Why don't the people who don't like the FUNDAMENTAL CHANGES that are coming to America find another country that better suits them?

The Wrong Guy 2011/10/24 17:22:43
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I think most of them would really enjoy Iran.

They're big fans of conservative/religious fundamentalism there.

Newsflash for the left-behinds and perpetually-fearful: America isn't just your country - you're sharing it with roughly half of the rest of the population. Every society has to change, to evolve in order to meet its ever-changing needs. The odds-and-ends many of you are nit-picking about started "changing" under your Lord and Savior, Ronald Reagan, so be sure to direct some venom at him - when you're not too busy hating the President, poor people, homosexuals, and minorities.

Try some historical perspective: For every sweeping change that helped to ensure equal rights for minorities, the working class, and women, there has been a conservative movement diametrically opposed to it. How'd that work out for the conservatives of those time-periods? Think about it.

Yeah, the answers are slanted, but hey - if you don't like it, feel free to find another anti-Muslim, anti-Obama, anti-minority, anti-civil rights, anti-human right-wing circle jerk to infest.


1. disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.
2. cautiously moderate or purposefully low
3.traditional in style or manner; avoiding novelty or showiness


[lib-er-uhl, lib-ruhl]
1. favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs.
2. (often initial capital letter) noting or pertaining to a political party advocating measures of progressive political reform.
3. of, pertaining to, based on, or advocating liberalism.
4. favorable to or in accord with concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, especially as guaranteed by law and secured by governmental protection of civil liberties.
favoring or permitting freedom of action, especially with respect to matters of personal belief or expression

Definitions have been provided for folks who think "Democrat=Liberal", and/or that conservatives were actually the champions of the needed changes that have taken place in America. Read those definitions, and ask yourself, "Does it sound like something a conservative would support?" The answer has always been no, by definition.
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  • Rocky 2011/10/24 17:28:23 (edited)
    Change of any sort makes them anxious
    "CHANGE!" Fundament Changes have been changing our hard earned way of life, and I do not like what I see. If those Fundamental Changes you mention so blythely don't bother you, well they do me, and if YOU don't like my or others opinions, who are concerned, I suggest you migrate to another Country your own self, one that already has the kind of Government you are so hep on acquiring and shoving down our throats. CHANGE! Change Countries....that is my advice to you!

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  • Bocephus 2011/12/13 23:11:42
  • POODYLOU ☮ R P ☮ 2012 ☮ 2011/11/01 16:35:49
  • Burning Bright Embers 2011/10/29 18:29:36
    Here's what Jesus thinks:
    Burning Bright Embers
    Jesus is all about change. He had open arms for anyone who would embrace Him. And the free gift of salvation. Maybe its the FREE part that scares those who are against change, if they can't sell it and make a profit from it, they don't want it.

    there is plenty of land in Siberia should they choose to go elsewhere
  • LesWaggoner BN 1 2011/10/26 03:29:06
    Because they are nostalgic for a past that never existed
    LesWaggoner BN 1
    They want to cut taxes without knowing that the current tax system provides the lowest overall tax rates since 1932.
    How about just cutting out the loopholes for the wealthy and large corporations and watch the jobs appear and the economy grow.
  • tlee LesWagg... 2011/10/26 03:36:36
    don't stop there; cut foreign aid,endless money for illegals, and welfare to any able-bodied person who won't work!.
  • Yuki ~ ... tlee 2011/10/26 23:09:24
    Yuki ~ ♦Lion King of PHÆT♦
    What about able-bodied people who can't find work?
  • tlee Yuki ~ ... 2011/10/28 05:22:33
    what about enforcing our immigration laws?.Americans have to compete for jobs against people that shouldn't be here!. In addition,the Bretton Woods 2 agreement given to us by Nixon in the early seventies took us off the gold backed US currency and sent manufacturing overseas by intent. All of our problems are caused by our tyrannical government. I will provide you with a link to some very good information which will take a few days to go over but think it may just give you answers as to why we are in the hole our government has dug. seek the truth or remain a victim - Technotrucker

  • Yuki ~ ... tlee 2011/10/28 13:20:32
    Yuki ~ ♦Lion King of PHÆT♦
    I asked a simple question. What about welfare or something for able-bodied people looking for work?
  • tlee Yuki ~ ... 2011/10/28 16:26:02
    And I gave you an answer and a link which will require you to look for yourself and you seem to be unwilling to educate yourself.Stop waiting for the 10 second soundbites from the government controlled media to tell you what to think and think for yourself.You,and me and every other American has a brain,time to start using it as I did when I figured out we have, and are being lied to.I hope you do not take my reply in a hateful manner,but as it was intended.I hope you will read the link I shared with you above,it will do you a lot of good.Thanks
  • Yuki ~ ... tlee 2011/10/28 16:37:18
    Yuki ~ ♦Lion King of PHÆT♦
    -rolls eyes-

    I asked a simple question. A very simple question. You're complicating and derailing it into something much larger about the government as a whole. Which was NOT what I was asking. Whether it's the illegals, or the huge debt, or whatnot and whatnot, I'm asking a simple question: when the able-bodied are out of jobs, and are looking for jobs, independent of other contributing issues, do you support giving them welfare to stay afloat while they try to get back on their feet?
  • tlee Yuki ~ ... 2011/10/28 16:54:02
    It is not the governments place to supply you with anything.We,as Americans according to our founding documents have the right to life,liberty,and the pursuit of happiness. No guarantees to equal results. It is up to your local community,church,family,etc to help people in need!. Grow up with your rolling of eyes,just because you or any one else exists should in no way incur a debt on me unless I choose to help someone,which I do and have in the past.
  • Yuki ~ ... tlee 2011/10/28 16:55:59
    Yuki ~ ♦Lion King of PHÆT♦
    -looks up at the ceiling-

    You could have just said that at the beginning, you know.
  • tlee Yuki ~ ... 2011/10/28 17:17:27
    I did,but like my 17 year old wants everyone to do everything for her,you want the same thing.I am not that guy. If you want something,work,save,and have some personal responsibility. That will instill satisfaction within you along with accomplishment that makes you feel good about yourself!. Rolling eyes and looking at ceiling are dead giveaways to immaturity.
  • Yuki ~ ... tlee 2011/10/28 18:42:27
    Yuki ~ ♦Lion King of PHÆT♦
    Or you could simply not make a big production out of everything? I ask you a simple question, and you start lecturing about something completely different. I'm not asking you to do my work for me, I'm asking you to further clarify your position by answering a simple yes-or-no question.

    Eyes roll to the ceiling when I am silently thinking, "Lord, give me patience."
  • tlee Yuki ~ ... 2011/10/28 18:47:17
    Try asking God to open your eyes to see and your ears to hear!.
  • Yuki ~ ... tlee 2011/10/28 19:03:38
  • tlee Yuki ~ ... 2011/10/29 07:16:51
    and of course I knew that bitch!. Forget it, you are a lost cause. Just end your pathetic "I am a victim" diatribe cause the free lunch is about over!.
  • cant be... tlee 2011/11/08 19:50:43
    cant beleive walkers gov
    its only welfare until YOU need a hand. then you call it a helping hand.
  • tlee cant be... 2011/11/09 07:05:53
    I have no problem giving people help when NEEDED,just not make it a career move as we do now.When you subsidize something,you only get more of it.
  • cant be... tlee 2011/11/09 14:36:12
    cant beleive walkers gov
    sorta like congress?
  • matt Yuki ~ ... 2011/11/01 15:51:20 (edited)
    Its because of our free trade with countries that have very low wages. We can't compete and the manufacturing goes there. we need some Tariff's to even up the odds and allow us to compete in our own country. You can only stay a consumer so long til the money runs out.. We need jobs here to continue being consumers and just giving money away to get people to buy more is ridiculous.
    Watch this if you want to see why.
  • Kaleoku... tlee 2011/10/28 22:35:30
    Perhaps this is news for you, tlee, but there are not enough jobs for every able-bodied person. Therefore, it is IMPOSSIBLE for all of them to find work, no matter how hard they try. Should they be left to depend on the kindness of strangers or starve?

    Please focus on this specific issue. Enforcing our immigration laws, or spending hundreds of billions of dollars to create an impassible border, will not provide jobs for all able-bodied citizens. What is your solution to THIS problem?
  • tlee Kaleoku... 2011/10/29 07:25:54
    Bretton Woods agreement 2 is why manufacturing left this country to a large degree!. Charity should be local;family,church etc,not through government and yes,kindness from people like me. Don't need a fence,just enforce the laws we have on the companies that hire illegals. Maybe we could adopt Mexico's immigration policies!. They are truly some warm-hearted souls down there!.
  • Kaleoku... tlee 2011/10/29 20:34:59
    I asked "Should they be left to depend on the kindness of strangers or starve?" But you seem to evade a direct answer by mentioning manufacturing and illegals.

    By reading between the lines, I conclude that your answer is "Yes, they should be left to depend on the kindness of strangers or starve."

    Is this correct? Please answer DIRECTLY!
  • tlee Kaleoku... 2011/10/31 18:31:57
    yes and am not evading anything.you interjected in another conversation I was engaged in. I don't need a government stooge to force me to "help" others.I am about doing what I can,when I can,and how with a cheerful heart than by force at the end of a gun. As for them starving,I think you are being disingenuous. seems it is about emotion more than intelligence.
  • Kaleoku... tlee 2011/11/01 00:04:58
    If strangers don't feed them, they will starve. "Let them eat cake"? Your evil nature is showing.

    "I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. That is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant."
    - Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 - 1968)
  • tlee Kaleoku... 2011/11/03 03:07:27
    Oh yes,and welfare has only exacerbated the problem and has done nothing to fix it. Government is too big to care about you or me but I choose to acknowledge that,what is your excuse?. They won't starve if we lived within our means!.Wars, foreign aid, occupation by illegals and trade agreements have killed this REPUBLIC,and by design. Left and Right is BS!.
  • Sandy 2011/10/26 00:59:27
    Here's what Jesus thinks:
    You have to be one of those terrorists that is invading our country... but then since our president is a terrorist... why not a pile of his jiggers along with him.
  • Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥ 2011/10/25 22:10:15
    Here's what Jesus thinks:
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    I'd have been willing to give you what I think but that choice wasn't offered.

    Oh, what the heck. Here is my opinion:

    All the other countries have already been ruined.
  • Dave Sa... Dave Sa... 2011/10/25 22:11:40
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    If Liberal is for greater freedom, why do they need bigger government?
  • Yuki ~ ... Dave Sa... 2011/10/26 23:10:00
    Yuki ~ ♦Lion King of PHÆT♦
    Good question.

    If conservative is for less government, why do they need more control over people's private lives?
  • Dave Sa... Yuki ~ ... 2011/10/27 02:45:43
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    Do you think they can do that with less government?
    We can have less government if we quit paying for abortions.
    No one can make them stop getting them, but why should the government pay for them?
    What else did you have in mind?
  • Yuki ~ ... Dave Sa... 2011/10/27 11:59:04
    Yuki ~ ♦Lion King of PHÆT♦
    You do realize your taxes do NOT go towards funding abortions?

    The government doesn't pay for them. Get your facts first. The government isn't ALLOWED to pay for abortions.

    As for what I had in mind-- gay marriage.
  • Dave Sa... Yuki ~ ... 2011/10/27 15:45:50 (edited)
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    So you say. But I don't believe they keep the money separated for abortions. If the government gives money to organizations (like Planned Parenthood) that provide abortions, it is in effect paying for abortions.

    Marriage (gay or otherwise) is not your private life, but your public life. You can have sex with anyone (unless you pay for it) without the government interfering.
  • Yuki ~ ... Dave Sa... 2011/10/27 16:05:49
    Yuki ~ ♦Lion King of PHÆT♦
    How so?

    The government gives money to Planned Parenthood for different services that have to do with womens' health. Like breast cancer screenings, prevention of cervical cancer, Pap and HIV tests, urinary tract and vaginal infections... that's where all the money's going.

    They're not allowed to pay a single cent for abortions (which come from private donations).

    Marriage is your private life. It affects your ability to have, raise, and care for a family. It's not just about sex, it's about a person's ability to make a personal and private choice with their partner, and being told they can't because other people don't like the idea. It's the government interfering by enacting laws against certain people.
  • Dave Sa... Yuki ~ ... 2011/10/27 16:10:56
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    Getting married is not private, but a matter of public record.
  • Yuki ~ ... Dave Sa... 2011/10/27 16:14:03
    Yuki ~ ♦Lion King of PHÆT♦
    Being born is a matter of public record, but it doesn't mean your every move after you leave the hospital is public record. Similarly, just because being married is on public record doesn't mean that what happens in a marriage isn't private.

    But sure, have it your way-- let's assume you're right. But it is a PERSONAL thing, and the government still feels the need to interfere in peoples' PERSONAL lives.
  • Dave Sa... Yuki ~ ... 2011/10/27 22:26:26
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    We were discussing getting married not what you do before or after you get married.

    Why do I get the feeling that everything would be a personal thing if you could have it that way?
  • Yuki ~ ... Dave Sa... 2011/10/27 23:08:47
    Yuki ~ ♦Lion King of PHÆT♦
    Ah, but it is what you do after you are married that matters-- and is personal. Getting married on public record is impersonal, but what you do with your marriage is very personal. And it is what you do with your marriage that is most important to those who seek to get married.

    After all, I highly doubt the majority of people who get married merely do it so that if someone looks them up on public record, their name is neatly slotted with everyone else's.

    -shrugs- I think that what people choose to do with their lives is a very personal decision for them. Because that's simply what it is. Do you deny that?
  • Dave Sa... Yuki ~ ... 2011/10/28 22:09:55
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    Gay marriage isn't really marriage. They have to tack the word "Gay" on it to make it seem like it is.

    Gay sex is against God's laws, yet it is allowed in most places anyway, but it should not be legalized.
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