Why don't YOU know this stuff??

Mr.Reasonable 2012/03/12 04:46:02
Our government appears to be divided from within. There seems to be a number who know their duty to the constitution, and an even more powerful faction that is working tirelessly to destroy it, in order to create this one world totalitarian dictatorship we find ourselves barreling toward at this moment.

Dees Washington

The good news is the Republic (yes that’s right we are not and never have been a democracy) of the united States of America could still be restored.

The bad news: The last lawfully elected President of the Republic of the united States of America was Abraham Lincoln. At the outbreak of the Civil War President Lincoln declared a national emergency, placed the country under martial law and suspended the constitution for the duration of the war. After the war the country lay devastated and still hopelessly divided as the south struggled to rebuild and bitter roots of resentment took hold as the era of “reconstruction” began. The south was eventually resurrected, the Constitution was not.

In 1868 with the country still under a declared national emergency, the 41st congress allowed the federal government to incorporate and to inhabit a corporate location to be known as “The District of Columbia”. In 1871 congress unlawfully, without informing the public much less procuring the consent of the people, made it official by unconstitutionally passing the ACT of 1871, formally declaring the corporation of the United States to be the lawful government of the country with no jurisdiction outside the District of Columbia except by our consent (not asked for but gotten by insidious means which we are only now discovering) and having jurisdiction over the various territories ie; the Virgin Islands, the Maldives, Puerto Rico etc. http://www.teamlaw.org/DCOA-1871.pdf

The corporate federal government then discarded our original constitution and began to draft their own, so similar as to escape our notice. (You cannot use the Constitution to defend yourself because you are not a party to it. (Padelford Fay & Co. v. The mayor and Alderman of the City of Savannah 14 Georgia 438, 520.) The original 13th amendment was removed in order to avoid violation of their version of the constitution from the start. http://www.uhuh.com/constitution/am13-fgd.htm The truth has been thrust before our eyes and assaulted our ears ever since. How many times have you seen in print or heard a politician refer to the constitution as “The Constitution of the United States?” There, friends and neighbors is the original lie for all to see and hear for our true original de jure Constitution was written as, “The Constitution for the united States of America. Words mean everything and the changing of one seemingly unimportant word can and did make the difference between a free republic and a corporate takeover.

With the takeover complete and the people still blissfully in the dark, the “Transformation of America” began in earnest. In order to accomplish that transformation without another war the secret had to be kept and the society of America drastically changed and “dumbed down” in the extreme. The reason for the takeover was simple. Greed, for money certainly but mostly for the acquisition of that which those who have everything cannot have; power, complete and total power, so much power as to give those who hold it, control over the entire world. The force behind this transformation was a group of powerful foreign bankers, (more details on them in a future article). They had attempted many times to take over America by capturing her monetary system and failed. With the Act of 1871 the door to obscene power and wealth was thrown wide open. America was then on a sure and certain path to destruction at the hands of a few self appointed elite.

Dees fed

The plan was brilliant and carefully crafted by men who had an infinite amount of patience. They knew it would take decades to accomplish but the game was on. By 1913, under Woodrow Wilson, they were able to corrupt congress enough to get the 16th and 17th amendments passed. Even though the 16th was never ratified what the people didn’t know was just fine with them. The 16th paved the way for the bankers to gain complete control over the nation’s monetary system with the creation of the Federal Reserve Debt System, (nothing federal about it, owned lock stock and barrel by a foreign corporation) designed at a weekend retreat in Georgia called Jekyll Island. Following that, the IRS, also owned by them, was created.

To further control the monetary system and place the people under permanent debt, the bankers manipulated the economy and plunged the nation into the great depression. Then their handpicked CEO, (remember the government is now a corporation not a government therefore there are no restrictions of birthright etc. to hold that office), Franklin D. Roosevelt called in all the nation’s gold leaving the population with absolutely worthless paper notes backed by nothing, created out of thin air and based on debt.

Dees Washington

The second step was creating a way to profit even more on the greatest resource the nation possessed, her people. Have you ever stopped to wonder where the term “Human Resources” originated? How can humans be a national resource? The term itself implies ownership and that is exactly what it means. We are Human capital (Executive Order 13037. )With the enactment of two items we were converted from a free people to corporate chattel; the Certificate of Live Birth and later the Social Security system. Both of those documents create an all capital name entity which is bonded and traded on the open market. A trust account is created in that name and from that moment on everything you do in commerce for the rest of your life is based on forcing you to borrow on your own money while creating debt from it while the elite amass wealth by stealing your sweat equity. (You own no property, slaves can’t own property. Read the Deed to the property that you think is yours. You are listed as a Tenant. (Senate Document 43, 73rd Congress 1 st. Session).

Every time you sign your name on a check, a credit application, a license of any kind, a contract or check that little box “are you a U.S. Citizen”, you are granting your permission to be under the unconstitutional jurisdiction of THE CORPORATION UNITED STATES. Take out a magnifying glass and examine the line on your checks where you sign your name. Look at your SSI card, drivers license, credit and debit cards etc., and you will see your name in all capital letters indicating that corporate entity.

That entity is known as your “Straw Man”. http://vodpod.com/watch/3864930-meet-your-strawman.
Even worse, by signing a birth certificate for your child you have just given legal custody of that child to the state which is why the state can take that child from you if they decide that you should not have him or her.
Everything above is easily verified but is the bare tip of the iceberg in the corruption and deception this nation has been enveloped in for more than 134 years. We are now told that our Constitution is out dated, irrelevant and a “list” of negative rules. The founders wrote the document that way in an attempt to insure that no branch of government could over run the people.

The Legislative branch was designed with two houses for a reason. The Senate was structured to be the federal arm of representation for the State Legislatures. That’s why our constitution dictates Senators be appointed by those bodies but the 17th amendment erased that and placed the Senate under the same corrupted election system the Congress is subject to. Our States now have virtually no representation on the federal level so neither, do we the people.

This is why your government does not listen to you. This is why they only appear to when campaigning for election and promptly do as they please once they reach the hill. They DO NOT WORK FOR YOU! They work for a foreign owned banking cabal better known as the International Monetary Fund.

So today we have a hopelessly bloated federal government which literally controls every single aspect of your life from the pillows you sleep on to the food on your table, there is not one thing you do from the time you rise in the morning to the time you lay your head down at night that is not regulated in one way or another from a local, state or federal government.

We have forgotten our founders and who we are. We have through apathy and indoctrination, allowed ourselves to be enslaved and dependent upon a corrupt corporation. It’s time to reverse what has been done to the greatest nation on earth. Violence and force is not the way, the corporation is now imploding as it finds itself so internally corrupt that it has lost control over its players. There have been untold numbers of crimes against humanity to be paid accounted for but that will be dealt with later. First we must restore our honor and our country, and then look to the future for our children and grandchildren.

The rightful government of our founders can be re-inhabited, quietly, peacefully and behind the scenes. It is funded and ready to pick up the broken pieces of this great society when the corporation crumbles and the economy collapses. Just like the first half of the last century both entities will exist at once for a short time. During that time measures are being taken to insure the least amount of chaos and hardship possible for the American people as the rats desert the ship. However this is America and no person can be forced to choose freedom and the Republic over slavery. If you choose to remain a slave to the collapsing nanny state, you are free to do so.

If on the other hand, you are outraged at what has been done to you and ready to return to the land of our forefathers, visit the official site of the re-inhabited Republic. Read the plan, the declarations and then sign the declaration and step back into your rightful heritage as an American.
You will be given the opportunity to step up to serve in different ways if you so choose but that, is not necessary. The account and password function will not work until you are sent a confirmation via email of your signature. While this time you don’t have to gather minute men, your musket and rations to fight a revolutionary war, you are still being given the same choice your ancestors made in 1775! http://www.republicoftheunitedstates.org

And join the American protectionist group here on sodahead @

The name, "Barack Hussein Obama" is a word puzzle. "Obama" is derived from two Moluccan words, "O," which is a vocative, and "Bama," which means, "when." "Obama" means "O, when?" The first time this name was employed was in conjunction with the creation of this artificial, pseudo-biological being.

The name "Barack," also a 'new name' on the planet, is a conjunction of two names: "Barry Rockefeller," i.e. "Bar(ry)" + "Rock(efeller)" = "Barack."
The two names say, "Barry Rockefeller, O, when?"
Summarily, any official requests for BHO's legitimate birth or school records have been met with denials, obfuscation, and political/media 'spin' and/or condemnation. Official bureaucratic agencies and educational institutions cannot produce what does not exist. Therefore, all parties who aid and abet in this fraud upon the American people (and the whole world) are equally culpable and should be immediately removed from office and/or positions of power—forever.

people world equally culpable immediately removed office andor positions powerforever

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Thanks to gregaj7

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  • Bozette 2012/03/12 05:30:35
    Excellent post, thanks Mr. R and Greg.

    Why don't people know this? Because it is not what we are taught, and when people first hear about it...it is rather difficult to believe. It is verifiable, though, if one persists. Of course, anyone who speaks of such things is considered to be an "extremist".

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  • Tennessee3501 2012/03/13 18:01:08
    Is that you, Jesse Ventura?
  • Technotrucker_exposingthetruth 2012/03/12 20:41:07
    Complete and utter indoctrination of the people by the Corporation of the United States. This is an excellent explanation of what I have attempted to convey for over 20 years. Anyone filing and paying income tax is funding the corporation and their own slavery.
    People have no right to bitch and complain, if they don't do anything to change their situation.
    Good post.
  • Mr.Reas... Technot... 2012/03/12 20:47:46
  • Striker 2012/03/12 19:30:25
    Russell Longcore gave us a refreshing view on this Constitution, which renders irrelevant all within in this post.

  • Mr.Reas... Striker 2012/03/12 19:56:05
    I beg to differ. He has many of the same facts, but longheaded, wrongheaded idea's. The constitution is as valid as WE THE PEOPLE make it to be. WE have weakened it severaly with our ignorance for many years, but it still can be repaired.

    And NOTHING on the earth! Could ever make truth,. "irrelevant."
  • Striker Mr.Reas... 2012/03/12 20:05:36 (edited)
    It may be "truth" but the entire Government is irrelevant.
    You wanna be ruled, keep it.
    Obviously Longcore's truth matters not to you, but it's still truth. If somehow it isn't, make your case.
  • Mr.Reas... Striker 2012/03/12 20:40:42
    No, I don't want to keep the irrelevant UNconstitutional government. I want to throw everything out Washington D.C. except for the constitution. That document, I will fight and kill and die for.
  • Striker Mr.Reas... 2012/03/12 23:22:36
    okay, you mean that constitution which has failed to protect you and your liberty. There was a time when it was the best ever, but the progressives enlarged the holes. Blind loyalty cannot fix it, nor can a con-con in the present environment.

    I have not bothered with all the effort needed to rewrite it, nor do I hold all the legal skills, but here's where it must begin:
  • Mr.Reas... Striker 2012/03/13 00:21:20
    There's nothing wrong with the constitution. It's only the ignorance of generations of Americans who allowed it to be ignored. That is coming to an end! And the constitution will be restored. When everyone becomes aware of realaties they are currently still ignorant of.
  • Striker Mr.Reas... 2012/03/13 01:02:50
    Believing such will assure it's demise. How many sheeple have YOU convinced this year, and of what?
  • Mr.Reas... Striker 2012/03/13 01:37:36 (edited)
    You're 73 years old Sir! How did you live so long to still be so dumb? How could you not have learned anything in all that time?

    You must have been a real prize to start out with.. The internet can be used for more than just spreading your homegrown "wisdom" old fart!
    It can (For the time being) be used to learn.

    I'll bet you haven't taken the 20 minutes in all your 73 years to even READ the constitution, and you're here bad mouthing it.. Shame on YOU! The declaration of independents, the constitution and the bill of rights were THE only things this nation ever did right!

    And NOW you're foolish enough to side with the globalists who want to destroy American sovereignty and enslave the nation!
  • Striker Mr.Reas... 2012/03/13 02:05:23
  • Mr.Reas... Striker 2012/03/13 03:00:43
    If I misunderstood, I do apologize.
  • Striker Mr.Reas... 2012/03/13 05:04:08
    You totally misunderstood, and worse, you misconstrued. My bad, I ought to have seen that from the beginning. We are finis.
  • Mr.Reas... Striker 2012/03/13 05:12:50
    I took you to say you wanted to do away with the constitution.. It was surprising to me, as I thought you to be MUCH more reasonable than that. I hate that I offended you, especially since I misunderstood, and misconstued what you were saying..

    It's disheartening to see anyone, especially an American, dissing on the constitution, for its only flaw, is lack of enforcement by the only one's authorized OR invested in it's preservation.
  • Striker Mr.Reas... 2012/03/13 12:59:08
    It's fatal flaw is evident -- it has failed to protect it's people from the government it created. If it had not, how did America come to be in the throes of today? Just what do Americans have now to be "patriotic" about?

    There is no point in continuing discussion in this vein. You steered the boat away when you failed to studiously respond to my post
  • Mr.Reas... Striker 2012/03/13 16:20:01
    You didn't write that post correct? That guy pisses me off! He's dangerous! He's got half the facts, and a completely bass-ackwards conclusion..

    The constitution only seems to "failed" US, because WE failed the constitution. We allowed our government to make unconstitutional laws, to operate as far outside the defined boundaries of government, as 'national security" deemed "necessary."

    That is how the constitution "failed us." By way of us, failing it..
    All we need do, is force our elected officials (WHO have been utterly corrupted by international banks.) to honor it, and abide by the oath they take to it.
  • Striker Mr.Reas... 2012/03/13 16:55:18
    I did write that post. That is my website, my name is on everything I write. Pissed off is mutual. If you cannot discuss just what is ass-backwards, what good are you?

    If you wish to force your elected officials, what's stopping you? I have been battling this horsefeathers for over 50 years, and it's only continued to get worse.
  • Mr.Reas... Striker 2012/03/13 17:16:32 (edited)
    Ah, I see. Well we have some fundamental disagreements here. I commend you on your lengthy fight, but suggest that maybe there are other solutions to the one you suggest.

    Going away from the constitution isn't what the country needs at all.. We need to stick to it, to the letter!
    The world is the way is today, because it has been ignored since the war of 1812. (Which ended in 1814.) That was when England, actually (Secretly) regained power over American government.

    The defense of the nation, our constitution, ultimately has always belonged to the American people. There has never been more perfectly worded documents in any government, the founding documents of this nation.

    The only thing worth saving about this country's government,* in my opinion. are these founding documents. Back to the drawing board with the rest.
  • Striker Mr.Reas... 2012/03/13 18:00:33
    You've provided no "other solutions". Whatever is wrong went wrong because the Constitution failed to protect it's people or this nation, or both. You say it began with the war of 1812-1814, so that's 198 years and it's not been fixed YET? Yet this is the document you wish to "save" and have twisted and spun to rule you?

    The constitution fails on it's "general welfare" crap. It fails again with the commerce clause. For chrissake, it fails to define the natural-born citizen to such extent that now we have a total alien claiming to be president, and the People have no "standing"? It set up a "balance of powers" which include only the President, the Congress, and the Supreme Court. Where is a slot for the People who are subjected to government edict?
  • Mr.Reas... Striker 2012/03/13 18:13:35
    No! You're speaking of Barrack Obama's "living constitution." I'm speaking of the original document. NON-amended. This government has ruled thru deception and avoidance of the 'rules' set forth by the constitution.
    Thru our own ignorance and gullibility, WE allowed this government to destroy everything the constitution guaranteed all Americans.

    The "other solutions" you say I failed to provided, is exactly what I have been providing here since Nov, of last year.. The correct information people SHOULD know, so they can stop being puppets to the puppets of the European monarchies.

    End the private federal reserve bank.
  • Striker Mr.Reas... 2012/03/13 18:35:38
    You mean the constitution we've had since about 1798, the one which put Government in charge of "money" which Government then enacted the federal reserve without our consent, turned our "money" to fiat paper, refuses to allow competition from "real money", and which for nearly a century now we the people can do nothing about? you mean THAT consitution?

    Or do you mean the constitution which FDR turned into a progressive/socialist "society", without our consent -- and about which we can do nothing? you mean THAT constitution?

    Or do you mean the constitution which has allowed our rulers to sacrifice our citizens to wars around the world; you mean THAT constitution?

    Or are you talking only about the one which Obama has usurped? hmmmmm, that's the same constitution which has failed us time after time, is it not?
  • Mr.Reas... Striker 2012/03/13 20:16:34
    The constitution, has never! And is completely incapable of failing us! It's is our government that has failed us time and again, not because they couldn't understand the constitution, but because they knew we were ignorant of it's content, or the reasons it was so important. And they went willfully against it (ALMOST UNOPPOSED at every step!) until it has been reduced to the point that George Bush could call it, "Just a piece of paper" in front of God and everybody, and not be hung on the spot.

    Stupidity, ignorance, gullibility, evil, arrogance, phony patriotism! Blame any of those things for every U.S. blunder since Jefferson was president, but do not blame the constitution.
  • Striker Mr.Reas... 2012/03/13 20:22:54
    My point is, and has been, that the constitution has protected us not, and therein lies it's failure. Thus it is unworthy of eternal worship.
  • Mr.Reas... Striker 2012/03/13 20:37:01
    I do not worship it, I live by it, and demand my govenment live by it also.

    Only a fool would expect any document alone to defend anything!!
    It has to be upheld and made to mean what it says on the document by the people who are elected to serve.
  • Striker Mr.Reas... 2012/03/13 21:36:45
    seems you are having the same troubles getting the government to "live by it". Why IS that?
  • Mr.Reas... Striker 2012/03/14 01:26:55
    Like I said, it has to be all of us, or at least the majority of us demanding it. Sadly the majority of us are dumber than a bag of hair clippings from the 70's.

    Real information has to be absorbed by the mindless masses! They have to learn the evil that drives our government.. Or we will lose everything just as they have planned.
  • Striker Mr.Reas... 2012/03/14 01:38:18 (edited)
    Much simpler and much more moral to just dump this gestapo overboard and sail away. The mindless masses have no ability to absorb all this and relate to the real world. They just want to KEEP THE FORCE, BABY!
  • Mr.Reas... Striker 2012/03/14 05:27:42
    It just comes down to education.
  • LAAD Gunner - USMC 2012/03/12 18:46:23
    LAAD Gunner - USMC
    Great post Reasonable, thanks. And thank you too gregaj7.

    There really is no limit to the unspeakable injustice of "our" government. The reason that many people won't believe the contents of this article and many others like it is simply out of fear. And why would people want to believe that the government is trying to destroy them? They want to believe the government wants to help them.
  • Mr.Reas... LAAD Gu... 2012/03/12 19:58:10
    Thanks Trey! :)
  • LAAD Gu... Mr.Reas... 2012/03/12 20:07:04
    LAAD Gunner - USMC
    You're very welcome Reasonable :)
  • 2012/03/12 17:19:39
    it has always been this way down through history even the isrealites religous leaders who also acted as rulers too did the same thing. jesus condemned their "traditions" which today would be called legal system. they used their legalistic oral law to get around God's laws after all God's laws hindered any ability of them gaining power and wealth at the people's expense. so they had to find a way around it which they did.

    sound familiar? they had to find away around the consitution which they swore to uphold without appearing to be breaking the constitution which would be treason. so they came up with all kinds of deceptive ways to get you to volunteer your servitude. they basically broke the law. problem with volunteering is they won't let you unvolunteer even when you try. many have tried but were out gunned.

  • Mr.Reas... 2012/03/12 17:29:32
    Thanks for your input! :)
  • Andy 2012/03/12 16:33:57
    Nice work... lots of info... keep it up!!
  • benvolio 2012/03/12 16:13:34
    Learned a lot I truly was unaware of friend. Thank you. Keep up that research. Peace.
  • WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB 2012/03/12 12:46:43
  • goatman112003 2012/03/12 05:54:32
    There are a great deal of things which somehow are not taught or spoken. You have given some of them. Its amazing what you find upon digging.
  • Gregaj7 2012/03/12 05:39:18
    Well done! Thanks for the credit. Let's see how many AP's drop in. :)
  • Mr.Reas... Gregaj7 2012/03/12 05:42:12
    Can't wait.. :)

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