Why Is America So Politically Divided?

Veritas CLM *First Sedition* 2012/09/05 04:15:24
Liberals are to blame, because...
Conservatives are to blame, because...
Democrats are to blame, because...
Republicans are to blame, because...
The news media is to blame, because...
The internet is to blame, because...
Wealth / Income are to blame, because...
Religion is to blame, because...
I agree with several of these answers. (Please Explain)
I blame some other cause...
I don't agree that Americans are politically divided.
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So many Americans on both sides believe they are "right", and the other side is "wrong" in completely absolute terms. This extends all the way to Washington, where our major political parties also seem unable to compromise on almost anything. It hasn't always been this way. Why do you think it is now?
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  • EST94 2012/09/07 17:54:06
    I blame some other cause...
    There is no cooperation in the government..
    There is greed corruption and hate all in this government
  • marty 2012/09/07 01:10:54
    I agree with several of these answers. (Please Explain)
    Because of stupidity. Many Americans see only black and white so can't fathom someone that doesn't blindly follow just one of the paths.
  • clasact 2012/09/05 22:45:12
    I blame some other cause...
    because no one has the magic wand to make things all better and no one has the right answers to fix everything so we each tend to belive what we want
  • voice_matters 2012/09/05 18:43:54 (edited)
    I agree with several of these answers. (Please Explain)
    all are to blame including ohbahmao
  • NarcolepticGoat 2012/09/05 16:56:39
    I blame some other cause...
    Americans are to blame because we're so stubborn.
  • Commenting_one 2012/09/05 16:26:52 (edited)
    I blame some other cause...
    The way people have been raised and taught to think, feel and react. Let's face it, most times people do what they do based on their parent's beliefs and training. Roughly, there has been the two parties which have particular elements associated with them and there will always be misunderstandings, disagreements or misperceptions. There are psychological reasons as to why some are more harsh, arrogant, outspoken, controlling and blaming over others. Many want to "be right" over all else.

    Take "road rage" for instance, many would never act that way and are rational, safe drivers, but if a person who does, hasn't learned to control his anger and curb his hostility, it comes out toward others, without considering the consequences.
  • DavE 2012/09/05 08:51:34
    The news media is to blame, because...
  • sjalan 2012/09/05 05:51:23
    I agree with several of these answers. (Please Explain)
    The EXTREMES of our religious and political groups have forgotten that "all things in moderation" is the mark of a mature society.

    Seems we as a country have become to set in our ways to accept that we MUST move to the middle for the good of ALL citizens.
  • BlackwinterG36C 2012/09/05 05:35:47
    Liberals are to blame, because...
    Because Liberals/Democrats/the Media NEVER got over the 2000 election.
  • Veritas CLM *First Sedition* 2012/09/05 04:50:38
    I agree with several of these answers. (Please Explain)
    Veritas CLM *First Sedition*
    Many, many factors. We've always had different points of view in this country when it comes to social or economic issues, but I think one of the major factors is communication. We have a news media today more interested in promoting and reporting conflict, rather than covering hard news about legislation and policy created through compromise. Also, the fact that we have several 24 hour news channels today with differing political opinions means that a person can watch only news outlets that confirm and entrench their own point of view. I would also throw the internet into the mix, as you have a combination of like-minded people with confirmation bias, along with people insulting each other for differing points of view. It's always easier to reject another perspective when you can label that person as "crazy", or an "extremist".
  • wtw 2012/09/05 04:39:18
    The news media is to blame, because...
    More than any one factor I blame the lack of journalism like we had in the 60's which actually questioned government. Now we only have commentators of propaganda news !
  • DJPanicDC 2012/09/05 04:36:00
    I agree with several of these answers. (Please Explain)
    Religion (God, Guns and Gays ) divides us as does the great inequality the internet fans the flame
    But there should be no compromise, that's all Dems do and that's why we have the only private health care, the most populated private prisons, our resources have been stolen Military occupying most countries etc.
  • Tee Quake 2012/09/05 04:34:46
    I agree with several of these answers. (Please Explain)
    Tee Quake
    We are divided because of corrupt politicians and businessmen.
  • sockpuppet 2012/09/05 04:32:53
    Liberals are to blame, because...
    I blame Liberals for creating the welfare trap and fostering jealousy and contempt for successful people who have to pay the bills for their largesse. No idea what they think they'll do when *everyone* is on welfare.

    Given the anger they've nurtured, and the ease with which everyone can make their voices heard, the divisions that existed quietly in the past are now unbearably loud.
  • Miss Kris the Centrist 2012/09/05 04:19:51
    The news media is to blame, because...
    Miss Kris the Centrist
    The media is very polarized, and people choose to follow just one side or another, taking it as complete fact.

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