Why doesn't the MSM think Derrick Bell is a 'story'?

Tasine 2012/03/14 15:48:43
By Ben Shapiro

The verdict is in: The mainstream media
believes that Derrick Bell is not a story. They believe it so deeply
that they've had members of the Breitbart.com team on national
television repeatedly; they've spent thousands of words covering it; and
they've mentioned it on radio and the Internet incessantly. All to say
that there's nothing to see here.

Unfortunately, for President Obama, there's something to see here.

when President Obama was a 28-year-old student at Harvard Law, he gave a
speech in support of controversial racialist Professor Derrick Bell.
The raw tape of that video was parceled out in bits and pieces over the
subsequent years -- much of it is still apparently missing -- but last
week, the most relevant section was released. It showed Obama telling a
crowd, "Open your hearts and your minds to the words of Professor
Derrick Bell." He then gives Bell a bear hug.

The full video was
only found after Harvard Professor Charles Ogletree, an Obama campaign
advisor, showed it in one of his classes. He proceeded to inform the
audience that "we hid this throughout the 2008 campaign," but that he
didn't care if people found out about it now.

So what's the
relevance? The relevance is that Derrick Bell was a massive racial
radical. He was the father of a fringe legal theory called the critical
race theory, which states first that racial discrimination can never be
eliminated; and second, that the constitutional and legal system is
based on racism -- loaded with it -- and is therefore uncorrectable.

was therefore significantly more militant than the traditional civil
rights movement. That's why he felt that the 14th Amendment, which
guarantees equal protection of the laws, benefitted whites more than
blacks. That's why he thought that Brown v. Board of Education was an
attempt by whites to fight back against the Soviet Union during the Cold
War by undercutting the narrative that the United States was racist.

thought that Louis Farrakhan was a "hero for the people," since he
stood up to the white establishment -- a position so extreme that even
fellow Harvard professors such as Randall Kennedy thought it was over
the edge. Bell excused a certain amount of anti-Semitism by blaming it
on "Jewish neoconservative racists who are undermining blacks in every
way they can."

So what was the tie between Bell and Obama, aside
from that one incident? When Obama lectured at University of Chicago, he
assigned Bell's material, including lines like this: "Slavery is, as an
example of what white American has done, a constant reminder of what
white American might do." And this: "In similar fashion, African
Americans must confront and conquer the otherwise deadening reality of
our permanent subordinate status."

This philosophy pervades
President Obama's tenure. Obama's Department of Justice ignores obvious
cases of voter intimidation so long as they come from the New Black
Panthers; Obama himself thinks the police act "stupidly" when they
arrest black professors who violate the law; Obama appoints Supreme
Court justices who agree with his stances on race.

But most of
all, Obama believes that the Constitution requires fundamental change,
for both redistributive and racial reasons. That's what he campaigned
on, even though we didn't know it. And that philosophy has deep roots,
some of which find their source in Derrick Bell.


The kool-aiders don't read such stories as this, so I don't know why the MSM destroys itself calling it a nothing-berger. Our nation could possibly stand if we could somehow undo the decades of brainwashing our public schools have been doing so brilliantly. For years I just thought the teaching industry produced stupidity, but how wrong I was! They aren't stupid; they are merely communist tools who either agree with their communist profs OR know too little about communism to refuse to brainwash our children.

If we want to retain the nation we grew up in, we'd better get off our collective butts and start de-programming the kool-aiders.

Read More: http://townhall.com/columnists/benshapiro/2012/03/...

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