Why don't people just treat everyone equal.

Katy S. 2010/01/19 02:55:58
No matter how long we live there will always be people be untreated fairly. Whether your small, black, jewish, christian any religion, any race and either sex. WHy can we all just look past our colors, heights and religions and just all get along...????
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  • Riobhca 2010/02/08 18:15:34
    Good question. I don't know why we can't all learn from each other and agree to disagree. People need to grow up and stop needing everyone to believe like them. Why are some people so insecure and immature that they can't deal with anyone who thinks differently? It is ridiculous. If they would grow up and learn some toleration, then maybe we could get along. What happened to respect for others viewpoints?
  • nightlight 2010/01/22 01:51:18
    Because religions teach everyone to think of those of other religions or of no religion as not being equal, as people to be suspicious of, to distrust and to despise.
  • Rashel 2010/01/19 23:49:17
    Because some people like to think they have some greater purpose. Y'Know? I don't know anyone like that. My friends are pretty cool, and my parent and siblings rock!
  • Katy S. Rashel 2010/02/10 16:44:59
    Katy S.
    I know i am cool!
  • BOO 2010/01/19 21:14:07
    everyone should be treated fairly none of us are perfect if we all looked the same or were the same religion it just wouldnt be right remember we are all brothers and sisters in christ
  • Jester 2010/01/19 20:58:39
    Because (News Flash) human beings are not equal. Some are smarter, faster, better looking, etc.

    Assuming equality is gratuitous because humans are anything but equal. We have more biological divergence than any species on the planet.
  • reed67 2010/01/19 19:35:28
    Great question!

    I believe people have a hard time getting over sterotypes that have been placed in each generation. As far as religion goes seeing that Christianty teaches that all othe faiths that have become before it, are wrong so they are just going bu what thier bible teaches. Sadly because they are not able to get past that they make all the worlds religions look bad.
  • God bless American freedom 2010/01/19 17:26:35 (edited)
    God bless American freedom
    it is easy to look past gender and skin....

    but difficult to look past a religion/theocracy which wants to behead or dismember you and commit vast amounts of genocides on people who are not members of that religion/theocracy .

    Remove religion and perhaps war will cease.
  • Captain Sticky 2010/01/19 15:30:42
    Captain Sticky
    Because organized religion teaches us that some people are more equal than others.
  • TT Relentless 2010/01/19 15:07:13
    TT Relentless
    Bcause when you make fun of someone being different it makes you feel happy inside.
  • Byzantine_Catholic 2010/01/19 14:25:51
    Who says that we are all equal?

    We should all be respected and have equal dignity but God did not make us all equal
  • Waiting 2010/01/19 14:02:56
    People are too busy judging others.
    Lets not stop at races and religions, lets deal with everything.
    Sexual orientation.
    Lifestyle choices.
    Fashion choice.
    Musical choice.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2010/01/19 11:26:50
    Lady Whitewolf
    I HEAR YA HUNNY! I agree!
  • petean05 2010/01/19 05:51:02
    I don't treat people equally. I'd like to think that I don't hate people until I get to know them, but I hate some people less than I hate others.
  • Saki♥Bill'sSweetHeart♥ 2010/01/19 04:16:39
    I try and treat everyone fairly.
    But i think it's just human nature to judge people based on religion, ethnicity, sexuality etc. And when we see something not familiar to us, we assume it's wrong and bad. And we treat the person wrongly.
    And there's also the whole religion thing...but I wont start on that, or **somebody** will bite my head off...
  • Waiting Saki♥Bi... 2010/01/19 14:03:39
  • Taarakian 2010/01/19 03:48:45
    We hold these truths to be painfully self-evident
    All men are not created equal
    Only the strong will prosper
    Only the strong will conquer
    Only in the darkness of Christ have I realized
    God Hates Us All
  • wildnative 2010/01/19 03:48:34
    Because, we as human beings have brain lapses, how we would want to be treated, if we walked in someone elses shoes.

    You know the age old saying..."Treat others, as you would want to be treated." We forget this, and we get big old gases of brain farts, so that is why we don't treat each other equally.
  • King Anti-Christ 666 2010/01/19 03:44:06
  • **paranormalist** 2010/01/19 03:39:58
    There are people out there who ask the same question but never get a certain answer. We all just don't because people mainly have beliefs that say that this isn't right.
  • rustythawts 2010/01/19 03:34:41
    Maybe once humans respect family, friends, and significant others will we be able to figure out this question.
  • Ladnar 2010/01/19 03:02:11
    Are you trying to tell us that you're a black Jewish midget? :)
  • I quit!!! 2010/01/19 03:01:37
    I quit!!!
    If you are a believer you would know that in the end we will.
  • wandering mystery aka Relch... 2010/01/19 03:01:05
    wandering mystery aka Relcho of Anid
    Join the discussion! Answer here.I try to get along

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