SunShine 2012/08/14 04:41:03
Why I Do Not Like The Obamas
Mychal Massie

The other evening on my twitter, a person asked me why I didn't like the Obama's?

Specifically I was asked: "I have to ask, why do you hate the Obama's? It seems personal, not policy related. You even dissed their Christmas family pic."
The truth is I do not like the Obamas, what they represent, their ideology, and I certainly do not like his policies and legislation.

I've made no secret of my contempt for the Obamas. As I responded to the person who asked me the aforementioned question, I don't like them because they are committed to the fundamental change of my/our country into what can only be regarded as a Communist state.

I don't hate them per definition, but I condemn them because they are the worst kind of racialists, they are elitist Leninists with contempt for traditional America. They display disrespect for the sanctity of the office he holds, and for those who are willing to admit same, Michelle Obama's raw contempt for white America is transpicuous.

I don't like them because they comport themselves as emperor and empress. I expect, no I demand respect, for the Office of President and a love of our country and her citizenry from the leader entrusted with the governance of same. President and Mrs. Reagan displayed an unparalleled love for the country and her people. The Reagans made Americans feel good about themselves and about what we could accomplish. Could you envision President Reagan instructing his Justice Department to act like jack-booted thugs?

Presidents are politicians and all politicians are known and pretty much expected to manipulate the truth, if not outright lie, but even using that low standard, the Obama's have taken lies, dishonesty, deceit, mendacity, subterfuge and obfuscation to new depths. They are verbally abusive to the citizenry and they display an animus for civility.

I do not like them, because they both display bigotry overtly, as in the case of Harvard Professor Louis Gates, when he accused the Cambridge Police of acting stupidly, and her code speak pursuant to now being able too be proud of America.. I view that statement and that mindset as an insult to those who died to provide a country where a Kenyan, his illegal alien relatives, and his alleged progeny, could come and not only live freely, but rise to the highest, most powerful, position in the world. Michelle Obama is free to hate and disparage whites, because Americans of every description paid with their blood to ensure her right to do same.
I have a saying, that "the only reason a person hides things, is because they have something to hide." No president in history has spent over a million dollars to keep his records and his past sealed.

And what the two of them have shared has been proved to be lies. He lied about when and how they met, he lied about his mother's death and problems with insurance, Michelle lied to a crowd pursuant to nearly $500,000 bank stocks they inherited from his family. He has lied about his father's military service, about the civil rights movement, ad nausea. He lied to the world about the Supreme Court in a State of the Union address. He berated and publicly insulted a sitting Congressman. He has surrounded himself with the most rabidly, radical, socialist academicians today. He has fought for abortion procedures and opposed rulings that protected women and children, that even Planned Parenthood did not seek to support. He is openly hostile to business and aggressively hostile to Israel. His wife treats being the First Lady, as her personal American Express Black Card (arguably the most prestigious credit card in the world). I condemn them because, as people are suffering, losing their homes, their jobs, their retirements, he and his family are arrogantly showing off their life of entitlement - as he goes about creating and fomenting class warfare.

I don't like them, and I neither apologize nor retreat from my public condemnation of them and of his policies. We should condemn them for the disrespect they show our people, for his willful and unconstitutional actions pursuant to obeying the Constitutional parameters he is bound by, and his willful disregard for Congressional authority.

Dislike for them has nothing to do with the color of their skin, it has everything to do with their behavior, attitudes, and policies. And I have open scorn for their playing the race card.

It is my intention to do all within my ability to ensure their reign is one term. I could go on, but let me conclude with this. I condemn in the strongest possible terms the media for refusing to investigate them, as they did President Bush and President Clinton, and for refusing to label them for what they truly are. There is no scenario known to man, whereby a white president and his wife could ignore laws, flaunt their position, and lord over the people, as these two are permitted out of fear for their color.

As I wrote in a syndicated column titled "Nero In The White House" - "Never in my life, inside or outside of politics, have I witnessed such dishonesty in a political leader. He is the most mendacious political figure I have ever witnessed. Even by the low standards of his presidential predecessors, his narcissistic, contumacious arrogance is unequalled. Using Obama as the bar, Nero would have to be elevated to sainthood ... Many in America wanted to be proud when the first person of color was elected president, but instead, they have been witness to a congenital liar, a woman who has been ashamed of America her entire life, failed policies, intimidation, and a commonality hitherto not witnessed in political leaders. He and his wife view their life at our expense as an entitlement - while America's people go homeless, hungry and unemployed."

------Mychal Massie is a respected writer and talk show host in Los Angeles.

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  • Rodney 2012/08/14 05:46:55
    If I had the skill to articulate my feeling toward Barack Obama and Michelle, I would have written it just like this. Perfectly stated and I agree 100%.

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  • writing_fanatic 2012/08/15 21:33:22
    Hi five, dude! You gained my respect within the first two words! I was hooked!
  • Bob DiN 2012/08/15 21:11:47
    Bob DiN
    The fact that they racist, are socialist and anti American is enough for me not to like them
  • Avenged7 2012/08/15 18:10:35
    I'm so sorry you have bought into the right wing propaganda machine. What you have stated is everything the machine has put out there for their minions to spread their gospel. I think if you could think more independently, and try to unshackle yourself from the machine, and you might see them in a different way, instead of the venom you feel toward them. You may not agree with them, but you could see them in a more civil light. I see you have used an African American as an example. I guess that is to show this has nothing to do with racism. I don't think you are racist but that machine that you seem to quote verbatim is. This Communism, Marxism, Muslim, Kenyan, etc. has been manufactured by the extremist on the right, and I believe it's all due to a black man having so much power that conflicts with a party that is dominated by old white men!!!!
  • granny Avenged7 2012/08/15 20:38:01
    you sir need help if you believe odumba & his wife have any love for this great country!!!!!
  • Avenged7 granny 2012/08/15 20:59:38
    I know they do, and I don't know whether you do or not, but i do know your right wing monarchy have no love for this country. It's all about what they can get from this country. they use patriotism as propaganda, and only want political power to take from this country what they can get. Why do you think they have had a record number of filibusters in the senate? To stall the economy. They don't want Obama to do well, so they will sacrifice the American people just take power again. All this has been verified by a couple of Republicans. Some love of country huh??????????
  • SunShine Avenged7 2012/08/15 22:53:10
    here is a thought for you .. see if you can wrap your pea brain around it..

  • Avenged7 SunShine 2012/08/16 16:06:36
    Aaah your just repeating what your handlers tell you. You can't prove it. Pea brain is better than no brain like you.
  • SunShine Avenged7 2012/08/16 16:27:27
    I have no handlers but that sounds like a progressive attitude all right.. I can't prove what??
  • Bob DiN Avenged7 2012/08/15 21:13:35
    Bob DiN
    The fact Obama has been a failure and a liar is self evident and not propaganda.
  • SunShine Avenged7 2012/08/15 22:52:07
    you could save yourself some time and trouble.. I don't listen to your hot air.. that is all it is..liberal talking points.. all bullcrap.. I don't feel any venom toward them.. I am disgusted by them and their lies and abuses, their elitism and narcissism, their anti American talk and actions, their radical view of everything American.. Now let me tell you something.. I was a democrat and I researched obama for 2 years.. What I found out is not pretty and if you knew you would not like him either. He IS A MARXIST.. COMMIE.. EVEN the black liberation theology is based on marxism.. there is nothing manufactured about that at all.. He chose to surround himself with commies and marxists.. don't you even read his books??
    don't you know anything about him factually?? then why do you make statements if you don't know they are true? and one thing you need to learn.. Obama is not a black man..he's white.. 50% white and only 6.25% black, the rest 43.75% is ARAB... where do you think he got the ARAB names from.. all three of his names are ARAB.. Baraka Hussein and Obama.. this is nothing to do with race.. Obama was not qualified for this job and he has been the most inept, deceitful and divisive president ever in this country.. history will not be kind to him.. You need to go and do some research so you can speak with authority and facts..
  • Avenged7 SunShine 2012/08/16 16:25:10
  • SunShine Avenged7 2012/08/16 16:34:02
    well that shows how much you know then doesn't it??? not much.. You see for many decades in the past the Arab came to places like Kenya where they settled in and became the sellers of slaves which they then took north to sell to Europeans.. that has gone on for hundreds of years.. These Arab became part of the fabric of countries like Kenya.. Obamas father was 12.5%black and 87.5%Arab.. So before YOU EMBARASS YOURSELF any further.. go and do some research.. Obamas paternal family is mostly arabs.. hence the arab names and the Islamic religion..all of his names are ARAB.. as were those of his father and grandfather and great grandfather..
    The status of a minority race in the United States is the amount of 12.5% of blood of that minority.. Obama doesn't make the cut..
  • Avenged7 SunShine 2012/08/16 16:51:53
    I never said they don't have any Arabs there, but they are an African country. Your definition is dumb as saying the U.S. is a Spanish country just because we have a lot of Hispanics here. Really, you just can't try and squirm out of what you said, by saying Arabs live there. Obama is half black and half white. I know what your trying to do, and that is trying to make him white so you can be a racist without being called a racist.
  • SunShine Avenged7 2012/08/16 18:12:42
  • fisherman 2012/08/15 17:59:37
    if you have to ask....then you will never understand .....
  • Susan 2012/08/15 16:37:40
  • idonia11 2012/08/15 16:27:33
    Very well stated.
  • Matt 2012/08/15 15:53:32
  • Pamela 2012/08/15 14:53:25 (edited)
    I don't like them because they are frauds. They are the worst thing that ever happened to this great country. We need to end this tyranny.
  • Flamingolady 2012/08/15 13:07:17
    I agree 100%. This administration is an embarrassment to the US, and it has nothing to do with skin color. It is all in his lies, deception, cover ups and usurping the Constitution.
  • Mark P. 2012/08/15 12:49:32
    Mark P.
    Amen to that my brother. The man is nauseating to say the least.
  • SJG 2012/08/15 12:33:30
    This is another right wing nut job who loves attention and would sell his mother for an ounce of publicity.
  • SunShine SJG 2012/08/15 22:56:33
    hmmm... really? sounds like you just can't accept the truth.. poor thang!!
  • Kathi Mcdermott 2012/08/15 11:13:08
    Kathi Mcdermott
    Thanks for finding this Brian.
  • SunShine Kathi M... 2012/08/15 23:00:08
    yes.. please pass it around .. everyone should read this report.. it's enlightening and there are many Americans who need enlightening after all the bullcrap they have been listening to lately from obumbler..
  • Luke 2012/08/15 10:19:12
    Wow!! He said what alot of folks are thinking.....and he did it with class.....
  • Kathi M... Luke 2012/08/15 11:04:20
    Kathi Mcdermott
    Something that neither of the obuttman's have. thank you very much.
  • Deputy Chief 2012/08/15 08:46:33
    Deputy Chief
    Based on everything written, he is an embarassment to our country. This is separate and apart from what his spending has done to continue to destroy our economy. Obama has NO shame. In his own words, he should be held accountable and be a ONE term proposition if he failed to cut the deficit in half after 3 years.
  • Mary 2012/08/15 07:17:31
  • angelbaby 2012/08/15 06:08:09
    What a great article ~ "Nero in the White House" is a perfect description! Thanks for sharing this
  • ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠ 2012/08/15 03:23:06
    ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠
    I have no opinion on Barack Obama's wife or daughters. It's him I have a problem with.
  • Kathi M... ☠ Live ... 2012/08/15 11:09:22
    Kathi Mcdermott
    Unfortunately the "cow" chimed in with I have never liked this country until now. She also went on to bash Hillary's daughter, and told the crowd don't let your daughters grow up to be hedge fund people. She has acted like Marie Antoinette, of let them eat cake fame with her multiple vacations at our expense, and then sending her daughter and 12 of her friends to Mexico Spa and Resort, along with 25 secret service personel ALL AT OUR EXPENSE, during a time of Recession, that shows absolutely no RESPECT or compassion for the PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY. "LET THEM EAT CAKE", I say off with their heads come November.
  • SunShine Kathi M... 2012/08/15 23:02:35
    and here she is now..
    michelle antoinette
  • Phyl *In God i Trust* 2012/08/15 03:12:19
    Phyl *In God i Trust*
    I havent liked them from the start.I did my home work about that one.
  • Tuna 2012/08/15 01:42:17 (edited)
    We owe it all to Bill Clinton who single handedly destroyed the prestige associated with the office of President of the United States.
    definition of is  is
  • Bob DiN Tuna 2012/08/15 21:15:49
    Bob DiN
    Can you say Monica?
  • SunShine Bob DiN 2012/08/15 23:06:39
    the blue dress.. right!!

    the blue dress
  • Bob DiN SunShine 2012/08/15 23:07:48
    Bob DiN
    Yes, the semen blue dress.
  • Tuna SunShine 2012/08/16 18:20:53
    Polka dotted I believe it was.
  • Tuna Bob DiN 2012/08/16 18:20:22
    The list is long of those we KNOW OF; how many more???

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