymz 2011/04/17 17:17:49
    Bought and paid for politicians
    you thank congress for that one and your president !

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